Viking Video Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Video is taking over the marketing world in a big way. Ever since YouTube came along, more and more people with internet access are consuming hours and hours of video content on a weekly basis. Even more interesting, people are more motivated to make a purchase after watching video.

A third of online activity involve watching videos and a higher number of internet marketers are incorporating videos into their websites and blogs. It's safe to say that we are full throttle into the video marketing age and it's not slowing down. More than half of video content is being consumed through mobile. User engagement is heightened by video as are conversions. What makes video so popular is that it's quick and easy for consumers to digest instead of having to read through a bunch of long winded content. In the Viking Video Marketing Pack, you are going to get a ton of amazing information in the video marketing ebook which shows you just how powerful video marketing truly is today and how marketers are using it to take their business to the next level. As is expected with the Viking line of products, you get the works so you can kill it with your own sales funnel.

With the ebook, you get a freebie report, videos and audios, Facebook ads, Powerpoint slides, emails for your autoresponder and a rebranding video tutorial so you can brand it under your own name and take it to market. This is the pack for you if you want to both learn and teach the world about the awesomeness of video marketing. Get it now.

Submitted: September/17/2018

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Viking Bonus Creation PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

One of the most effective and proven ways to not only gain customers but to keep them is to offer them freebies and bonuses. Even better, bonuses are a great add-on to your main product as they give the customer more incentive to make the purchase. Viking Bonus Creation shows you the ropes in how to ignite your business and build an even bigger base of buyers by using bonuses.

The biggest marketers use bonuses expertly to build their lists. And by following their lead, you will be a world class pro while enjoying the fruits of your labour in creating and marketing high quality bonuses in your business. There are several powerful ways for you to follow and you will understand from top to bottom exactly how to make it all work. Just like all Vikings products, this course leaves no stone unturned. This pack contains a massive and well written ebook and lead magnet along with videos, audios, Facebook ads, graphics, Powerpoint slides, emails, and a rebranding tutorial video. With all the content within this package, you have a super funnel to help you grow your buyers list. With the full ebook as your main product, you can offer the freebie as an incentive and then combine the ebook, video and audio for purchase to your customers.

This pack is also great for building your own drip feed membership site. Even better, you can download the entire Vikings system of products and build a full business to offer your customers, combining both free and paid content along with bonuses on top. Make the download now.

Submitted: September/17/2018

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Viking Facebook Ads PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

It's all about providing value and very few product-creators deliver more value than the Viking brand. Here you get everything you need in one mega sized pack.

That includes a professionally written ebook and lead magnet along with a training guide, audios, videos, Facebook ads, graphics, Powerpoint slides, emails, and a rebranding tutorial video to help you put it all together under your name so you can take it to market. Each product in the Viking line delivers a powerful and educational course on various aspects of online marketing. Here you will learn all about the power of Facebook Ads. Many people who have tried to implement social media platforms like Facebook to build their audience and subscribers haven't quite figured out how to get true bang for their buck. Many of the most successful marketers are using Facebook Ads successfully and with this course, you will too. Facebook is right up there with Adwords in being a hugely rewarding advertising platform when done right. With around 2 billion active users monthly, you have a tremendous user-base to cater to.

This course takes you step by step through the entire process so when you're ready, hit the download button. Also be sure to check out the many other marketing products available in the Viking line.

Submitted: September/17/2018

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Viking Affiliate Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Viking Affiliate Marketing is the premier plr package that gives you everything you need to kill it in the affiliate marketing niche. Here you get a top notch and well researched ebook and lead magnet, both in editable Word docs. You also get training guides, audios, videos, graphics, Facebook ads, Powerpoint slides, follow up emails and a rebranding tutorial video to help you brand the package under your own name.

So what makes this one of the very best packages in the affiliate marketing niche? Well obviously the fact that it's a complete sales funnel with all the essentials required and then some is what will help you tenfold to get people flocking over. People need to be wowed. They need to be impressed. The best way is to give them more than what they're expecting. The Viking series of products is all about quality. When you go to market with the Viking line of products, your audience will realize immediately that they're getting top class content. In this package, the focus is on affiliate marketing. One of the most powerful methods used by brainy marketers to make sales is through YouTube. YouTube is a juggernaut of a vehicle and it works so well because people prefer videos to long winded content. Hundreds of millions of users are consuming video content, especially through mobile. And that trend is growing by the year.

You will discover how to choose the best affiliate platforms and products to promote, how to create your killer video, how to market like a pro and much more. This is one of the best educational sources in taking affiliate marketing to the next level through the power of video content. Grab the Viking Affiliate Marketing pack now. Your audience will love you for it once they see what you've got for them.

Submitted: September/16/2018

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Viking Product Launching PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

The Viking line pulls no punches in delivering awesome quality courses, sales funnels and massive packs of content for you to leverage towards building your business. Viking Product Launching is all about gearing up for your big launch and building a monster list of real buyers. Gone are the days where you would put together a freebie, offer it out, get the subscriber's email, and then offer them an opportunity to buy the full upgraded version of the free product and with all the bells and whistles.

