Graphic Design Academy PLR Video Course For Personal Use

Graphic Design is big business. Every business on earth invests money into the visuals and designs of their company, from promotional materials to logos to business cards to signage, etc. Those big brands like Apple, Nike, Google etc have all used graphics pros to create their branding. But the thing though is that these companies have the money to invest in the best designers around.

This isn't the case with many marketers and newbie marketers who are trying to get their businesses off the ground. Investing in graphics can be pricey when you don't really have the budget. That's why many marketers and people who are running small businesses try to find low cost freelancers to do their design work. In many cases, the quality might not be there in the end product. But it beats having to pay several thousand for Photoshop. And then on top, trying to learn such complex software can be a real mental burden, especially if you don't have the design chops.

But on the bright side, there are free and inexpensive tools available right in front of you so you can get those quality designs your needing. Even better, the learning curve isn't anywhere near as tough as you might think. In this video course, you're going to be introduced to the powerful graphic design website known as Canva which is easier to use than you'd imagine. It's primarily drag and drop and gives you access to millions of high quality images, graphics and fonts. Canva is used by anyone and everyone including those who can barely draw stick figures. But rather than going about it alone, you can use the lessons in this course to make your life a lot easier.

You will learn all about how to design with Canva, how to create a variety of different styles of graphics and logos and backgrounds and much much more. This is a download for the ages if you want to become quite literally an overnight graphic design wiz. Forget about freelancers and design agencies. Grab this course now, get onto Canva and bring out the awesome designer in you. Grab it now.

Submitted: August/30/2018

License: Personal use

Private Label Profit Plan PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

Private Label Profit Plan - Proven Strategies To Making Money With Private Label Licensing is a powerful video course that breaks down everything you ever wondered about utilizing plr to the fullest and making bank. Info products make the online marketing world go round.

As easy as it is to sell other peoples' products and get a nice commission for your efforts, the real money is when you have your own product as you're not sharing nor splitting profits with anyone else. You build your brand and your buyers list and as you continue putting out great products, your brand and your list continues to grow larger. But not everyone is a great product creator. That's why private label rights products are such a huge convenience as you can sell the product as is or recreate it under your own name and take it to market and still take all the profit. What makes it so much better is the amount of time and money saved in creating your own products. No need to hire graphics pros or great writers. The product is already done for you. That's the power of PLR in a nutshell.

In this course, you're really going to get the proper education needed to go from A to Z so that there are no slip ups on the way and no confusion. This isn't merely a video course but an investment on your upcoming business. Download it and absorb the information. Your journey to something great begins here.

Submitted: September/09/2018

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Champion Blogger PLR Videos For Personal Use

Most people see a blog as being a place to communicate their thoughts and ideas with the world. There are tens of millions of blogs out there but most of them are in a virtual wasteland, unnoticed and unseen by the masses. Unless you're keeping a blog as basically a personal diary strictly for your own use to record your day to day thoughts, the motivation for every blogger should be to become an authority in their space or niche.

When you dominate any niche, the benefits are enormous. Why simply tell or show people how to do something for free? Why not get paid for it? Or in many cases as evidenced by numerous successful bloggers, get paid A LOT for it? A blog is no longer a place to tell the world your thoughts or feelings. It's a place where your content can be liked, shared and even ranked to a level where the entire world can hear your voice. And when you have a tremendous and captivated audience, your money making potential is basically unlimited. In this 9 part video course, you're going to discover how to really create and run a powerhouse blog that gets people coming in droves and also monetizing your content so you get paid. We're talking life changing revenue, not just a few bucks here and there.

A blog is one of if not the most powerful method in creating a fantastic income stream but to reach that point, you have to know how to start out on the right foot. That means knowing your optimal niche, becoming an authority, and creating amazing content. Your blogging success begins here so hit the download button now.

Submitted: August/28/2018

License: Personal use

Viking Email Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

With all the massive social media platforms available out there in today's age which marketers are utilizing to grow, engage, and sell to their followers and subscribers, one would think that email marketing would be a thing of the past when it comes to marketing and promoting products.

But surprisingly, email marketing is still the number one tool for marketing to customers and by a long shot. Nothing else comes close. What is the reason for this? Well it's quite simple. When people subscribe to you in exchange for a freebie or for a paid product, that is the first step towards building trust. As the marketer continues building a loyal and trusting relationship with the customer, the customer ultimately sees the marketer as a solid and reliable source for information and most likely will purchase more products down the line. When marketers do things right by keeping a good relationship with their followers, their followers will be loyal in exchange.

That's why top marketers always say that the money is in the list. That list wasn't built by accident. It was created with care. And marketers brought in their followers by offering quality information and products. Based on stats, people are far more willing to opt-in through email than they are in subscribing or liking your Facebook business page. With that being said, if you're truly looking to build your email list like a pro and maintain it, then you need a top class autoresponder so you can have all the essential tools available to you such as segmenting your list, creating newsletters, automation workflows and much more.

