Image Search Secrets PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

image search secrets plr videos with private label rights shows you how to optimize your images for top rankings

Google Image Search largely goes unnoticed in a world where everyone is trying to outrank the other on Google Search. You'd be surprised if you realized just how massive Google Image Search truly is. About a third of users are actually looking for results on Google Images which shows the importance of this platform.

The amount of traffic is too much to ignore which is why you should ensure that your images are properly optimized and found. In this over-the-shoulder 9 part video course, you will discover how you can get your images ranked at the top for your keywords and drive a whole lot of targeted traffic directly back to your site. Across these 9 videos, you will be introduced to the power of Google Images. You'll learn how to research your competition, the benefits of image compression without quality loss, how to maintain image quality when trying to keep your site loading quickly, the importance of using good file names, and much more. Image Search has been ignored since the birth of Google but as the world's largest search engine grows with over a billion daily users, it only makes sense to create your content and images so that it can be discovered by as many people as possible.

Why waste the opportunity to get so many more eyes on your products? This download is definitely a great grab if you want to fully maximize the potential of your business. Get it now.

Submitted: March/01/2019

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ChatBot Uncovered PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

Facebook Messenger is growing astronomically and is leaving all other social media platforms in the dust. There are several billion conversations taking place through Messenger on a daily basis and more and more businesses are creating chatbots for their Facebook Messenger in order to ramp up leads and sales and provide support for customers.

The one drawback is that there's a learning curve involved in building chatbots and you need to be fairly technical to pull it off. Fear not because this 9 part video course is going to help you all the way through in developing your Facebook Messenger chatbot so you can generate sales and skyrocket your business. You'll discover the science and benefits of a chatbot, the best type of chatbot to create, common mistakes to avoid, bots in the real world that will inspire you, deciding on customer support or generating leads and which bot best suits your business, mocking up and brainstorming your bot, questions and answers before you execute, getting your mockup completed, and finally implementing your mockup into a chatbot. It's been proven based on stats that people are far more likely to buy online and are more trusting of a business if they can get actual real-time assistance.

Facebook is a gigantic customer support system that is largely underutilized by most businesses. But those businesses that are taking full advantage are seeing incredible responses and conversions by simply being active and present for customers through the messenger service. If you're ready to rock it bigger with your business and increase your sales and leads, you need a chatbot. Grab this video course now.

Submitted: February/06/2019

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YouTube SEO V2 PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

Everyone has officially gone full-on YouTube. Anyone with any type of device and with internet access is using YouTube. That's approximately half the world and growing. Hundreds of millions of hours of video are being watched daily by tens of millions of people in every country. That means if you're running a business or website, you need to be creating video content. And not just for the fact that everyone in the world is consuming video content, but also because YouTube videos rank highly on Google for any number of search phrases.

If you want to beat your competitors, you need to build your brand up and make YouTube a big part of your marketing efforts. In this 8 part over-the-shoulder video course, you're going to learn how to properly optimize your videos for YouTube. By doing so, you give yourself a considerable advantage over your competition. That means more targeted traffic for you. And traffic is the name of the game. You'll be first introduced to the power of YouTube so you'll know what to expect. From there, you'll learn how to research your competition which will give you an edge when building your video content. You'll learn about finding and using the right keywords for your videos, filling out your title and description for the search engines, and optimizing your video files.

All are important aspects if you want to kill it with your content. You'll learn about creating fantastic eye-catching thumbnails which is a massive factor when it comes to getting clicks. Don't worry if you're not a design wiz, that will be covered too. Rounding it off, you'll learn about the ideal video length followed by the secret sauce in helping you outrank your competitors. This might be the very best YouTube tutorial video to date and it's definitely a must-download if you're serious about your video marketing efforts. Please note that this product-download is over 1 GB in size.

Submitted: February/05/2019

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Avalanche List Building 2.0 PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

Avalanche List Building 2.0 is the sequel to the popular Avalanche List Building video series from 2012 which now comes with many more up to date tactics and strategies in building powerful and profitable lists.

This easy to follow step by step video set shows you how the author makes thousands of dollars online monthly and how you can duplicate these methods the very same. Over 7 videos, you'll learn about traffic generation strategies, how to convert subscribers to buyers and how to do it all for free. If you've been unsuccessful in your list building ventures or you need a leg up on your competition or your niche is competitive, this course is definitely one to grab. No stones are left unturned here as the author goes into deep detail of how you can use the same process that he's using successfully. It all comes down to execution and with this course, everything is laid out for you to follow along and execute in your own business. If you are still on the fence or haven't decided on if list building is for you, then you definitely don't want to skip this one over. For many business owners, their list is their biggest asset.