From there, you make a sale and continue offering them products down the road using the same process. This is still a very feasible, powerful and effective way of making sales even today. But it's also a numbers game as you're combining freebie seekers with legitimate paid buyers. Freebie seekers tend to be time wasters. You would much rather have real buyers and knowledge-seekers with a truly vested interest in your product. Viking Product Launching takes product launching to the next level by showing you the way to attract real buyers while eliminating the freebie seekers. It's about getting real emails, getting real customers with their wallets open and opening up joint venture opportunities and having your affiliates make the sales for you. This is a real eye-opening legitimate system to take you from marketer to super marketer.

In this package, you will receive an ebook jam packed with real practical strategies and information along with an accompanying report, both in editable Word format. You get a training guide with it plus video training and audio training. You also receive top notch graphics, Facebook ads, Powerpoint slides, follow up emails and a tutorial video on how to rebrand the package to make it your own. This is a powerhouse system that you want to get a hold of right now. See you inside.

Submitted: September/15/2018

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Viking Twitter Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Viking presents an incredible package of amazing content exclusively for the Twitter Marketing niche. Here you will receive a full sales funnel to get a ton of subscribers and buyers onto your list. This massive package includes a polished and educational ebook and lead magnet, both in editable Word docs and PDF.

You also get training guides, videos and audios in the highest quality, supreme graphics and Facebook ads, Powerpoint slides, emails for your autoresponder and a tutorial video to help you rebrand all the content under your own name. If you don't already know, Twitter is one of the top 3 largest social media sites in the world, right up there with Facebook and Instagram. There are over 300 million active users on a monthly basis and half a billion people who follow the feeds of others, particularly celebrities. Twitter is so immensely popular for one reason; anyone without any technical ability can send a message off their mobile within seconds to all their followers. There are over half a billion tweets going out on a daily basis. Many if not most companies are doing their marketing on social media, especially Twitter. People like to follow big brands and companies to get the latest news or updates, not to mention that many companies use Twitter as a marketing vehicle to promote offers and sales.

It's an incredibly powerful platform for anyone to use once they know how to utilize it to the fullest. You will learn it all in this guide. And on top, you get a full on sales funnel as mentioned so you can educate the masses and build a profitable list. This is one pack you don't want to skip over so hit the download button now.

Submitted: September/14/2018

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Viking Internet Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

If you've ever wanted a monstrous line of some of the most attractive and eye-catching content in the PLR industry, Viking Internet Marketing is for you. The industry has improved leaps and bounds over the years as product-creators have upped their game and are now delivering far more sophisticated and appealing content for their customers.

Viking is among the very best as you get a full and complete package of powerhouse content that your customers would absolutely love. Attractive and colourful products get more eyes and more clicks and hence more opt-ins and purchases. And the name of the game is sales. This package contains a ton of amazingly well crafted products, lead magnets and upsells. You'll receive a fantastic and editable list building ebook in Word format plus a training guide, MP4 video training, MP3 audio training, high quality graphics, Facebook Ads, Powerpoint slides, Emails and a rebranding tutorial video on top. This is a full funnel of everything you ever wanted and then some. When putting it all together for your audience, you can offer the free report as a freebie in exchange for your customer's email.

The Facebook Ad conforms to Facebook's advertising rules which you can use as part of your social media marketing efforts. The free report can lead to the lower priced full Ebook which will help you to grow your list of buyers. From there, you can upsell buyers to the video course. Or if you prefer, you can combine the ebook, audio and video courses as a bundle and offer it to your subscribers. You can plug the emails into your autoresponder to soft sell more products and create useful content that your audience will enjoy. If you're looking for the best of the best in sales funnels in the internet marketing industry, Viking Internet Marketing is the way to go. This is an incredibly efficient and sufficient course and sales funnel to get new and aspiring internet marketers into your system.

You'll be educating them on everything about the world of internet marketing and establishing yourself as a brand and authority. It all begins here so hit the download button right now.

Submitted: September/13/2018

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Podcasting Profit Secrets PLR Videos with Master Resell Rights

If you haven't yet launched your own podcast then now is as good a time as any. Granted that many marketers out there are still unsure how to make podcasting work for them to build their brand, those who have done so are seeing phenomenal results in terms of brand growth and audience growth.

Many marketers are timid in putting their voice and face out there for the world to see but by doing so, there are substantial rewards. The authority and trust that is built can take a brand to a whole other level. Some big time personalities like comic Joe Rogan have done enormously well with their podcasts. With the combination of advertisers and ad streams, the podcasting revenue has shot up into the millions. But podcasting isn't designed exclusively for the celebs. It's fit for anyone who has a voice or has a personality or has something to share in a market or niche.

People love listening to podcasts as evidenced by the growing number of listeners across the board. If you want to kill it with your own podcast and boost your revenue on top along with your audience then this course is for you. Supplementing the Podcasting Profit Secrets Ebook, you will discover the essential steps to starting your own podcast, various monetization methods available, the best format to follow for your podcast, how to produce incredible content for your podcast, how to promote yourself, the best tools to use for success, the best hosting to use, how to find your niche and much more.

This isn't a Cliff's Notes summary of podcasting, this is THE optimal source to get you from the vision stage to the execution stage and beyond. It's all about your brand and with this course, you'll be well on your way. Get it now if you're serious about your business.

Submitted: September/26/2018

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