Video Ad Pro PLR WordPress Plugin For Personal Use

Video Ad Pro takes video-monetization to the next level. Built for WordPress, this video player contains a gallery which plays videos from any number of video platfroms including YouTube and Vimeo.

You can also play your own videos. You can implement advertisements for all videos and develop as many video players you need and have numerous players on your site with as many videos playing on your player as you like. Developers are always creating new and unique ways to help site owners monetize their sites or implement powerful marketing campaigns. As the world has gone full on with video, you can capture the attention of your visitors immediately with auto-play videos on your site. Some examples of these videos in action include business presentation videos where each video instructs on a certain topic. Each video running ad-streams or personal ads which directs the viewer to a sales-page or a product. This makes for a much higher level of engagement and conversion rate. The videos can also contain a snippet of a full video which would require the viewer to subscribe or purchase a subscription.

The methods are unlimited and it works simply because video is incredible enticing for viewers. Video Ad Pro is definitely one plugin you can't miss. Grab it now.

Submitted: January/07/2019

License: Personal use

Fast Funnel Builder PLR WordPress Plugin For Personal Use

Building profitable funnels can be confusing for newbie marketers. There's the technical aspect that makes the set-up intimidating, leading to marketers giving up. But when done right, a funnel can be exceptionally powerful for your business. Any top flight marketer will tell you the significance of having a great funnel and how it results in building lists of followers.

To make it easy for you and to save you a lot of time, Fast Funnel Builder helps you out and on top, takes the guess work out of the equation and delivers the goods in a matter of minutes. You don't need to be a master to build a great funnel. This plugin is built for WordPress and helps you create any funnel for any niche you desire. A few simple clicks and you're off to the races in no time. If you really want to have a great business, you need to have killer funnels running in order to get the most that you can from your visitors. Many people come for information and if they get it for free and if they love the content, you have yourself a loyal group of people wanting to see more of your content. That's how trust is built and it's how you can sell products to your customers over time and expand your customer list.

It's the most powerful form of online marketing in existence and you don't want to run any type of business if you're not collecting names and subscribers. Leaving a lot of money on the table is not a good move if you want to succeed in business. Funnels make the process easy and this plugin is definitely what you need. Hit the download button now and get started.

Submitted: January/05/2019

License: Personal use

Email List Builder PLR Software with Master Resell Rights

If you want to build a killer list while taking out much of the guess work then this software is definitely your top choice. What many new marketers and website-owners dislike more than anything are trying to figure out the various technical aspects which is part and parcel in running businesses.

Rather than pay through the nose for a freelancer or an agency to get some basic work done, you sometimes have to figure things out for yourself. That's why the user-friendly tools and software out there are so popular as they make the technical process almost seamless because of their simplicity and ability to help the non-techies to get their businesses running. And the non-techies need not worry about all the crazy coding and design stuff involved. They can just focus on building their business. With this software, you can develop a whole lot of different squeeze pages and promote your stuff or offers as you wish. The set up is as simple as filling out the basic form and got yourself an awesome squeeze page that's ready to go.

Why struggle with learning how to create a squeeze page when you can have it done in a matter of a few clicks? That's what makes this software a beauty. When you're ready, hit the download button.

Submitted: December/24/2018

License: Master Resale Rights

3X Retention PLR WordPress Plugin For Personal Use

What’s the worst thing for anyone running an online business? The answer is simple. Lost customers. It’s part and parcel in running a business. Not everyone will be ready at that very moment to whip out their credit card or make a purchase. Many times customers will consider making a purchase later except for the fact that they completely end up forgetting. And that means a lost customer. But with 3X Retention which is an incredibly powerful new WordPress plugin, you will not be losing that customer so fast.

This plugin gives you a great opportunity to get the customer on board using 3 amazing retention methods with no real effort on your part. The first method being the ‘Tab Alert’ which opens up a secondary tab so that the customer who closes your site will be met with a second tab on their browser which can entice them to move forward with making a purchase. The second method is the ‘Browser Back Button Control’ which, instead of the customer hitting the back button to leave your site, they will go back and be met with another page which will be a second sales-page or discount page so you can have another chance to get their attention and motivate them to make a purchase. And the third method is the massively powerful ‘Facebook Retargeting’ method where you can add all your website visitors to your Facebook Retargeting list.

