The Self-Love Handbook PLR Ebook with Master Resell Rights

the self love handbook plr ebook with master resell rights shows you how to love both yourself and life

We’ve all been in that dark place at one time or another where we feel we’re alone, misunderstood, depressed, angry and without anyone to turn to. This feeling of resentment, loneliness and sadness can lead people towards a path of self destruction and ultimately death. What’s worse is that many tend to blame their ordeal on everything accept themselves. They don’t realize that their feeling of depression and misery is often from within and the inner environment as opposed to circumstances on the outside.

It’s been reported that more people die from suicide than homicide. These stats are worrying. If you or a loved one is tinkering on the edge then this guide could be a very important read. In this handbook which complements The Self-Love Handbook videos, you will learn how to respect and love yourself. You’ll come to terms with the value of life, the beauty of the world, and how to appreciate what life has to offer which often is taken for granted by most of us. You’ll discover how to get control of your emotions, various effective exercises you can do to lessen your stress levels, how to look at your inner self and appreciate yourself a lot more, understand the essence of self-love, gaining more self-esteem, becoming more confident in yourself, understanding the law of attraction, spending more time on yourself, and much more.

Depression is a very serious state and if it’s not addressed at the soonest, it can lead to a lot worse. This guide will help you to heal your mind, body and soul. It will open your eyes to how great your life truly is. It all depends on whether you’re willing to see it for yourself. This handbook can help lead you the way. Hit the download button now and steer your path onto the right one. Package includes a professional sales-letter and ready-to-go sales materials.

Submitted: April/08/2019

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Facebook Ad Tracking PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

facebook ad tracking plr videos with private label rights shows you how to track customers and optimize your ads

If you've never used Facebook Ads for your business or for any type of marketing or promotion, then you are missing out on an incredible platform which can do wonders for your business. Social media is nothing new. It's been around for a few years now and many people use it for engaging with their customers and promoting their products and services. Companies all over the world use social media regularly with many more companies getting on board.

What makes Facebook Ads stand out from its competitors is its incredible Ad Pixel tracking code. When you place the code on your site, the code gathers data on your users. From there, it assists you in optimizing your Facebook ads, tracking your conversions from your Facebook Ads, and remarkets to people who had visited your site but had not made a purchase or taken any action. It's a fact that not everyone will sign-up or purchase something on the first visit. Many times it happens on a second, third, fourth or even fifth visit. In this 9 part video course, you will get a step by step instruction on exactly how to install your Facebook Ad Pixel code to get a full on analysis of your visitors and how to remarket to them so you can maximize profits by making them into customers. What new marketers need to be wary of is losing money on Facebook Ads when not realizing how the system works. Many people throw money out there with no idea what they're doing. They tend to just throw the same code throughout their web pages and have hardly an idea of who is visiting, when they're visiting, which ads they're visiting from, etc. They don't track people who become leads either.

These are big mistakes which need to be addressed if any marketer truly wants to engage and understand their customers and grow their business. This course goes into detail on how to ensure you set everything up with the Facebook Ad Pixel the right way. You want to optimize your ads so that they target the right people and make them take action. Across these 9 videos, you will learn about the philosophy of Facebook Ads and what you need to know, how to utilize the business manager in Facebook to centralize access to everything, how to create a Facebook pixel or several so you can track your entire site, real life examples to help you build your funnel, building opt-in landing pages and tracking how many people are visiting, who is signing up, who isn't signing up, etc. From there you will learn about shopping cart abandonment which is when people are ready to make a purchase but then exit out at the last minute. The tracking code will ensure you get a handle of what is happening and how to minimize it. Following that, you'll learn about retargeting those customers who didn't go through with their purchase and those who did by optimizing and placing ads targeting both groups.

You'll be then introduced to lead form funnels if you're wanting to schedule people for appointments or sell to them later. To round it off, you'll be shown the steps to ensure that your ad pixels are fully working throughout your site. This is the premium level educational course of Facebook ad tracking and if you're really wanting to learn how to make the absolute best use of Facebook Ads, you need this course. Get it now.

Submitted: April/01/2019

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Self Confidence Secrets PLR Videos with Master Resell Rights

self confidence secrets plr videos with master resell rights shows you how you can become more self confident and achieve anything

Self confidence is a byproduct of competence and self-esteem. Without one or the other, confidence is nearly impossible to come by. Reason being that you need to have some sort of natural ability to conjure up the willpower to make a go of things in life. Whether you're headed for a job interview or a meeting or speaking in front of a crowd, it takes some self confidence to go about it.

