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Have you ever dreamed of having your own business? A passive-income business that runs 24 hours per day, 7 days a week? A business that is largely hands-off and requires no shipping or inventory on your end? What you might have once thought was impossible is now a reality for many. As a matter of fact, the exponential growth of digital marketing has allowed people from all over the world to quit their jobs and live their dream life. Imagine firing your boss and living a life of freedom where you don’t need to come into work every morning nor deal with all sorts of stress and headaches in a thankless job! A growing number of people from all walks of life are doing exactly that. And now it’s your opportunity to do the very same!

The Power of Digital Products is in Your Hands

Did you know that there are internet marketers out there making anywhere from 6 to 7 figures for a single product launch? Would you be shocked if you saw website-owners making 6 figures per month simply from blogging? Are you aware of how many big membership sites out there are dominating in their respective space with thousands of paid members on board? Simply by developing their own products, the profit ceiling for today’s savvy marketers has become unlimited! And the best part about it all is that there are no signs of slowing down.
Every day, millions of search queries are being performed daily on Google by consumers in search of information and products in many different niches including health and fitness, pets and animals, dating and relationships, gaming and technology, home and garden, marketing and business, and so much more. Smart marketers realize the potential and profitability of these niches and sub-niches. And they are developing quality products to cater to those specific markets where there is a ton of consumer demand.
Unfortunately, it can take a lot of time, money and resources to build high-quality professional products to cater to those ever-demanding legions of consumers. We’re talking in the hundreds of dollars in putting it all together. But with the power of PLR products, creating high-quality digital content just got a whole lot easier! If you aren’t yet convinced that you can make an amazing living on the internet, then you will be once you realize just how easy it all is. And we are the ones who can help you get there!

Welcome to PLR Behemoth

If you’re wondering what PLR is all about and how can you use it to build a business, keep reading. Quite simply, it is copyright-free content where the work has already been largely done for you. And you purchase the license to use the content however you wish. We are the largest and fastest growing suppliers of PLR content in the online realm. We are not only elite providers of the hottest PLR products available, but we also offer a monstrous vault of high-quality content from way back. It’s our duty as content creators and suppliers to provide you with unlimited content for you to use to build your business to the highest level. Every month, we add anywhere up to a hundred brand new ebooks, software, graphics, videos, audios, and article packs.
The content on our site is developed by some of the world’s most talented product-creators. Each product comes with a specific license to allow you to use these products to help you to become successful in your online entrepreneurial ventures. Many of the most successful internet marketers have built their multi-million dollar empire using our copyright-free content. That includes business-owners with monstrous lists of targeted customers along with product-developers who are selling top-notch information-products to their clients. You won’t need to develop your own as it’s all ready and waiting for you at the click of a button! You can take our product, rebrand it, and resell it to your customer-base as you wish and keep all the profit!

PLR Behemoth Is Your Number One Source for Digital Products

In the growing world of online marketing and big money product launches, digital products are all the rave and for good reason. These are not physical goods that require shipping and packing and shelf-space. They can be distributed to anyone in the world with a click of a mouse. And the market size for digital content is astronomical, especially in today’s tech world along with the mobile space where everyone is connected. You can sell anything including ebooks, tutorials, courses, software, any type of audio including music and podcasts, etc. There really are no limits to what you can sell online.
Do you want to build your own e-course to gain subscribers and readers? Do you want to have your own website which offers high quality downloadable digital products for users? Would you like to build a killer product with all the bells and whistles and sell it on retail platforms like Clickbank and JVZoo with tens of thousands of affiliates ready to promote your product to their lists of customers? Do you want to run your own membership which offers downloadable products or drip-fed content to your audience? Do you want to be a super successful blogger and populate your blog with amazing content for your readers on a frequent basis?
The possibilities and potential are endless. And we have the stock to help you out big time! If you’re still needing a little more convincing, let us show you what you can expect as a member along with everything that you’ll be receiving when you sign up today.

