Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment PLR Videos with Giveaway Rights

It's always exciting to be notified through your email that a sales transaction has just occurred. As an online marketer and business owner, you want sales coming in 24/7. But just like a person who mills around a store and leaves without buying anything, the online world has the same dilemma.

There are many many customers who leave their shopping carts filled and decide not to proceed with the purchase. In marketing speak, this is often referred to as shopping card abandonment and there's no absolute concrete answer as to why customers will fill up their shopping cart and then bail when it comes time to checking out. Research has shown that many times the issue is the checkout page itself and the lack of options available for customers. Most customers want the easiest process possible to get their order done. That means they don't want to be digging into their wallet or purses and pulling out their credit card. For ecommerce stores to thrive, a variety of payment options must be available for the customer. The most popular being PayPal. Other issues are the shipping and handling fees and taxes on top of the order which can come as a surprise to the customer.

This video download goes deeper into the problem with shopping cart abandonment and presents a variety of tips on how you can minimize it so that your customers will have a flawless experience from A to Z which in turn means maximizing your profits. Grab this one now.

Submitted: June/03/2017

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Why Hate Mail PLR Videos with Giveaway Rights

Why Hate Mail is an educational video course that touches on the darker side of online marketing and some of the negatives that you must deal with at some point or another when it comes to selling to customers online.

In sales and telemarketing, you may feel the verbal wrath of people having a bad day or who are just sick of being solicited to. In online marketing it can get even worse as you may be recipient of some very disgusting and distasteful messages from people who think both you and your business are a sham. This is part and parcel with the online world and it helps to have a thick skin when you're dealing with so many people. On the brighter side, you need to realize that not everyone will be satisfied. They may have tried to implement the steps they read in a book and didn't gain success. Therefore they feel frustrated and are lashing out. But you as an online marketer can't take it to heart. There will always be skeptics to deal with. This video course jumps in on how hate mail isn't always a bad thing. It can change how you decide to go about marketing to your customers and how you can be smarter about the messages you send out rather than trying to make everyone happy.

There's a lot of information here at your disposal. If you've been a target of hate mail as an online marketer, this is a video you need to watch.

Submitted: June/01/2017

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Goal Setting Gone Wrong PLR Videos with Giveaway Rights

Goal Setting Gone Wrong highlights our attempts at setting goals which ultimately become nothing more than a bunch of bold promises. We like to kid ourselves about how we're going to get serious and achieve this and that and yet end up getting nowhere because we don't really know how to schedule and prioritize.

This is a problem in society today, especially with Milennials and Generation Z. This video course is especially useful if you are suffering from this exact problem and want to finally wake yourself up and get to achieving your many goals. If you don't have a clear view of how to prioritize, you will hit a brick wall continuously and you'll see the years go by and live with regrets. Goal Setting Gone Wrong will explore these very issues regarding our distracted mindset and how to get a clear view of the world and putting a path directly in front of us to follow and achieve our goals. It's all about willpower, determination, and focus. You can't win in life if you don't have your mind sorted. This video download will help you get on the path you want, toss away the distractions, and get laser focused on moving towards your goals.

No better time than right now to get started. You have to want it, this video will get you on it once you hit the download. Your mind is the most powerful thing about you and when you're focused, nothing will stop you from achieving everything and anything you want to achieve in life.

Submitted: May/30/2017

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Internet Marketing Lifestyle PLR Videos with Giveaway Rights

Internet Marketing Lifestyle is an eye-opening video course that explores the life and luxury of being your own boss. Your dream is to be your own boss, right?

There is nobody that doesn't want to work for themselves. That means working your own hours, sleeping in, having full freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and not having to work for a grumpy boss who demands so much out of you day in and day out. The internet marketing lifestyle also means that you can take your laptop with you while you're travelling and soaking up the sun in Mexico. That's called living free and enjoying life. But with everything, there has to be a balance. What happens if you get so absorbed in a lifestyle of freedom that you start procrastinating or neglecting your health? What happens if you no longer adhere to a proper schedule to get work done and instead begin pushing your work to the wayside so you can enjoy doing other more exciting and fun things? There are always pros and cons with being a fully free individual and we can often get stuck in a rut. This video looks at all aspects of the internet lifestyle and helps you to avoid the pitfalls of freedom that you may run into if you don't keep your head on straight.