This is the optimal guide you need and with it comes a lead magnet, audio and video, Facebook ad, emails, graphics, Powerpoint slides and a rebranding video. There's a ton of content and tools here for you to digest so hit the download button now.

Submitted: September/25/2018

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Viking Facebook Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Facebook is the pinnacle platform in the social media world where almost everyone and their sibling has a Facebook page. There is probably nobody who doesn't know or hasn't heard of Facebook.

With well over a billion users and hundreds of millions of those users using Facebook on a daily basis, Facebook is the primary vehicle for building an audience. In the early days, Facebook was assumed to be nothing more than just a site for people to post pictures of their meals and pastime activities and making a long list of friends. But today it's an entirely different game. People are using Facebook as their main news source. Marketers are using Facebook to promote their products and content. And with the vast amount of tools now available on Facebook, there are numerous options for people to get the word out about their business and collect a significant targeted following. In this guide, you are going to learn the many powerful ways to utilize Facebook to the fullest for marketing your brand and your business. You can't dismiss a billion plus users, especially the many millions who want to know what you've got to offer.

This incredibly informative ebook comes with a lead magnet, video and audio, Facebook ad, graphics, emails, Powerpoint slides and a rebranding video so you can put this pack under your name and use it to educate your own audience. This is a definite must-download so hit the button now.

Submitted: September/25/2018

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Viking Twitter Ads PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Twitter is one of the two largest social media platforms alongside Facebook and is used by just about every business and celebrity across the world. It's especially powerful as a news source where a single tweet can reach every follower instantly.

Journalists especially use Twitter by following various local news networks in an effort to provide anything newsworthy to their own followers or by investigating and providing on-the-scene live reports. You already know that Twitter uses a short amount of characters called tweets but you may not truly understand its potential reach. A celebrity like any one of the Kardashians can promote a brand new product such as a new make-up line with a single tweet to their millions of followers. Inside their tweet, they can insert a link directing their followers to exactly where they can buy the new product. Many celebrities have done this along with many marketers, online and offline. This guide breaks it all down and then some as it gives you the full scope of Twitter's usefulness as a marketing and promotional tool. If you haven't fully utilized Twitter into your business then you surely will once you've gone through this incredible guide.

This ebook comes with a lead magnet, audio and video versions, Powerpoint slides, emails, graphics, Facebook ad, and a rebranding video so you can take it to market under your own name. Grab this awesome pack now.

Submitted: September/24/2018

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Viking YouTube Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

What started out as a very plain video-sharing site of low quality videos back in 2005 has now skyrocketed into a juggernaut which has taken over the entire video-sharing world. Once Google purchased YouTube for little over a billion dollars, the site has grown immensely and has changed how people get their information and pass their leisure-time and work-time.

The stats tell us everything as there are over a billion people watching YouTube and growing. Over half of users are watching YouTube through their mobiles with sessions lasting on average over 40 minutes. Even more interesting, many people are making a living through YouTube by creating their own content and building a monstrous audience. Marketers have been using YouTube to build their brand and market their products and content successfully. Almost 90% of marketers are using video in some form to promote themselves and their businesses. On top, video content generates a higher user-engagement than text content and also gets a far higher percentage of click-throughs and conversions into sales.

In this guide you're going to learn the full power of YouTube marketing and how to apply it to grow your brand and business. This full pack also includes the usual and awesome content and tools including audio and video, graphics, Powerpoint slides, lead magnet, Facebook ad, emails and a rebranding video. Grab it today.

Submitted: September/24/2018

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Viking Pinterest Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Most marketers and businesses tend to focus their social media efforts on the big two; Facebook and Twitter. But there are other social media platforms out there that can be monstrously powerful for getting views, building a brand and increasing engagement. The one that doesn't get enough attention is Pinterest.

What makes Pinterest different from other social media platforms is that its based on visuals and information through the use of Pins. Pinterest isn't about telling the world what you're eating and wearing. It's about putting out visual imagery to trigger the interests of audience with similar likes and this ebook goes into the full details. Pinterest is more powerful than other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to post engagement because it doesn't trend or peak for a set amount of time which is usually a day or two. Pins can often stay relevant for a long period of time if not indefinitely. Pinterest has over 150 million users with over 70 million in the US. Even more amazing is the incredibly high percentage of action taken by users upon seeing products on Pinterest. Over 87% of people buy products after seeing them on Pinterest. If you really want to hit it out of the park with your goods and services, Pinterest is the place.

In this pack you'll be also receiving a lead magnet, video and audio, emails, graphics, Facebook ad, Powerpoint slides and a rebranding video so you can take this pack to market under your own brand. Pinterest is an incredible platform if you really want amazing results so grab this pack now.

Submitted: September/23/2018

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