High Quality PLR Ebooks in Numerous Profitable Niches

Writing can be fun and inspiring or boring and dull. If you’re a master in your niche, writing about it might be a piece of cake. But not everyone is a born and bred writer. With our massive library of PLR ebooks at your disposal, you receive everything you need in a nicely put-together package. That includes a well-crafted ebook, a nicely polished sales letter/squeeze page to promote your product and build your list, and a great looking cover design. To get this all done through hired help, you’d be looking at spending hundreds of dollars. There’s no reason to spend that amount of money. Especially when you can get it all here for a fraction of the cost.
Although we’ve all been told never to judge a book by its cover, it’s been proven that high quality and attractive designs do indeed capture the attention of potential customers. It’s primarily the reason why so many big brands invest millions into perfecting the visuals and graphic design portion of their products. Anything to capture one’s attention is worth investing in. Sales letters likewise are powerful promotional tools used to get the customer’s buying juices flowing. A mix of quality design along with the what, why, and how being fully explained in detail is essential to making the sale.
Our squeeze pages and sales letters are professionally created and written to perfection. You can expect the full package done with expert level care to ensure that your ebook product is ready for the market. We have thousands of ebooks and growing accompanied by amazing and professionally developed sales letters. Every day there are new PLR products available in numerous niches. You won’t ever run short of content no matter what niche you’re in.

Self-Help and Educational Video Content in a Range of Categories

With the rise of YouTube and video-sharing, it’s been statistically proven that more and more people are opting to view video content just as much as reading articles. As a matter of fact, half the planet is now viewing videos right off their mobile. Every type of video is being consumed by people everywhere including educational/tutorial videos, self-help, financial aid and planning, software learning, weight loss and exercise tips, and so much more.
With the PLR videos we offer, you will have an endless stream of video content for your audience. Whether you want to be a coach or consultant or want to gain subscribers, videos are the hottest ticket towards establishing your brand. As a matter of fact, with some basic keyword research, you will discover a market of thousands of people wanting to learn how to do something. No matter what it is, there is a market and people want the convenience of videos. Videos are easy to load, easy to follow and can be viewed anywhere at any time. Videos are the thing in today’s world and we offer hundreds of professionally created videos with new videos added weekly throughout many popular niches.

Enthralling Audio and Captivating Podcasts to Ignite Your Senses

Few things are more mesmerizing and hypnotic than motivational words and soothing music. Music in all forms can be enthralling and really manages to invigorate our senses, making us feel good. There’s a reason why most every aspect of visual content has underlying music when communicating a message to the audience. Our extensive PLR audio collection contains many different music themes which can be used for any type of video content that you require.
On top of our wide collection of music themes, you will find a considerable amount of educational lessons and podcasts in the personal development niche. These audio downloads are both motivational and inspirational. And can help get you on the right path if you’re needing a boost. Audio has risen in popularity over the years as more and more people prefer it to reading. There are a range of topics available which you will find incredibly interesting. Topics like home business ideas, hypnotherapy, beating depression, learning meditation, losing weight, and much more.

Supercharge Your Business with Awesome PLR Software and Professional Plugins

When we’re talking about popular industries, software is right up there among the leaders. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP are worth in the billions. We’re living in the technology age and there’s no escaping it and no slowing it down. As a matter of fact, technology is so advanced now that robots aplenty are taking over the work functions previously performed by humans. And each year, a new innovative product or invention comes out which gets our attention.
In the world of internet marketing and web design and development, software is heavily sought after for a variety of purposes. Software tools and plugins allow entrepreneurs to keep ahead of their competitors while protecting their investment and maintaining their business. Most importantly, properly optimized websites are a key factor in attaining top keyword rankings. For the more technically challenged or those not interested in reading hundred-page learning manuals, plug and play software and automation plugins are especially useful as they cut down on the learning curve and are great for getting work done a lot faster and easier.
We offer an array of exceptional PLR software for you to use to build your business to its highest potential. Some of what we offer includes keyword research tools, campaign-creation software, backlink trackers, niche research software, sales-letter and squeeze page development tools and a whole lot more. Many of our software, plugins, and scripts come with a resell rights license. This allows you to rebrand and resell these powerful tools to others. You also have the option to build an entirely new business and resell these products under your own brand. That’s the power of private label rights. And it’s your opportunity to build a significant presence in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Grab the World’s Attention with Stunning Graphics and Amazing Images

Few things are more captivating to the naked eye than beautiful artwork and colourful expressive visuals. No matter where we go, we can’t help but take notice of striking images in any form whether it’s movie posters, DVD covers, catalogues, book covers, etc. Design in any medium takes some level of skill if the objective is to grab eyeballs. And for any marketer or business owner, grabbing the attention of the audience is absolutely critical if the purpose is to make sales.
A product that has high-quality graphics is going to capture the attention of users no matter what the product is selling. That’s the art of communicating to your audience through the power of visuals. That’s why companies and studios invest so much money and effort in the aesthetics of the product. An eye-popping and striking image always grabs eyeballs. Obviously, not everyone is a born and bred Da Vinci. The alternative is to get either a professional to create the graphics for you or to try doing it yourself.
If your design talents aren’t world class and you can’t afford to pay through the nose for a pro designer, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We have an incredible collection of professional PLR graphics ready and waiting for you. Some of what we carry including a variety of action scripts, plugins, character creations in vector format, banners, high res images, squeeze pages and so much more. There’s no shortage of amazing graphical content and we’re continuing to add to our virtual vaults weekly.

