YouTube Marketing 2018 Made Easy PLR Ebook For Personal Use

If you're not utilizing the power of YouTube Marketing then you're doing your business a massive disservice. Video is the most consumed content in the world with billions of hours of videos being watched daily by hundreds of millions of users. YouTube had made such an impact in the world that people are choosing to watch videos as opposed to reading content.

Not only is it faster and more convenient than reading but it's as easy as hitting the play button. Many marketers are successfully using YouTube to grow their businesses and their brands. Google especially ranks YouTube very highly in their search results with a good mix of article content and video content rounding out the search results. Knowing this, it's definitely a very good idea to be creating and optimizing your video content for YouTube. Even more importantly, people are using YouTube for answers and solutions just as much as they're using Google and Facebook. If you haven't figured out the importance of YouTube, this guide is the one you need. You will learn how to douse rocket fuel on your business through YouTube and set it on fire.

You'll learn about creating powerful marketing campaigns, getting your content seen by millions, driving traffic and converting them into buyers and subscribers, building your brand and much more. The journey starts here so grab this guide now. You can also get the YouTube Marketing 2018 Made Easy video course if you prefer visual learning. Get it now.

Submitted: December/17/2018

License: Personal use

Traffic Inventiveness PLR Ebook For Personal Use

Have you struggled to generate consistent traffic to your website? Are you lost and can't seem to figure out how other site-owners are getting so much traffic while you're getting next to nothing? Obviously in order to have a thriving business, a website needs to have traffic.

There are many different and effective ways in generating traffic. Some of these methods may be uncommon but they indeed work. This guide takes you by the hand and shows you how the most successful business-owners are getting their traffic and how you can implement those same methods. Competition doesn't help matters which is why you need to put forth the effort. That means building an awesome site with an even more awesome user experience. Those are the words straight from Google. When you build awesomeness, good things happen. You're going to learn how to get people coming to your site. And we're not talking just random people. We're talking targeted traffic. People who are actually intending to read your content and make a decision to subscribe or buy.

This is the book of inventiveness where we really get inventive in bringing traffic to you without you having to resort to emptying out your wallet for an SEO agency that will run you dry and get you little in the way of results. Grab this guide now and let's rock.

Submitted: December/15/2018

License: Personal use

Patreon Secrets PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

How would you like being paid for your hobby or profession? How about having a plethora of members and subscribers who paid you to view your content or videos or music? Patreon if you haven't heard of it does exactly this. It's a membership platform which gives creators all the tools they need to run their subscription business.

You can gain a loyal and avid list of subscribers who are interested in what you do. Patreon is a hit with YouTubers, artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, comics, actors, cooks and many more. It's a great way to get paid doing what you enjoy and having a lot of people support you throughout. This 8 part video series shows you exactly how Patreon works and how you can make it work for you. Do you love making music? Do you love to act? Do you like to play video games? Do you enjoy model making? Basically anything you can think of or have a passion for, there are hundreds if not thousands of other people who take the same interest. And many are willing to pay to see what you have to offer through the Patreon subscription platform.

This video course is definitely a must-download if you want to see what the hype is about. You'll learn everything you need to get set up with your own subscription system through Patreon and thrive like thousands of others who are killing it as we speak. Grab it now.

Submitted: December/01/2018

License: Private Label Rights

Mobile Ecommerce Simplified PLR Videos with Master Resell Rights

If you noticed the mobile shopping trend, it's swinging high and still rising as more and more people are doing their daily shopping directly through their mobile. There's a reason why Google is telling all website-owners and business-owners who run online stores to optimize their sites for mobile.

It's easier for the shopper and makes for a far better user experience. A badly optimized site will end up in a lost sale. In this video course, you will learn how to build a properly optimized and responsive eCommerce site without having to go through an encyclopedia of technical jargon. It's easy and straight to the point even for the non-techies. You'll learn how to build it like a pro and gain exposure and increase sales. You'll also learn how to sell to your customers better and ensure your site is loved by Google. In case you don't know, there are several aspects of a well functioning site that you simply must abide by to improve your chances in gaining the coveted Google love. And as Google is now putting more emphasis on mobile search than desktop, it's crucial that your mobile site is firing on all cylinders.

You're not just building a site for your audience but also for the search engines. And when everything is at the level, you can expect to be right there with your competitors and surpassing them. If you're serious about getting your site optimized for mobile like a pro then grab this guide now.

