Facebook Penny Likes PLR Video Course with Private Label Rights

If you're running a business and utilizing Facebook, you'll know the importance of gaining likes and shares in order to boost your brand growth. Ultimately user engagement leads to increased sales. The reason for likes is to show that you're an authority in your space. That helps to build trust among visitors and users. Your engagement with users and staying active and representing your brand with a professional outlook is how you prove you can be trusted.

People aren't quick to buy from unknown entities. Big brands like Walmart, Target and Amazon don't need to promote themselves half as much as the smaller companies do. And if you're getting off the ground or are a small sized business trying to get a share of the market, you need to be able to get your company's name out there. In this 8 part video course, you're going to learn how to boost your social presence and engagement through Facebook which can get you what you desire; a lot more leads that convert into sales. In the first video you'll be given an overview of what to expect in this course along with how visitors ultimately result in sales. In video 2, you'll learn about the methodology with this strategy along with a case study of a real fanpage using this method which has thousands of likes.

In video 3, you'll learn about targeting other countries and field testing images and content. In video 4, you'll learn how to create content super fast. In video 5, you'll learn how to improve engagement. In video 6, you'll be shown the best way to set up your ad campaign. In video 7, you'll be shown how to prepare your ad set. And in video 8, you'll learn the best way to get your likes ad ready. There's a ton of content here to digest so when you're ready to take your business to the next level, hit the download button.

Submitted: December/03/2019

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WordPress Website Security PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

Wordpress Website Security PLR videos shows you how to keep your website protected from hackers

WordPress is one of the most widely used website creation platforms in the world as we speak. And despite the fact that it powers over 1/3 of the web, it's still not infallible in terms of its security. Even though WordPress is constantly updated and upgraded by world class developers to ensure a robust security system to stop hackers, there will always be ways for hackers to find a way to break through the back door. That's why it's so important to have not only the best security set up for your WordPress site but to ensure that you're constantly keeping your site protected through a handful of ways.

In this 8 part video course, you're going to learn exactly how to keep your business and website protected from hackers and cybercriminals. In the first video, you'll be introduced to WordPress and how it functions. In the second video, you'll learn about the fallible backdoor entry which hackers use to get access to websites. In the third video, you'll learn about Wordpress hosting and which hosting companies are the best in terms of security. In the forth video, you'll learn about the WP Admin page which is the gateway to your website. This is where the hackers go to first and try to break through. You'll learn how to create a hack proof login and pass to keep them at bay. In the fifth video, you'll be introduced to the many different and reputable security plugins used by millions of Wordpress users. You want to use the very best and you'll find out which ones to go with. In the sixth video, you'll discover the importance of using a 2 step authorization process. A simple technique that can create an extra layer of protection from even the most advanced hackers. In the seventh video, you'll learn how to protect your files. Some website owners tend to grab images from other sites and post it on their own. This is known as hotlinking. It can do a number on your bandwidth since its your host that's hosting your files which are being used on other sites.

You'll learn how to avoid that from happening. And in the final video, you'll learn about password protection. Creating passwords are easy but you want to create something that's hack proof. You'll learn about various password protection apps you can use on top of creating strong passwords. So with that, if you're running a Wordpress site as we speak or are planning to launch one, then grab this video course now and get off on the right foot. There's nothing more important in the online world than keeping yourself and your property safe from hackers.

Submitted: October/01/2019

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WordPress Engagement Boost PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

Wordpress Engagement Boost PLR Videos shows you the way to engaging with your users to create a seamless user experience leading to more subscribers and profits

Every successful website has one common goal; to create a solid and engaging user experience. The only way to be successful is to hit your user's emotions and make them want to buy. You want people to come to your site with a purpose of finding the information they're looking for, signing up to your list, buying a product, clicking on an ad and whatever else. It's no secret really. Leads and sales are a direct result of user engagement and your mission should be to increase engagement on your website.

When you build a brand, you want repeat customers and referrals so you can continue making money. In this 8 part video course, you're going to learn step by step how to increase engagement with your Wordpress website. In the first video, you'll receive an overview of what this course entails and why visitor engagement is so important in converting leads into sales. In video 2, you'll learn about the importance of a fast loading site. People hate waiting and Google doesn't like sites that take more than a few seconds to load. If you keep the user waiting, they'll scroll on to a competitor which means you've lost a customer. You'll learn how to speed your site up the right way so you can get as many leads and customers as possible. In video 3, you'll be shown various plugins you can use to complement video 2 in speeding up your site. There are several ways to create a quick loading site and you'll discover the best way to go about it.

In video 4, you'll be shown which web hosting companies and plans to go with to ensure a better and faster user experience. In videos 5-7, you'll learn several powerful engagement tactics which you can apply to your site. And in video 8, you'll learn how to get your engaged users into subscribers. That's where the real money is and that's where you go from building a business to building a lucrative and successful business. So when you're ready, grab this course.