Elevate Your Business with Explosive Web Templates and Powerful Themes

A dynamic web presence is a must when you’re in the marketing and selling space. It’s your platform to showcase your content and products to the world and to establish your brand. Without an online presence, you obviously can’t build an empire. Some of the most powerful themes out there really do the trick in giving you a professional look. And as you know, people are more trusting of those with a sense of professionalism. It’s all about starting out on the right foot with your customers. And you need the very best and eye-catching web templates available to make an impact.
There are a variety of PLR templates available across a number of monster niches. Niches like marketing, yoga, pregnancy, personal development, food, recipes, pets, fitness and so much more. As a matter of fact, WordPress is one of the most powerful and widely used web platforms today. With so many features available along with an unlimited number of powerful themes, WordPress is surely the way to go for your website. The Genesis Framework template is immensely popular and suited to any style of site you wish to create.
As a matter of fact, Genesis is used by several elite bloggers who are making 6 figures monthly from their lifestyle and marketing blogs. And so you know for certain that you’re working with a top-notch template that’s proven in the world of big money blogging. Genesis is a fully responsive template. And with it, customers will see your content and products through any medium, be it desktop, mobile or iPad without trouble. A complete web-design can cost you up to ten grand if done through a professional design company. You’re in the business of making money, not spending it. And our massive stock of templates and themes will surely satisfy your tastes.

Thousands of Expertly Written PLR Articles to Ignite Your Content

In the online marketing world, content is king. Moreover, blogs and sites loaded with a ton of content will always rise to the top. That is proof that you need content if you want to rank among the big players in your industry. But generating high-quality content isn’t easy unless writing is your specialty. That’s what makes PLR articles a huge benefit. You gain a ton of ready-made content which you can use in a variety of ways. That includes blog posts, social media posts, ebooks, sales-letters, membership sites and anything else.
Finding well-written articles can be a difficult task as many suppliers tend to spin content and resell it. You’ll find our content to be of the highest quality available anywhere. There is no niche or topic that you won’t find. We supply articles for just about every significant niche. We also take requests in case you are unable to find the articles that you require. To get the absolute best out of our articles for your website content, it’s advised that you rewrite the articles in your own words using the powerful and writer-friendly Yoast plugin which is free for all users and built for WordPress.
With Yoast, you will get an amazingly precise analysis of your written content. That will help you to achieve the highest possible keyword rankings. It’s true that massive amounts of content lead to higher keyword rankings organically. But optimizing your content will make it rank higher and rank faster. With our vast number of quality PLR articles, you’re saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in outsourcing fees. Writers don’t come cheap and often at times the quality of the writing is lacking. Recreate our content with the power of Yoast and you’ll be off to the races. Guaranteed.

Fly Higher with Exclusive PLR Through Our Platinum Membership

Our Free and Gold memberships offer a growing amount of quality content with hundreds of new products being added monthly. But often there is a demand for more exclusive content which is more limited in quantity but just as high or higher in quality than our Gold products. That’s where our Platinum membership takes things up a notch or ten. Here you receive some of the most amazing private label rights products and PLR ebooks available anywhere.
All exclusive packages are developed by our in-house team of professional writers and graphic designers. Each product includes a well-written ebook, a professionally polished sales-letter that’s ready for market, and a stunning ecover. We create content for the biggest niches with a high level of demand. Niches like health and fitness, self-improvement, and personal development, dating and relationships, marketing and business, and many more. We also look at what’s trending during the seasons. And therefore many times we will develop content exclusively for that part of the year.
You can also expect to see our Platinum area fill out with more article packs going forward. There’s never enough content available in so many niches which is the reason we are working days and nights to provide much-needed and in-demand content in a variety of monster niches. If you really want to build a monster business, then you absolutely need the highest quality content. Google can’t stress enough just how important content is. That’s the reason why you need to make it a priority if you’re running a blog or content-heavy website. You can count on us to give you everything you need to be successful. It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running

Is PLR Right for You?

