Instant Diet Mascot Maker PLR Graphics Pack For Personal Use

Are you currently running or looking to build a fitness website of your own? Are you looking to run your own fitness franchise or sell fitness products in your e-commerce store?

Whatever the purpose, you need advertising and graphics for your marketing and social media campaigns in place to get the word out. And you need a logo and brand to represent your business. Instant Diet Mascot Maker has been specially built to give you an awesome brand image for your business. With this powerful and easy to use tool, you can create your amazing mascot logo very quickly along with a host of other images you may need. You can utilize the tool through programs like PowerPoint, Photoshop, Gimp, etc and also can render your mascot logo and images with help from the enclosed instructional videos. In today's world of big business, people are spending an arm and leg for the very best logos and mascots to represent their business.

Here you get a tool that can do everything you need it for in terms of generating amazing graphics for your company. When you're ready, grab this one. You'll be glad you did.

Submitted: December/09/2016

License: Personal use

Travel Kito Print Design PLR Template For Personal Use

Travel Kito is exactly as it sounds; a template suited for the travel industry. This eye-catching template uses a blend of primary colours blue and yellow to give it some real vigor and pop while keeping it balanced and classy.

If you're looking for great travel related graphics or your clients are needing stationery made for their travel related businesses, Travel Kito is your number one download. It hits the mark perfectly and is easily editable. Inside this graphics pack you get logos, fonts, letterheads, mugs, badges, pens, calendars, bags and so much more. Good quality graphic design can be subjective as people all have their own interpretations and tastes of good design but with this pack, you'll be certain to hit it out of the park.

It's simply an awesome template that can apply to most any type of industry. When you're ready to rock it, hit the download button.

Submitted: October/25/2016

License: Personal use

Spin It Print Design PLR Template For Personal Use

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but the beauty of Spin It lies in the eyes of everyone who knows good quality design...and those who don't.

This fantastic template is ready for any type of business. Clean, simple, and professional are ideal words to describe this collection of stationery pieces. Spin It relies on the basic principles of design in which less is more and nothing is overpowering. That means adequate white space and a shade of a single colour as opposed to a bunch of busy elements across the board. If you're into designing cool things, chances are that you might get overpowered and overcome with work and demands for creativity which will do your head in. Fear not because templates like Spin It are here for you to still get the work done to the highest level without losing any quality on the creative end.

It's all about convenience and time at the end of the day. That being said, grab this template now and see why Spin It is awesome.

Submitted: October/25/2016

License: Personal use

Spa Print Design PLR Template For Personal Use

An amazing design template for the Spa industry awaits you if you need to get some amazing creative content ready for your clients or for yourself.

Rather than banging your head on your desk trying to create great visuals and graphics, this package saves you ample time and headaches by giving you what you need in a thriving industry where more and more people are looking to build their own Spa businesses. There will never be a shortage of demand out there in the design field as people all over the world need graphics and design. When you have a big and quality portfolio of work, getting clients becomes a lot easier. But when you're pressed for deadlines then it's good to have templates ready on short notice.

This collection includes a lot of stationery for the Spa niche such as fonts, brochures, calendars, 3D boxes, envelopes, goody bags, ID cards, logos and more. Grab this one now.

Submitted: October/25/2016

License: Personal use

Space Class Print Design PLR Template For Personal Use

If you're looking for professionalism and class, then Space Class is number one. With a combination of green, yellow and white, this template is easy on the eyes and is what a multi million dollar company's graphics could be expected to look like.

Ever notice the simplicity of companies like Google, Apple, IBM and Microsoft? The common theme overall being simple yet good. If you're running a business as a graphic designer and need to cater to some demanding clients, you need to be ready to deliver off the cuff a lot of the time. Often there's not enough time to go about being ultra creative because you may have exhausted your creativity so you might need a helping hand. With design templates handy, you can reinvigorate your creativity or make a few small edits and be up with a whole new lot of designs which your clients will love.

Space Class is in a class of it's own. You get a ton of stationery including logos, letterheads, mugs, pins, ID cards, CD covers, DVD covers, etc. Don't skip over this one. Grab it now.

Submitted: October/25/2016

License: Personal use

Shot Focus Print Design PLR Template For Personal Use

Running a digital printing business can be lucrative if you're a graphic designer. There are customers aplenty needing all sorts of design work and print materials created for their businesses.

Luckily for you, you won't need to be sweating over how to accommodate your clients with high quality creative work because the work is already done. You can use it for inspiration or for putting your own stamp on it. It's a fairly arduous task in trying to be creative 24/7 unless you have a team of design wizards around you. That's why it's essential to have ready-to-go design templates handy so you can be quick off the mark and get things done sooner while still making the client satisfied.

Shot Focus is the perfect template for you if you want quick and easy but professional and classy. Grab this pack now.

Submitted: October/24/2016

License: Personal use

Red Company Print Design PLR Template For Personal Use

Red Company is exceptional quality stationary which has a lot of spark, vibrance and charisma that would be a fit for most any company out there that wants to display professionalism.

In your case as a designer or someone who needs cool designs for whatever project, Red Company saves you a lot of trouble by giving you ready-made design templates which you can utilize for most anything. You get brochures, 3D boxes, envelopes, letterheads, ID cards, name cards, logos and more. You don't need great Photoshop skills to kill it with this template since it's easily adjustable with the click of a mouse. This is one of the very best design templates out there so when you're ready, grab this one now.

Don't feel threatened if you're not a designer as there are instructions provided within this package to help you out. Red Company is top class so go ahead and hit the download button.

Submitted: October/24/2016

License: Personal use

Photographic Print Design PLR Template For Personal Use

If you're in the photography niche or are in need of photography style graphics and images for your overall theme, then this collection of designs is perfect for you.

You can customize these designs ever so easily and make them your own. Included is a variety of stationery with editable Photoshop files included. These designs are a solid inspiration for you and you can enhance, move around, or tweak things as you need them. That's the great thing about having templates on hand when you are lacking time or have clients or deadlines hanging over your head. Change up the text and insert your own content in its place and you're good to go.

Photographic is one that will best represent any company in the photography space so if this is the one you've been waiting for, grab it now.

Submitted: October/21/2016

License: Personal use