Internet Marketing Lifestyle is all about keeping a proper balance in your internet life and dealing with whatever might come your way regarding your health and psychological well-being. Grab this one now. You won't regret it.

Submitted: May/10/2017

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Increase Your Holiday Sales PLR Videos with Giveaway Rights

Most every retailer offers special deals and discounts during the year, especially during the holiday season. This is when shoppers have been saving up during the year to enjoy a holiday shopping spree in the final two months of the year including Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day along with New Year's.

For online business owners, there is also ample opportunity to cash in big during the holiday season. This video teaches the many different ways that online marketers can inject some excitement in their campaigns for their audience and make a bundle of cash while at it. People absolutely love deals. They love freebies even more. But when it comes to the holidays, people are expecting big discounts. Although you don't necessarily have to give away the kitchen sink and the bathtub along with it, what you can do is slash prices by a certain amount for a limited time and also offer scarcity deals. Scarcity marketing entices audiences to react quicker as prices are time sensitive and will go back up once the deal is over. You also can make great use of social media by spreading the word about your sales to your audience.

There are many ways to make the holidays a huge cash cow for your business and this video spills all the beans. If you're ready to kick butt in the holiday season, let it start here so you'll be fully ready to make the really big bucks.

Submitted: April/22/2017

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Sell More With Written Content PLR Videos with Giveaway Rights

High quality content is the most important element in delivering your message. This is also known as content marketing.

Your primary goal should be to deliver your message to your audience without a whole lot of marketing fluff which can kill their attention completely. Effective marketing is when you are able to help people with their problems. If the reader is the focal point when you're creating content of any sort, then this is key to making them feel important and gets them to buy your product. This video course gives you all the right pointers in order to help you to create the type of content that can get your readers into buying mode. If you're prepared to learn then you're prepared to elevate your sales because that's what this video can do for you provided you take the lessons and put them into action.

Sell More With Written Content is a quality download to help you ignite your sales. Grab it now.

Submitted: April/16/2017

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Killer Ideas On How To Increase Sales PLR Videos with Giveaway Rights

Every online marketer and website owner involved in affiliate marketing wonders to themselves how they can increase their affiliate commissions.

The problem may be with your inability to really communicate with your affiliates. But there are proven methods in increasing your sales. One of them being affiliate newsletters. The purpose of affiliate newsletters is to educate, help, and motivate your affiliates. It's your way of speaking to them directly and letting them know about the goings on of the business and providing any help they might need in order to ramp up their marketing efforts. There are many methods in delivering amazing newsletters to your affiliates. But most importantly you want to make them happy and speak to them in a friendly manner since these are the very people who are bringing you additional business. Personalization is one aspect of respectful one to one communication. That means using their actual name when addressing them. But we're only scraping the surface here.

This video will provide all the details on how to increase your sales using affiliate newsletters. If you're ready, grab this one.

Submitted: April/12/2017

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Instagram Stories PLR Videos with Giveaway Rights

If you're an internet user then it's very likely you know about Instagram. If you are unaware of the enormity of Instagram, let's just say that it would be the 12th most populated country on earth if it was an actual country!

Instagram currently has over half a billion users and well over a quarter million active users on a daily basis. It boasts several billion likes and over a hundred million shares of content on a daily basis. This tells us that Instagram is serious business across the world and it's being implemented by many marketers and business owners as a marketing platform to build a following. What makes Instagram such a powerful marketing tool is that users tend to share, like and engage. And a growing percentage of people are following businesses and brands on it. Instagram is all about telling stories and that's what users love. This fascinating video download explores in far more detail all the perks of Instagram as a marketing tool and how you can make it work for your business. Some of what you'll discover include how to utilize the various features of Instagram including the Instagram Stories feature, how to get fully setup, various examples of profitable Instagram accounts and how you can also be successful, how to grow and gain followers and engage with them, monetizing your Instagram along with knowing all the hidden tips and strategies and lots more.

This is the ultimate Instagram video course to get you on the path towards success. If you're ready for something brilliant, this is the video download you want right now.

Submitted: April/11/2017

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