Productivity Mastery PLR Videos For Personal Use

Productivity Mastery is a 16 part video set which shows you how to spend less time procrastinating and more time getting things done. A regular work shift lasts 8 hours but most people are truly productive for a lot less.

In our day to day lives, we go about doing things that may not be so important in the overall picture. Things like internet surfing, watching television, being on the phone, etc. These habits can end up costing us years of our lives without us knowing it and ultimately we wonder where those years went. In life, we have a small window relatively to achieve things. If we can develop the right mindset, we can become more productive and achieve more things that are important in life. Whether it's a trade or skill or building a business, there are many things we can spend more of our time on as opposed to throwing our precious time away. This video download will give you an understanding of how to control your mindset and focus on the bigger and more important things.

You'll learn how to develop good habits, how to go after bigger goals, how to save more of your time, how to procrastinate less and much more. Your road to increased productivity starts here. Grab this video today.

Submitted: August/22/2017

License: Personal use

LinkedIn Marketing 3.0 Made Easy PLR Videos For Personal Use

If you don't already know, LinkedIn is the number one networking website on earth and boasts hundreds of millions of users who are connected through LinkedIn, allowing people to connect and endorse each other. But what many people don't realize is that LinkedIn is so much more than that. Business owners and marketers use LinkedIn to boost their sales while gaining a ton of leads.

As a matter of fact, LinkedIn sends up to four times as many users to your site than Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. That shows you clearly just how powerful and effective LinkedIn truly is. If you're a business owner and haven't yet utilized the power of LinkedIn then you're missing out big time. This 20 part video course will provide you with the essential steps and methods to make LinkedIn work for you and your business. You'll start from the very basics and realize how LinkedIn makes the online world go round. You'll then be introduced to how LinkedIn is applied in real business and be provided with a walk through to get you up to snuff. From there you will learn a variety of strategies and tips on powering up your business with LinkedIn including marketing and sales, building company pages and groups, advertising and gaining leads, affiliate marketing methods, utilizing the feed, the premium features available, what to do and what not to do, using various resources to make LinkedIn work even better, and more.

You'll also see some real life case studies to demonstrate what's possible in the online world and how the pros are implementing the full power of LinkedIn to grow their business and their brand. If you're ready to make your move with LinkedIn in all its glory then grab this video course now.

Submitted: August/22/2017

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Payment Defender PLR Videos For Personal Use

One of the great perks of having a successful online business is the amazing feeling of seeing money coming into your account at all times of the day. If you're running a membership business or have your own product out there or are working in ecommerce, you're probably using Paypal as your online payment processor.

Paypal is the largest and most popular online payment system currently and is used by millions of business owners and marketers all over the world. But there is always the drawback of being too successful or having someone working the desk at Paypal headquarters who happens to push a button and freezes your account for any number of reasons. It's a nightmare to deal with as your funds are frozen for a certain period of time. Usually up to 180 days which can be a real burden on you and your business. There is no magic wand to wave to get your Paypal account unfrozen should it happen but there are a number of steps you can take to keep your account in good standing to minimize the potential of your funds being frozen. Payment Defender shows you over 12 videos how to stay safe when doing business online using Paypal. Some of what you'll learn includes becoming a verified seller, branding yourself, ensuring you know the rules, dealing with a lot of income at once, handling disputes like a pro, knowing who to contact if in trouble, overseeing your account, and more. Even if you haven't yet got your business up and running, this is one video you need to watch so you can be ready right from the get go.

There's nothing more important for a business owner than staying safe when it comes to online transactions and dealing with customers. A thriving business means you want payments coming in undisturbed and this video lays out everything you need to know and then some. Payment Defender is going to be one of the most important downloads you come across so grab this video course right now.

Submitted: August/18/2017

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SEO Revolution PLR Videos For Personal Use

SEO Revolution is a comprehensive course of 15 HD videos covering everything you ever needed to know about Search Engine Optimization. A lot of website owners don't realize the importance and benefits of SEO in the modern world of the internet. In a sea of competition, SEO is pivotal for a site to stand out and move ahead of its competitors in the search engine rankings.

Many people who launch sites think that traffic will come in instantly and that's not the case necessarily. Unless you're putting out a ton of unique content on a daily basis, you need to be patient. But with proper SEO, you can push forward at a faster pace and get your site in Google's good graces using proper on-site and off-site optimization. This course takes you through the full process of SEO along with various tips, tactics and strategies to get your site rocketing upwards. You'll learn about proper keyword research, writing blogs, H1 and H2 tags and so much more. To be more detailed of exactly what you're getting with these 15 videos, you can expect to discover what SEO is and how it affects modern day websites, traffic-driving strategies, implementation of social media, how to utilize YouTube, link-building, blog commenting, various SEO tools to use and more.

