Workstation Pro Genesis FrameWork PLR WordPress Theme For Personal Use

Your workstation is your oyster and this is the ultimate theme for you if you want to get people into your world. You have a knack for creativity and you see things differently.

You might enjoy having a little clutter and mess, your mind works round the clock, you're a busy person and you're focused on your goals. You just love to be different and you value yourself as an artist with flair. That means you need a theme that brings out that creative side and which the world around you will take notice of when they step into your world and see what you're all about. The Workstation Pro theme is a charming edition to the Genesis Framework family and what makes it great is that it shows your stuff without the overuse of words to distract from your imagery. You don't dwell on the small things, it's about getting your creativity across loud and clear. This theme combines classic and modern and features everything that people love about the Genesis Framework templates.

As you'd expect, it's responsive on all mediums, cleanly coded, and fully compatible. Grab this one now and let your creativity shine bright.

Submitted: May/02/2017

License: Personal use

Email Monetizer PLR Ebook with Private Label Rights

With so many platforms available nowadays for marketers to promote and advertise their content and products through, one would think that email marketing would've been a thing of the past by now. But interestingly enough, email marketing is as strong as it's ever been. As a matter of fact, it's still the most powerful marketing method even today and nothing else comes close when it comes to directly marketing to the customer.

Every person with a computer has an email account. And everyone checks their email account frequently. Marketers who are running real businesses stay in touch with their customers and subscribers through email. So every email is valuable to a business owner as it is truly the fastest and easiest way to promote new products to their customers. It's much more effective than social media as well. Many people who are just getting their feet wet in online marketing don't realize the power of having a list. For the reasons mentioned above, there's no better way to get in touch than through email when you have a large user-base. There are marketers out there who are making 6 figures just from sending out a single email promoting a brand new product. Most marketers swear that their list is the lifeblood of their business and the most valuable thing about their business altogether.

As they say, the real money is in the list. In this guide, you are going to learn about the true power of list building and email marketing. You'll learn about giving incentives, turning pages into cash funnels, how to expertly create upsells and downsells, how to cross-sell for even more money and various money making strategies. This is definitely a must-read guide if you haven't kickstarted your list building efforts. Get it now.

Submitted: February/12/2019

License: Private Label Rights

Affiliate Networking PLR Ebook with Private Label Rights

For any business to survive, it needs sales. With the great many promotional avenues available nowadays including various advertising platforms and social media, businesses are able to build their brand and engage with their audience and potential customers. But the one great thing about having an online business is the potential to skyrocket sales with the help of affiliates.

When you have affiliates on board who have a lot of customers of their own that they can shoot over to your business, your chances of making many more sales improves considerably. Imagine having an army of affiliates on board sending you targeted traffic? Not only can they get the word out about your business but they can elevate promotion of your product on their end in all stages of your product launch. That means hundreds if not thousands or even millions more people can directly become your customers thanks to your affiliates and influencers. The big question is how do you go about getting affiliates? This guide goes into the nitty gritty and shows you in full how to pour some diesel fuel onto your business through affiliates and light it on fire.

It's all about making sales. You'll learn about the various steps involved, how to impress your affiliates to make them come on board, launching contests and motivating your affiliates to go the extra mile and much more. There's a ton of information here which you'll definitely find valuable if you're wanting to get your sales to the next level. Affiliates are the key. Grab this guide now.

Submitted: February/12/2019

License: Private Label Rights

Overcome Anxiety PLR Videos with Master Resell Rights

Anxiety is an epidemic that's common throughout the world. What makes it so much worse is that people who suffer from it, do so in silence. It negatively affects their day to day lives yet they continue to suffer through it without reaching for help or trying to figure out the root of the problem in order to overcome it.

Over 40 million people in America are dealing with anxiety disorders and a very large chunk don't realize it. They don't realize how serious their situation is but believe it will get better at some point. Definitely not the right way to go about it, experts will tell you. If you have had or are dealing with an anxiety disorder or think you might be, this 10 part video course could be very useful to you right about now. A visual learning course which complements the Overcome Anxiety ebook, you will learn how to get on top of your anxiety disorder and eliminate it from your life. In this course, you'll learn about the various steps to take, signs that you might be having an anxiety attack, how to overcome it fully, changing up your diet to help you find relief, how to stop anxiety before you get it and much more.

Dealing things in private is not the answer. You need to know what the issue is and realize its consequences if you don't take proper action. Get this course now and kill your anxiety disorder permanently.

Submitted: February/12/2019

License: Master Resale Rights

Overcome Anxiety PLR Ebook with Master Resell Rights

Anxiety which some may liken to fear, nervousness, concern, panic...whatever you want to call it, it can do a real number on our mental state which ultimately can affect our physical state and our day to day lives. It can keep us up at night, make us sweat in fear, and make us secluded from the rest of our family and friends.