Submitted: December/04/2018

License: Master Resale Rights

List Building Prospects PLR Ebook For Personal Use

List building is a crucial part of an online-business. Anyone who's ever run a business will tell you that, flat out. Many would say that the biggest mistake they made in their business was not building a list from day one. The reason why building a list is so important is the fact that you are in constant contact with a targeted audience.

People who joined your list or bought your product in the past are on your list because they want to be there or because they find your product or content useful or interesting. By having the immediate ability to connect with these people and promote or sell new products or services to them is like having a never ending funnel running with sales galore. The larger your list grows, the more potential you have to sell and make money. There are business owners with lists of customers in the million plus range. And you can only imagine how much revenue these business owners are bringing in just from sending out a single email. In this guide you will learn about the most important methods in order to get started with building your own list. Many have tried but failed in the list building process and are dumbfounded as to why things didn't work out.

The focus is to not always just throw products at your audience and hope for sales. There is such a thing as building trust and being an authority in your niche and helping your users before trying to sell to them. This guide covers it all and once you get acclimated to the process, you'll be ready to kill it. Hit the download button now.

Submitted: December/07/2018

License: Personal use

Meditation For Relaxation PLR Ebook with Master Resell Rights

For many people, meditation is a big part of their lives. It brings a complete state of mindfulness and calmness when put to practice. Meditation has been around for generations and interestingly enough, it’s gaining immense popularity in the past few years.

As you can understand how stressful life can be and how much we are physically breaking down in the day to day grind, it’s meditation that many people are claiming is giving them the energy to keep moving forward. It can be practiced at any age and just about anywhere. In this guide, you will discover just how beneficial meditation can be in your life and how it can help you find the calmness you often seek even in the worst of times.

It takes some time and practice to really get into proper meditation and with this guide, you’ll be well on your way. If you’re seeking to adopt meditation into your life then let it begin here. Grab this guide now.

Submitted: January/03/2019

License: Master Resale Rights

Commission Strength PLR Videos For Personal Use

Many newcomers to the online business world come in with a lot of excitement, feeling the world is their oyster where they can finally build a thriving business and tell their boss to hit bricks. But as with anything, there can be a learning curve involved if you don’t have a clear-cut plan of what type of business you’re looking to build. Whether it’s e-commerce or drop-shipping or creating a blog or any number of things, it can be intimidating starting out.

On top, you may not be familiar with the many different monetization models available to you. You simply read about others making money hand over fist and you want to achieve the same. If you’re serious about having your own business, it’s best to start from the basics. Not necessarily the basics but starting in a place where certain methods have stood the test of time and are still working amazingly well. One of the most proven and most powerful business models online is affiliate marketing. If you’re not familiar with it, basically it’s when you receive a commission for promoting products belonging to another person or vendor or marketplace. When a person buys through your affiliate link, you receive a percentage of the money. It’s always best to learn the right way rather than reading a whole bunch of different books and doing your head in from information overload.

This 14 part video training course is designed to show you fully and simply how the system works. You’ll learn the ins and outs throughout the process and will be ready to rock it in your business by the end of it. You’ll also see real life affiliate sites which you can use as inspiration or which you can model your business after. So when you’re ready, hit the download button.

Submitted: November/28/2018

License: Personal use

3X Retention PLR WordPress Plugin For Personal Use

What’s the worst thing for anyone running an online business? The answer is simple. Lost customers. It’s part and parcel in running a business. Not everyone will be ready at that very moment to whip out their credit card or make a purchase. Many times customers will consider making a purchase later except for the fact that they completely end up forgetting. And that means a lost customer. But with 3X Retention which is an incredibly powerful new WordPress plugin, you will not be losing that customer so fast.

This plugin gives you a great opportunity to get the customer on board using 3 amazing retention methods with no real effort on your part. The first method being the ‘Tab Alert’ which opens up a secondary tab so that the customer who closes your site will be met with a second tab on their browser which can entice them to move forward with making a purchase. The second method is the ‘Browser Back Button Control’ which, instead of the customer hitting the back button to leave your site, they will go back and be met with another page which will be a second sales-page or discount page so you can have another chance to get their attention and motivate them to make a purchase. And the third method is the massively powerful ‘Facebook Retargeting’ method where you can add all your website visitors to your Facebook Retargeting list.

What’s so effective about this method is that you can continue selling to your buyers and visitors through Facebook Ads. Retargeting has proven to add millions of dollars in additional sales and revenue for marketers and companies. When you’re ready to really get on top of potential missed opportunities, hit the download button and fire it up. You won’t be leaving money on the table any longer once you get the 3X Retention plug-in. Grab it now.

Submitted: November/26/2018

License: Personal use