What’s so effective about this method is that you can continue selling to your buyers and visitors through Facebook Ads. Retargeting has proven to add millions of dollars in additional sales and revenue for marketers and companies. When you’re ready to really get on top of potential missed opportunities, hit the download button and fire it up. You won’t be leaving money on the table any longer once you get the 3X Retention plug-in. Grab it now.

Submitted: November/26/2018

License: Personal use

X-Treme List Build PLR Software Plugin with Resell Rights

X-Treme List Build is the evolution of list building and is chock full of awesome features to take your list building efforts to the next level.

Your landing page needs to look nothing short of amazing if you want people to subscribe to you or go through your sales funnel to make a purchase. This plugin has a ton of features to make your life easy so you can get it installed and running and set your list on fire with leads. This plugin allows you to customize all parts of the content sections and also gives you the option to add video backgrounds. It integrates perfectly with autoresponders and email services like Aweber and Mailchip, and is a smooth and easy process for your visitors to get around. List building takes effort for new marketers because of the tech stuff involved. Anything that makes setting up the list building system easier is welcome on that note which is what makes X-Treme List Build an extremely beneficial and time-saving plugin so that you can set it up quickly and be off to the races.

When you're ready, hit the download button and get on it. There's no better time than now to start killing it with your list.

Submitted: November/09/2018

License: Resale Rights

WP SEO Track PLR Software Plugin with Resell Rights

People who run successful online businesses realize the importance of content creation. You need to have fresh new content on a frequent basis. That's how your site gains an audience and ranks for various keywords in your niche over time.

On the other side, you need to keep an eye on the SEO aspect so you can have a good understanding of what's ranking, what's not ranking, and your overall SEO efforts both on-site and off-site. For many, SEO is an afterthought. They don't wish to put the effort in nor are keen to see which parts of their site require attention. As they say, out of sight out of mind. But with this plugin, you will be able to inspect your SEO stats fully right inside your blog. You don't need to hop off to some third party SEO analysis tool since you get what you need right here once you install the WP SEO Track plugin. You'll realize how better to focus your efforts when it comes to building links, optimizing your content for focus keywords, upping your social media efforts, and much more. Super easy to install and even easier to use.

You'll see your SEO growth right in front of you with a lovely interface. When you're ready, grab this plugin and start ramping up your SEO and get your business to the top where you want it.

Submitted: November/07/2018

License: Resale Rights

WP Mobile Coupon PLR Software Plugin with Resell Rights

WP Mobile Coupon is an incredible plugin which you can use to create viral coupons to help grow your clients' businesses and Facebook fan followings. You can print out coupons that you create and hand them to customers which they can share on Facebook.

You can also create mobile landing pages which reveal coupon codes after they are shared on Facebook. Some other features with the Mobile Coupon plugin includes the ability to create mobile sites and create graphic coupon mobile pages. The one thing many new marketers tend not to pay attention to is the power of coupons. Having a site up and running to collect leads and make sales is one thing but when you offer coupons through your emails or social media pages, it gets a lot of buzz among the audience who are often looking for deals and ways to save money. It's one way that many companies outdo their competitors by offering as much or more for a lower price. Time sensitive coupons work really well. And if offering coupons and discounts along with a countdown timer running, that helps push sales considerably higher as users react far quicker and more willingly.

This is a great plugin to use if you want to implement the coupon system for your business. Also great to use for your clients to help them gain more traction and a larger following through their social media pages. Get it now.

Submitted: November/05/2018

License: Resale Rights

Biz Landing Page PLR Software Plugin with Resell Rights

Biz Landing Page is a super simple system which develops social powered business landing pages within seconds. This plugin includes the option for customized editing on the back-end.

It also includes high quality customizable designs, social sites, maps, an image light-box feature, slideshow backgrounds, mobile optimization and more. The importance of a supreme business landing page is crucial if you really want to nail those sales. The trust factor is built only once the user has decided to subscribe to you. And the only way that happens is through your landing page. That means your landing page needs to have the bells and whistles and be able to convince the user why you are their best option. Aesthetics is infinitely important because people naturally gravitate towards pretty things. When your message is abundantly clear and your design is enticing, your chances of getting leads goes up ten-fold. We're not in the stone ages where Yellowpages were the only portal for advertising.

Now it's an online world and you need to have the best of the best to compete with the biggest players in your niche. Biz Landing Page is the real deal so grab it now and get to building your next amazing landing page.

Submitted: October/30/2018

License: Resale Rights