We're only hitting the surface here so if you're ready to become the Superman of SEO, then it starts right here with SEO Revolution. Don't skip over this download. The tech world is changing and you need to stay on top of the ever-evolving search engines. Grab this video course right now.

Submitted: August/14/2017

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NYT Bestseller Blueprint PLR Videos For Personal Use

NYT Bestseller Blueprint is a very intriguing video download that takes you into the mind of a proven author and online marketer named Joel Comm. Comm has spearheaded multiple successful businesses including having written several successful books that have made the New York Times Bestseller list.

Some of the best marketers in the world were inspired by other successful marketers which gave them the ideas, motivation and determination to succeed. This video set will do the same for you if you're ready to push forward. You'll understand the mindset of a successful businessman and how he went about becoming a big deal in the online world. What the video especially touches on are Comm's vast amount of highly acclaimed books and how you can achieve the same success. Writing isn't necessarily a talent by itself. It's about speaking to the world and making them listen. If you have something interesting to say that can help people, they will lend you their ears. There's a great big market for just about any niche. With book publishing, you will learn how to write killer books but most importantly how to decide on the subjects of the books you want to write.

Comm's books have been of great interest to people in the online marketing realm as he goes into detail of how to build a solid online business and how to create recurring revenue type businesses. If you're ready to listen to a pro then this is the download for you. Grab it now.

Submitted: May/31/2017

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Get A Massive Following PLR Videos For Personal Use

In the old days before the internet was a thing, companies used phone books, flyers, catalogues and newspaper advertisements in order to get the word out regarding their businesses. And now in the technology age and with the rise of social media, businesses have adopted new ways to establish their brands.

Thanks to online services like Facebook Ads and Google Ads along with blogging and numerous other avenues, businesses have been able to gain massive followings at a faster pace while being more direct with the consumer. Massive sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter are not just platforms used for people to put up pictures of their pets so that others can comment, these sites are now a way of life for many businesses to build their brands and develop a following. As a matter of fact, regular people are building a following through most or all of these platforms. When you have a massive following, you can get the word out about whatever it is that you plan to launch and at the push of a button, your content hits everyone on your list. And what's even better is that your content gets shared and liked which means it goes even beyond the people that are following you. Your followers can help you gain even more followers. But how does it all work and how do you gain followers?

This video explains it all in a precise and easy way so that you will be able to take your business and your brand to new heights. When people follow you, you become someone important. It's the path towards building towards bigger and better things. If you're ready to rock it big then now is the time to grab this course. Get A Massive Following awaits.

Submitted: May/31/2017

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DL Guard Training PLR Videos For Personal Use

Every marketer and business owner fears having their content stolen. The internet is vast and there are dangers abound. That's where DL Guard comes in.

You are protected from anyone who tries to grab your paid content without actually paying. Your download links stay safe from being redistributed no matter what type of business you're running. If you're running a membership site, nobody will get access to your paid content without going through the full payment process. What's even better is that DL Guard automatically creates your mailing list. Every person who buys from you instantly goes on your list which makes it super easy for you to sell to them again. DL Guard also allows you to create customizable coupons and everyone knows people love discounts. You also have access to a graph which DL Guard creates so you can see your sign ups and conversion rates. If you want to secure your safety and keep your business running without fear, DL Guard is the answer.

This video gives you the full training you need in order to understand the full power and potential of DL Guard. Grab this course now.

Submitted: May/31/2017

License: Personal use

Create Fanbase PLR Videos For Personal Use

When it comes to building fanbases, the big brands and celebrities do it better than anyone. Although celebs don't go out of their way to build their fanbase.

Naturally if you're famous then you'll have fans. But if you're not famous and if you're not a big brand like IBM, Apple, Nike, Air Jordan, etc then building a fanbase takes a little more skill and talent. Fan bases can be built based on numerous interests including lifestyle, food, relationships, art and a lot more. If you are an artist and you like to paint and display your work online, you can build a fanbase of art-lovers who will love your work and follow you. If you like to cook and enjoy creating videos of different recipes, chances are good that you can build a fan base of people who love seeing your cooking videos. This video download explores the power of building and having a fanbase and how it can make you money. Fans can be built through any medium, especially social media. As content gets liked and shared, you build up your fanbase. And just like list building, you build a relationship which then leads to something more.

There is always value in fandom and you'll find out what is possible once you hit the download button. Create Fanbase is one heck of an eye opener. Grab this one now.

Submitted: May/31/2017

License: Personal use