Submitted: November/04/2019

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Learning Gutenberg PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

Learning Gutenberg PLR Videos shows you how to drop the classic editor and become a wiz at the new Wordpress editor known as Gutenberg

A little while back, WordPress released a new version of their editor known as Gutenberg. The purpose of this editor was to allow for website owners, designers and bloggers to have a more seamless experience in creating and publishing content. And at the same time, the content would be optimized for the search engines to ensure the very best chance for easier viewing and higher rankings. If you're using Gutenberg right now with your sites then you likely already understand its power and ease of use. If not, then you definitely need to get on board.

Many still reverted to the old classic editor because they just couldn't get used to Gutenberg. But the reality is that the classic editor won't be around forever and ultimately every WordPress user will have to convert to Gutenberg. I also had the same reservations about Gutenberg until I began using it on the regular. That's when I understood its potential and the reason for its existence. It was so incredibly easy to use that I had wished it had been released a lot sooner. The whole process of creating blog posts was so much easier. And the primary purpose of Gutenberg was to ensure that content creators do the absolute best job in both creating and formatting their content. In this 9 part video course, you're going to learn step by step just how incredible Gutenberg is. Don't worry, you will be a pro by the end of it and won't have any reservations whatsoever when you're done. In the first video, you'll be shown the premise behind Gutenberg and its pros and cons. In the second video, you'll get a second overview which touches more on the Gutenberg user interface. In video 3 you'll be shown the purpose of using blocks in the Gutenberg editor.

In video 4 you'll learn about the right hand sidebar and how to use it. In video 5 you'll be shown how to use Common Blocks. In video 6 you'll be shown Formatting Blocks. In video 7 you'll learn about Layout Elements. In video 8 you'll learn how to switch to the old classic editor if you're just not ready to attack Gutenberg full on just yet. And in the final video you'll learn of various other editor options you can use besides Gutenberg and the classic editor. There's a lot to digest here so when you're ready to rev up your WordPress experience, grab this course.

Submitted: September/02/2019

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Newbie Friendly Smart CPA Offers PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

smart cpa offers plr videos shows you how to get great turnover on cpa campaigns

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It's an online business model where you pay for a user to take an action on your site or campaign, be it clicking on an ad, submitting a form, purchasing a product, etc. This course is an essential learning program that will get you familiar with the power of CPA marketing and also show you how to build a business involving CPA Networks.

No matter your skill level, this course offers a tremendous learning benefit. Many people just direct a bunch of traffic to an ad or campaign and expect a ton of money to pour in. It's more complex than that. To get real results, you need to know what you're doing right from the get go. This 8 part video course will show you the way. In the first video, you'll be introduce to CPA marketing and what it entails. In the second video, you'll learn about the pros and cons and what to watch out for. In the third video, you'll learn about good and bad CPA networks and which ones you need to avoid. In the fourth video, you'll learn how to get accepted into top CPA networks. You'll be shown how to put your best foot forward to get accepted. In the fifth video, you'll be shown effective shortcuts and how to find smart CPA offers which you can convert. In the sixth video, you'll be shown different sources which you can start with which will purchase your traffic.

In the seventh video, you'll learn a variety of ways to get traffic. In the eighth and final video, you'll be shown how to use pop ads once you've been accepted into a CPA network. It's all about putting it all together. This is definitely a video course you want to grab right away so hit the download button now.

Submitted: August/06/2019

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WordPress LMS Sell Courses Online PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

wordpress lms videos shows you how to build courses on your own site

Online courses are massive business for many marketers and online-business owners. Some of the most successful bloggers actually attribute a significant part of their income from the success of their courses. There are a great number of ways of creating courses and selling them. Most often they are created through third party course-creation websites. But the drawback is the significant learning curve of creating courses along with the expensive monthly fees both in creating and running the courses from a third party platform. The pricing can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars annually to keep your courses running on third party sites.

Why not create your online course right on your Wordpress site without having to pay any extravagant fees? That's the way to go about it and this 8 part step by step course will show you how. In this video series, you're going to learn everything you need to know in order to get your online course running. In the first video you'll be shown what the entire course entails. In the second video you'll learn how to get students to become interested in what you're selling. Most times it's about igniting peoples' buttons in order to get them to buy. You'll learn how to make people want to buy your courses. In the third video, you'll learn how to wow your student by delivering a high quality content course. It's all about using methods that are tried and tested and working successfully. You'll adopt the tactics that truly work in this day and age. In the forth video, You'll learn which Wordpress Learning Management System (LMS) is best to use for creating your course. In video five you'll be given a solid overview of the best Wordpress LMS plugin in action. In the sixth video, you'll understand how to keep your students hooked on your course. Many students tend to give up halfway or lose interest completely.

