Workstation Pro Genesis FrameWork PLR WordPress Theme For Personal Use

Your workstation is your oyster and this is the ultimate theme for you if you want to get people into your world. You have a knack for creativity and you see things differently.

You might enjoy having a little clutter and mess, your mind works round the clock, you're a busy person and you're focused on your goals. You just love to be different and you value yourself as an artist with flair. That means you need a theme that brings out that creative side and which the world around you will take notice of when they step into your world and see what you're all about. The Workstation Pro theme is a charming edition to the Genesis Framework family and what makes it great is that it shows your stuff without the overuse of words to distract from your imagery. You don't dwell on the small things, it's about getting your creativity across loud and clear. This theme combines classic and modern and features everything that people love about the Genesis Framework templates.

As you'd expect, it's responsive on all mediums, cleanly coded, and fully compatible. Grab this one now and let your creativity shine bright.

Submitted: May/02/2017

License: Personal use

Minimum Pro Genesis FrameWork PLR WordPress Theme For Personal Use

Minimum Pro is a fantastic theme from the Genesis Framework series suited perfectly for entrepreneurs, bloggers and photography hobbyists. This theme is a perfect example of simplicity where less is more while maintaining professionalism and class.

Your audience will automatically know right from the very minute they arrive to your site that you are a professional. All the emphasis is placed on your content. On top, your visitors and subscribers will see all your posts without having to rummage through any mess. Minimum Pro also comes with the usual pages that is expected from Genesis including landing pages, squeeze pages, etc. Lovely typography and a stylish and polished theme, we can honestly say that this is what you've been waiting for. This theme comes with numerous customizable features including a ton of widgets, portfolio pages, call to action sections, etc. It's super quick loading, super flexible and super clean and most importantly it's super powerful.

Fully responsive across the board, clean powerful coding, compatibility on all browsers, etc. If you want to be great, then Minimum Pro is for you. The road begins here. Grab it now.

Submitted: April/30/2017

License: Personal use

Rivers & Lakes Stock Images PLR Graphics with Resell Rights

These 64 HD quality Rivers and Lakes images would definitely get you the attention you crave if you want to increase your views, likes and shares.

Did you ever notice that many of the most shared images and the images that go viral usually have a nature backdrop with a motivational quote at the forefront? These types of images are amazingly popular across social media. If you're running a website or blog, then you should know the importance of breaking up text with powerful images. It keeps the content interesting to the reader and people love nice images. Every great website uses images throughout, especially on the homepage, be it in the sliders or elsewhere. No matter your needs, these lovely images are useful in so many ways. As a matter of fact, images ramp up clicks and user engagement by over a thousand percent on image-heavy sites like Pinterest. That's how you get people interested in your content and that's how you build an audience.

It's worked for many successful marketers. If you want awesome imagery then download this amazing pack now.

Submitted: December/14/2015

License: Resale Rights

Jessica Pro Genesis FrameWork PLR WordPress Theme For Personal Use

Jessica Pro is a theme that you need to see to believe. It's just that awesome! If you're looking to launch an incredible e-commerce site then Jessica Pro is for you. The amount of features available not to mention the alluring, clean and professional layout makes it an absolute must-download.

With Jessica Pro, you can use several powerful e-commerce plugins including WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange, and WP E-Commerce. Your storefront will be second to none with this theme and you don't need a masters degree in web design/development to make it all work. It's super easy with the bulk of the work done for you. You simply use the immense options available to make your theme exactly how you want it. It's like picking out all the various pieces by hand and placing them where you want. What makes Jessica Pro so outstanding is it's spacious layout which means a fantastic balance of images and content from top to bottom. It's fully responsive across all devices while also containing clean code so you attain those coveted keyword rankings. Rounding it off with quick load times, easy single click updates, and rock solid security, this theme is one of the most incredible e-commerce creations ever to come from the awesome designers who bring you nothing short of amazing.

If you're heading into the world of e-commerce, membership/subscription or looking to revamp your current e-commerce site, Jessica Pro is what you're looking for.