Real self confidence is what everyone desires. When you have it, almost nothing is impossible. It's what seperates the dwellers from the doers. The lazy from the successful. When you combine work ethic, motivation and self confidence, you have something that can fuel you on your road to success. Looking at any entrepreneur throughout history, none achieved anything without perseverance. For many of them, doors were closed, rejections happened, mistakes were made often, and a line of naysayers told them they would get nowhere. But with persistence, the successful ones had the last laugh. In this 12 part video course which complements the Self Confidence Secrets ebook, you're going to discover how to achieve the confidence you desperately seek. You'll learn how to truly become the best in your endeavor, how to go about building your self confidence, how to set your goals and fulfill them, how to make decisions and stick to them, how to make the impossible possible through sheer focus and determination, seeing failure as merely an obstacle and blowing through it, how to continue learning on a daily basis to better yourself, taking heed of the advice of the many successful people before you, and much more.

You can't simply wallow in self pity about how life is unfair. You need to accept that life isn't fair and let it fuel your desire to be great. When you do so, you're unstoppable. It's up to you to get on your journey to be the best you can possibly be and this course can help you big time. Get it now. Package includes a professional sales-letter and ready-to-go sales materials.

Submitted: March/28/2019

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Self Confidence Secrets PLR Ebook with Master Resell Rights

self confidence secrets plr ebook with master resell rights shows you how to become more confident

Self confidence is said to be a genetic or god-given trait. Largely something you're born with. Just as there are natural leaders and followers, there are people with self confidence and others with little to none. But the interesting thing about self confidence which many people don't realize is that it can be built up if you have the drive, the willingness and the work ethic to make it happen. Many famous people throughout the world would tell you how little self confidence they had growing up.

But they had the motivation to continue working hard to gather the confidence within themselves which they didn't think they had initially. They worked hard to find success and ultimately achieved it. If your thinking is that you don't have the self confidence to make for a better life or be the person you always dreamed of being, there are many out there who will tell you otherwise. The fact that others managed to gain self confidence and be successful is a wake up call to anyone who thinks that it's impossible to do the same. In this guide which also includes the Self Confidence video course, you're going to discover how to rock the world and become the version of you that you never thought existed. You'll learn the differences and similarities between competence, self esteem and self confidence. You'll also learn how you can smash through any obstacle through the power of self confidence, how competence is the driving force in achieving confidence, gaining more control of your life and much more.

Nothing in life can work if you don't have at least some form of confidence in order to achieve bigger and better things. We all have something within us to improve our lives. We all desire happiness and harmony and comfort. Dreaming about it is one thing but doing it is another. This course is to get you making the practical moves towards becoming a much more confident you. When you're ready, make your move by hitting the download button. Package includes a professional sales-letter and ready-to-go sales materials.

Submitted: March/28/2019

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How To WordPress Plugins Upgrade PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

how to wordpress plugins upgrade plr videos with private label rights shows you how to find the right programmer to build your plugin

As you may or may not know, the demand for software has never been bigger. It's a multi-billion dollar industry with new software products released frequently to millions of dollars in sales. How does that affect those of us who dream about building the next big thing but don't know where to begin? Well one thing is for certain. If you know anything about WordPress and the amount of websites it powers across the world, you'd definitely want to keep reading.

As we had mentioned in the prior series How To WordPress Plugins video course, WordPress is run through plugins for the most part. Developers and creators build and market these plugins which helps keep WordPress running efficiently and while the creators are singing to the bank. The previous course had shown you the process in getting your own plugin concept from the drawing board into a document so that you can shop around to get it finally created. In this continuing 8 part video course, you are now going to learn how to go about getting your plugin finally developed by a real qualified programmer. Many entrepreneurs tend to make mistakes in how they go about seeking the right person or people for the job. Often times, it's time and money wasted. This video blueprint will ensure you don't suffer through the same turmoil when you move into the search for a programmer. Across these 8 videos, you will discover how to first avoid the multitude of mistakes made by others.

Following that, you'll learn about communicating with potential programmers to ensure they understand your vision and what you seek, finding the best and most proven freelance sites and staying safe at the same time, knowing your budget and understanding the cost of developing a WordPress plugin, creating a great job posting that will attract the very best programmers and much more. There's a lot to digest here so when you're ready to take your supreme plugin idea to the market, grab this video course. Package includes a professional sales-letter and ready-to-go sales materials.

Submitted: March/27/2019

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How To WordPress Plugins PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

how to wordpress plugins plr videos with private label rights shows you how to build your own successful plugin

Software is a multi-billion dollar market. With many big companies like Microsoft, SAP and Oracle to name a few, there's a huge demand for software all over the world. Combine that with the popularity of WordPress which powers almost half of all websites on the web and it's a potential win-win situation for anyone with a solid or innovative idea. The popularity and efficiency of WordPress is due to the infinity amount of plugins which keep it running.