You'll be shown how to keep them on board and wanting more. In video seven, you'll learn more about keeping your students engaged with your course. What's better than having a happy customer who enjoys your course? That same customer who'll buy more courses from you in future! In the final video, you'll learn how to make your student feel important. People respond a lot better when they feel they are being personally addressed and acknowledged. The stats don't lie about that. So if you're ready to rock the world with your own courses, built on your own WordPress site, then this is the course for you. Grab it now. Also comes with a ready to go sales-letter and sales materials.

Submitted: July/02/2019

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Simple Social Media Content PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

simple social media content shows you how to create powerful word-images to engage your audience across social media

It's said by most every marketing guru that content is king. In order to attract your audience plus keep them engaged, you need useful and informative content that can make them take an action, be it signing up for email, buying a product, or sharing the content with others. The challenge for many of us is that it's not easy to create awesome content. It takes knowledge plus writing skills to create something which people will read to the very end. The great thing is that you don't need to be an expert writer to create terrific content. There are ways to get great content out there which engages your audience and you're going to learn it in this 9 part video course.

In the first video you will get an intro on what this course is about. In the second video you'll learn about the audience you are promoting to and what they want. When you know what your audience wants and can deliver it to them, you're golden. In video three, you'll learn other topics which your audience will be interested in so that you'll be able to create even more content around their interests and keep them interested. In video four you'll learn where your primary audience resides and their trigger points. In video five you'll learn about the power of images and how they spark excitement and curiosity in your audience and how you will utilize them to the fullest. In video six you'll learn about the power of words to further ignite your audience's emotions. Words and images together send the message effectively and these are shared by the billions across all social media platforms. In video seven you will be shown how to put it all together and create your own powerful word-images through free graphics tools. In video eight you'll learn how to organize your content so you can run with it and create a ton of content quickly.

In the final video you'll learn about putting things into an auto schedule so you can post content consistently across social media. It's all explained fully so no need to worry if you're not a content creation wiz or a graphics guru. We live in a time where social media has massive influence on a big chunk of the world. And information is consumed by the billions. When you learn how to engage your audience through this monstrous platform, your business will be taken to a whole other level. Now is the time to hit the download button and get going. Package also includes a professional sales-letter and ready-to-go sales materials.

Submitted: June/03/2019

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Google Optimization Blueprint PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

google optimization blueprint plr videos shows you how to optimize and structure your website to gain optimal results in the search engines

One of the biggest mistakes new website-owners make is throwing up a new website and trying to pour a bunch of backlinks at it in an effort to get top rankings for various keywords. This worked like a charm back in 2010 but nowadays there's more competition and Google wants websites to have sufficient content and quality on top of backlinks. There are apparently over 200 ranking signals which decide where a website will end up in the search results. Much of that is decided by the on-site portion of SEO. So if you haven't taken care of your on-site SEO then you're leaving out a lot of potentially great keywords which can drive a lot of targeted traffic to your site. Google is very intelligent nowadays and can figure out automatically what your site is all about. But you can help it along considerably by making your on-site structure top notch.

In this 9 part series, you will be shown exactly how to optimize your website for the search engines to boost your chances of getting those coveted top spots for the right keywords. In the first video you'll be shown the ropes and what to expect throughout the course. A rundown is a good way for you to understand how the search engines work so that you'll be ready for the more complex but still fairly easy to grasp methods coming later. In video two, you'll be shown more about the various aspects of on-page SEO. The purpose here is to ensure you understand everything perfectly before moving forward. In video three, you'll be shown the 5 most important factors when it comes to optimizing your website. In video four, you'll learn about finding the best domain name. Many top level marketers and site owners who've been in the game a long time still have conflicting opinions about the best type of domain name for a business. Should the domain include keywords or should it be brand-based? What does Google prefer? You'll learn more in this video. In video five, you'll learn the best way to structure your site and individual pages. Should it be optimized for the search engines or for people? What will get the best results on Google?

In video six, you'll learn about how to optimize your images. Most site-owners still get this wrong or avoid it altogether and don't realize the importance of image optimization. It's an important aspect of SEO and you'll see how important in this video. In video seven, you'll learn how to best optimize your titles. It's important for people and for search engines. It's like the introduction in a novel and readers instantly will understand what it's about. In video eight, you'll learn about optimizing the meta description which is a tiny synopsis under the title tag. Rounding it off in video nine, you'll be introduced to two WordPress plugins which will help make the on-site optimization of your site a breeze. Anything to make life easier. So if you're ready to drive your website to the top, hit the download button now. Package also includes a professional sales-letter and ready-to-go sales materials.

Submitted: May/21/2019

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