Submitted: April/29/2017

License: Personal use

Kickstart Pro Genesis FrameWork PLR WordPress Theme For Personal Use

Have you had dreams or aspirations of launching a startup business? If so then Kickstart Pro is for you! There's no shortage of available features in this powerful and striking theme which is ready to rock your brand new business or existing business in a big way.

The bright potent orange and sleek and professional layout gives this theme a real heavyweight punch. It's all about having a whole lot of pop and energy and there's no lacking in that area with Kickstart Pro. There are so many features that you'll be hard pressed to find anything that this theme can't do. You get the option to include or exclude sliders, be it stationary or multiple images. You can change colours with a breeze, feature your best content, add pricing pages, etc. The extensive widgets even allow you to add Google Maps so that potential customers can find your location if you're a physical business.

On top, just like all Genesis themes you will get strong security, impeccable code, easy updates, and a site that's been optimized to ensure that Google will reward you for your awesome content. If you're ready to kickstart something awesome then Kickstart Pro is for you. Grab it now.

Submitted: April/28/2017

License: Personal use

Mocha Pro Genesis FrameWork PLR WordPress Theme For Personal Use

When it comes to Genesis themes, you can always be assured that nothing less than amazing will be released by the amazing designers who know how to design and develop exceptional themes that will have visitors excited and enjoying the experience.

What makes a great theme is not necessarily the attractiveness or aesthetics. It's the combination of a lot of things that have been studied by statisticians and top flight marketers over the years. It's the understanding and application of smart design which means taking into account buyers' impulse and placing the right buttons in the right places and ensuring important aspects of the design are most noticeable. Just as we always read left to right, visitors scan the homepage the same way. And marketers/designers realize that in order to get clicks, opt-ins, and purchases, buyers need to be comfortable and trusting of the site they're on. Especially when the customer hasn't developed a trust yet of the site owner or the site itself. Mocha Pro brings lovely, stylish, and smart design effortlessly.

There's no overkill of imagery or underwhelming portions. Everything is refined and in place the way it should be to maximize your business prospects no matter what you're selling. If you want pure professionalism, Mocha Pro is your calling. Grab it now.

Submitted: February/23/2017

License: Personal use

No Sidebar Pro Genesis FrameWork PLR WordPress Theme For Personal Use

No Sidebar Pro is a unique theme that's different from all the rest in that it puts a lot more emphasis on the center content that meets you square on with no sidebar distractions.

You want your house clean and polished when you're inviting guests. The same applies to your website. It has to be welcoming and needs to keep your visitors interested otherwise they'll bounce just as quickly. Sidebar Pro remedies that by igniting your authority and presence through a clean cut spacious layout that won't be overpowering nor underwhelming but just right. Just like all themes available with Genesis, you need not worry about code, website optimization, security, or theme updates. That's all covered. You simply build your content up with the power of No Sidebar Pro and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Many of the most successful blogs emphasize white space in order to provide nothing except the content that visitors are looking for.

You get that option or the alternative option of jazzing it up with lovely colourful imagery. No Sidebar Pro is about giving you the power to make the choices you want with your web presence. Grab this amazing theme right now.

Submitted: February/20/2017

License: Personal use

Executive Pro Genesis FrameWork PLR WordPress Theme For Personal Use

If you're all about the customer and delivering a seamless customer experience online while showing absolute professionalism, then Executive Pro is what you need.

This theme is great for any serious marketer, blogger or business owner and especially suitable if you love to display your photography. Executive Pro is a blend of simplicity and elegance, class and professionalism while maintaining enough white space to avoid being too busy. Readers will have no problem staying focused on the content without anything to divert their attention. If you want clean, cool, easy flowing and professional, Executive Pro is it. You have so many features and widgets available. Build landing pages and opt ins as you wish while increasing your list of subscribers. On top, this is quick loading, fully flexible and is coded to perfection by world class developers. Most importantly, this theme has cross browser compatibility and works across all devices.

A large part of your audience will find you through mobile so rest assured that they will have as great of an experience on mobile as they would on a desktop, tablet or laptop. If you want to be a pro, then grab Executive Pro now.

Submitted: February/09/2017

License: Personal use