The platform is used for any and all types of websites, be it blogging, ecommerce, subscription, etc. There are always new plugins coming to the forefront with most others always being revamped and updated to keep up with new demands and changes in the ever-expanding and ever-changing world of the Internet. Many entrepreneurs desire to build new plugins which they feel would be a big benefit to users of WordPress. The biggest problem they face is how to go about building the plugin in the first place. Let alone how to direct programmers to build it for them. In this 9 part video course, you're going to discover how to create your own plugins for the WordPress platform without having to buy courses or attend college to learn coding and programming from scratch. The people who invented the stuff that we use daily didn't always go about building it themselves.

They find the right people to do it for them. With this course which you can watch entirely from the comfort of your computer, you will be introduced to the world of WordPress plugins. You'll learn how to get set up and what to expect going forward. From there, you'll learn about the plugin market and what's truly in demand by customers, how to research and peak into what other developers are doing successfully, how to finally get your idea going by putting it all on paper, how to communicate your idea through documents and visual flow charts so that everything is covered and nothing is left out and no mistakes are made, getting the user-interface and specifications together, and then making the move forward from there.

You'll also learn about what types of skills and traits your programmer should have to ensure that you make the absolute best choice when selecting the right person or people for the job. In the follow up How To WordPress Plugins Upgrade video course, you'll be shown how to take your finished document and concept and go about finding the best programmer to take your dream into a successful reality. It all begins here so hit the download button now. Package includes a professional sales-letter and ready-to-go sales materials.

Submitted: March/27/2019

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YouTube Authority PLR Videos with Master Resell Rights

youtube authority plr videos with master resell rights helps you build a massive channel to grow your business

You're already fully aware of YouTube. You're likely watching videos on there frequently. But you probably aren't aware of just how powerful the YouTube platform is from a marketing perspective. What started out as a tiny site full of low quality videos has now grown into a multi-billion dollar video-sharing goliath.

It's worth billions of dollars and contains billions of videos watched by billions of people all over the world. More and more companies not to mention world famous brands are using YouTube today to grow their customer-base and brand and reach an even wider audience all across the world. If you haven't yet jumped on the YouTube platform and begun using it as a marketing and promotional tool for your own brand, now is the time to do so. In this extensive video course which complements the YouTube Authority ebook, you're going to get a really solid education on the true power of YouTube and how to begin your own YouTube channel. You'll learn about who your target audience is, how to optimize your channel to gain massive exposure, how to integrate other social media pages to grow your audience, utilizing tactics used by other successful video-creators, how to create amazing eye-catching thumbnails, how to monetize your channel to the max and much more.

This is your step towards being a powerful authority in your niche and YouTube is a big part of that success. Once you incorporate it into your business and implement what's taught in these videos, nothing will stop you. Your next move is to hit the download button. YouTube is your oyster and it's time to make it count in a big way for your business. Package includes a professional sales-letter and ready-to-go sales materials.

Submitted: March/26/2019

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YouTube Authority PLR Ebook with Master Resell Rights

youtube authority plr ebook with master resell rights shows you how to make money with a youtube channel

YouTube isn't merely just a site that people use here and there to pass time. YouTube has actually become a part of people's lives to the point where it's their go-to source for most everything, including education and entertainment. It's a platform that has helped and enriched many lives, created stars, and much more. With nearly 2 billion active users across the world, YouTube continues to grow and thrive with billions of hours of content created daily.

YouTube is one of the biggest and most visited websites on earth. If you only see it as a video platform and nothing else, that would be a mistaken. YouTube is a juggernaut for advertisers and marketers to promote their products, services and content while boosting their brand and reaching parts of the world which were difficult to reach prior. YouTube has given every single person a platform to build a business, create a fan-base or customer-base and gain massive amounts of traffic. If you are still unsure of the hype of YouTube and how it all works, then you need this guide. If you're a business owner or run a small business from home and aren't taking advantage of the power of YouTube, then now is the time to do so. You can't simply ignore the massive amount of traffic at your disposal on the world's largest video-sharing site. In this ebook which complements the YouTube Authority video course, you'll discover how to get yourself set up on YouTube, the necessary tools and software you need for creating videos, how to do niche research, and deciding on the types of videos you will create.

You'll also be shown how to optimize your channel to get as many views as possible, how to cater to your audience by producing content that people love, how to enhance your engagement, how to monetize your channel, certain mistakes that other Youtubers are making which you can learn from and much more. Your YouTube journey begins here so hit the download button now. Package includes a professional sales-letter and ready-to-go sales materials.

Submitted: March/26/2019

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