It's nothing really to be ashamed of. Millions of people suffer or have dealt with anxiety at one time or another. As a matter of fact, over 40 million Americans have anxiety disorders. There are several symptoms which indicate that you may be having an anxiety disorder such as constantly worrying on a daily basis, being easily triggered or irritated, shaking and feeling restless, feeling tired, lack of focus on any one thing, always feeling tense, and being unable to sleep. If you're having these symptoms, you definitely want to get a hold of this guide.

If left untreated, it can consume your life and turn you into a complete mental and physical wreck. The consequences can be severe. In this guide which you can download alongside the Overcome Anxiety video course, you will realize how to deal with and overcome anxiety and get a handle on your life. You'll discover what anxiety is all about, understanding its symptoms and effects, how to lessen it with a series of techniques and practices, how to adopt an inner strength and focus to overcome it, how to get your sleep back on track, how to change up your life for the better and a whole lot more.

Suffering in private is the worst way to live your life. You need help and you need to identify what the issue is at hand. This guide can help you in a huge way. Don't delay and let it control your life. Anxiety isn't going to go away by magic. Get this guide now and let's kill your issues immediately.

Submitted: February/12/2019

License: Master Resale Rights

Coconut Oil Deciphered PLR Ebook with Master Resell Rights

You've heard of people using coconut oil and the many claims of how great it is for your skin and overall health. But you've not tried it for yourself to see if it's exactly what people are raving about.

Not only does coconut oil provide wholesome energy as a food source, it also is used as medicine to heal the body from many natural elements including environmental toxins and pollution. In this guide, you will learn about the history of coconut oil and its many uses including aiding with effective weight loss and fighting illnesses. Coconut oil is also fantastic for the skin, providing moisture and can be used to treat skin issues like acne. It can also be used for the hair, providing nutrients to the follicles for stronger healthier hair. In case you didn't know, coconut oil is popular all across the world. Many people swear by it for its many benefits.

In Southeast Asia, the coconut tree is known as the Tree of Life. We're only scratching the surface so when you're ready, hit the download button and uncover the truth of coconut oil.

Submitted: February/12/2019

License: Master Resale Rights

Motivation Mojo PLR Videos with Master Resell Rights

Motivation meltdown is a very real thing. It's when you feel the world is collapsing, stripping you of your ambitions, focus, and energy. You look at yourself and your life and wonder if this is it and whether this is as good as it will ever get. Your motivation seeps out the door and you feel you'd rather just sleep the rest of your life away. This type of mentality is common and it can have a detrimental effect on your well being if it's not handled.

As bad as you think you have it, there are many who have it so much worse. There are many who have been at death's door and come back rejuvenated, revamped, and able to tackle anything in their way. Many have gone on to become incredibly successful. It was merely that wake up call they needed to fully appreciate the world and everything in it. If you feel you're on the path to not caring and feeling disengaged and unmotivated, this is the download for you. In this video course, you will be shown how to turn everything around and get your mojo back.

You'll learn how to become the best version of you, how to be more positive, how to achieve your goals, how to get on the path to realize your full potential, how to enjoy life a lot more, how to eliminate all the clutter and negative things around you, how to stay focused on the things that truly matter and much more. This course is all about motivation and when you're motivated, the world is yours. Nothing can stop you. You can also get the Motivation Mojo ebook with this course. Get it all now.

Submitted: February/11/2019

License: Master Resale Rights

Motivation Mojo PLR Ebook with Master Resell Rights

At some point, most everyone feels deflated, unmotivated, lazy, or negative in life. Some may pinpoint this as laziness but it’s not so. It can be attributed to a feeling of mental exhaustion leading to mental burnout or the feeling of being unfulfilled and dissatisfied with where you are and where your life is heading. You can be sitting in the office at work or at home, staring into your computer screen and not wanting to do anything.

A million thoughts could be running in your mind, many of them concerning your aspirations and dreams and goals and feeling upset that you didn’t achieve what you wanted to. You feel defeated and deflated and don’t see anything good up ahead. If you’re feeling this way or tend to get these episodes of resentment and anxiety, you are not alone. It’s actually very common in the world. Millions of people are extremely bored and unmotivated and just can’t seem to sum up the energy or mental boost to get them going and move forward with enthusiasm. In this guide, you’re going to learn how to completely tank up your engine with fuel and light it on fire with passion and a renewed energy and confidence. Lack of passion and feeling unmotivated is a mindset. What you feel in terms of dissatisfaction is completely in your mind which you need to eliminate entirely.

You’ll discover how people in your exact same position went on to boost their motivation and drive themselves forward towards reaching their goals. You’ll also discover the true power of motivation, how to get back your mojo when you’re feeling deflated, ways to snap out of your funk, how to rebound when things go wrong, how to keep your fire burning and much much more. You can also get the visual experience with this guide in the Motivation Mojo video course. Grab it all now.

Submitted: February/11/2019

License: Master Resale Rights