We would say unequivocally that private label rights is 100% right for you if building a real online business is your dream. What can you do with so many amazingly well-crafted professional products at your disposal? There are many options. Entrepreneurs and digital marketers everywhere are building incredibly successful online businesses using resell rights content in a variety of ways. Let’s take a further look at how they’re doing so and how you can do the same!
Build Massively Profitable Lists. Most every successful business-owner will tell you that the money is in the list. It’s actually one of the biggest regrets that marketers have had when establishing their businesses. Many wish they had begun building their lists sooner. A single email sent out to numerous customers regarding any type of promotion or product can result in a lot of good business fairly quickly. Using our products is a fantastic way to build your list through the power of opt-in squeeze pages and sales letters. A properly built sales funnel includes offering a free product on the front-end leading to a paid product on the back-end.
As a matter of fact, it’s common practice among experienced marketers to offer free short-reports. The concept of free simply works because everybody loves free. Following that, marketers will send out free daily lessons through email, ultimately leading to a paid offer. That can include an extensive version of the course such as an ebook or audio. People love audio as it gives them the freedom to listen from anywhere at any time. Life is about convenience and if you can make things as easy as possible for your subscribers by giving them various options in digesting your content, that’s a great way to build a relationship with them.
Create Your Own Killer Products. This is the ultimate ‘treasure box’ method of digital marketing which trumps all! When it comes to making ALL the money and eliminating the middle-man, having your own product is the path to take. To illustrate this point, many of the wealthiest bloggers added tens of thousands of dollars to their income simply by creating and offering their own premium courses and ebooks through their blogs. Because of the trust and relationship built throughout the months and years, loyal followers were willing to pay a lot of money for premium content.
There are many avenues available for launching massive digital products including JVZoo and ClickBank. The major benefit of these platforms is having an army of affiliates ready to promote for you. You also have the opportunity to network and build relationships with many big marketers. A lot of sellers have built monstrous empires and built up a long line of loyal followers, subscribers, and affiliates. With our products, you gain the right to rebrand and resell our content instead of building everything from scratch. It saves an enormous amount of money, time and resources. And that’s the best thing about private label rights as a whole.
Construct Your Own Online Courses and Membership Business. E-learning portals like Udemy have helped a lot of marketers and instructors to achieve success through the power of online learning. What makes e-learning so popular is that students can learn from anywhere in the world on their own watch. Our growing and vast content gives you everything you need to develop your courses and set up your digital classrooms. Whether it’s through an e-learning portal or through your own website, there are millions of people chomping at the bit to learn.
Subscription plans are the way to go as so many companies are now offering subscription options to customers. Amazon, Netflix, etc are all about the membership platform. In the online world, memberships have become incredibly popular throughout the years as subscribers love the monthly set-fee for a product/service. At the same time, you can automatically build your list of customers as they join your site. And with the material that we carry, you have endless content to populate your site in any niche. For example, there are weight loss memberships making money hand over fist simply by drip-feeding content on a weekly or monthly basis with new diet plans and exercise routines for their subscribers. The membership system is simple and it just works.

Our Various Licenses Can Help to Propel Your Business to New Heights

There are five licenses used in the PLR industry when it comes to digital products. Here you will understand what the main three licenses entail and how you can move forward with our content without any reservations.
Resell Rights – This license gives you the right to sell any product onward to your customers or subscribers for their personal use. It’s perfect for selling online courses or for selling your own products from your store.
Master Resell Rights – If you want to be the authority in your niche or industry, this license gives you the freedom to do exactly that. You can both sell MRR products to your customers and also allow your customers the right to sell the products to their customers. Your customers will love you for it as you help them to build their own businesses.
Private Label Rights – This is the ultimate powerhouse of all licenses. You have the right to claim full authorship of the product. You can edit it, modify it, and sell it to anybody you wish. And you can give them the right to sell it to anyone they wish. Almost everything in our Platinum membership comes with this license which is what makes our Platinum membership such a steal.

Your Road to Success Starts Here

We can assure you that you’ll find everything that you need to build your online empire using our growing database of products. No matter even if you’re a beginner just dipping your feet into the digital marketing waters. Our educational products can help put you on the right path towards your success. We also can guarantee that you won’t find any other website in this industry that offers lower membership prices than us. And if you can, we’ll match it.
If you think that you can’t be successful online nor build an amazingly profitable business, think again. A lot of people with zero knowledge built their blogs and businesses up over time to immense proportions. And they did so without even knowing anything about using PLR content. You gain a massive head start by using all of our existing products. You don’t need to go to the trouble of developing your own. Within our membership, you will find a lot of learning materials to help you succeed no matter which direction you go in.
Now is the time for you to take massive action and get to building your success. Let it start with us. Click Here to Join Free!


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