With one email, you can reach your entire audience. And if your list is highly responsive, that's a lot of money to be made if you're announcing or promoting products. It's all in this course so hit the download button right now.

Submitted: January/23/2019

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YouTube Channel SEO PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

With several billion hours of video being watched daily by hundreds of millions of people all over the world, YouTube is the ultimate video-sharing site at the present time. Millions of new videos are uploaded daily across every genre in existence with many video-creators cashing in huge with their content through various methods including ad-streams, merchandise, affiliate products, etc.

In this 8 part video course, you will get an over-the-shoulder detailed tutorial on how to get your YouTube channel up high in the rankings and gain a ton more traffic. You'll learn real practical methods from A to Z so you can have a powerhouse YouTube presence that's getting a ton of eyeballs and clicks. Ranking on YouTube used to be simpler some years back but with the many changes Google has implemented in how it ranks content, you need to be up to date on what's working today. By doing so, you'll be ahead of the curve and will have a straight-forward plan on getting your channel rankings up high without wasting time on learning expired methods from yesteryear which many experts are still teaching today but no longer work as they used to. Every serious marketer needs to implement YouTube into their marketing strategy for the mere fact that this is a search engine in itself and is used by millions of people in order to find solutions.

Many big companies are using YouTube to build their brand and following while also expanding their search presence on Google. Simple fact is that Google loves YouTube and loves unique content. Now's the time for you to become a serious YouTuber if you want to make it big. Hit the download button now.

Submitted: January/02/2019

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Facebook Retargeting Decoded PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

It's been said that a very small percentage of customers ever convert into actual sales on the first go-round. Approximately 98% of people like to browse around at first, get an idea of a product, look elsewhere for price comparisons or decide to make a purchase at a later time but end up forgetting completely.

That initial sale with a new customer is a real challenge for website owners. There are multiple reasons why the customer opts not to make a purchase. It could be due to the pricing, never having had any real intention to buy the product, wanted to look for other deals elsewhere on the same product, etc. Unless you're selling food products like eggs and milk which are a necessity for many or most customers, other online products can be tougher to convert into sales with new customers. So the challenge for business owners is to find a way to get their advertising in front of those people who left their site. The best way to do this is through what is known as retargeting.

This method of marketing has become very powerful and effective on Facebook and is gaining even more popularity with business owners and marketers. Retargeting is a very simple process. When you search for products from Google Search and browse around but don't happen to purchase anything on the first go round, the next time you're on Facebook, you could be seeing a lot of advertisements related to the products you were browsing earlier on Google. Stats say that retargeted ads result in well over 1000% increase in branded search and over 700% in site visits from people who had initially left. That results in tens of millions of dollars in sales from customers who may have never returned to make a purchase. All thanks to retargeting.

In this 9 part video set, you will learn the power of retargeting in full and how it can benefit your business. You'll be shown how to set it all up, see real life scenarios, and be ready to rock it big with your business. Why invest so much money for new customers when you can be getting back all those "lost" customers through the power of retargeting. Grab this video course now.

Submitted: December/21/2018

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YouTube Income Streams PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

If you've spent some time on YouTube, you're probably seeing a lot of trending videos in a variety of subjects. Everything from comedy to video games to lifestyle to recipes to a thousand other things that are being posted on this monstrous platform.

The most interesting thing is that many people who are posting content on YouTube aren't aware of the many different ways to monetize their videos. Some of the more popular YouTubers are making millions just from having tons and tons of unique content and with tens of thousands if not millions of views. On top, videos are shared and liked which helps the videos go viral. With sponsors and ad-streams and many other monetization strategies available, it would only make sense for video-creators to use every single possible strategy to use in order to make a killing. But it can sound intimidating if you haven't figured out how to go about it.

With these 10 videos, you'll learn everything from A to B on how to monetize your videos, how to promote them, how to get more subscribers and how to build your brand on the YouTube platform. When you're ready to begin building your powerful YouTube channel and cashing in big, grab this course.

Submitted: December/20/2018

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Patreon Secrets PLR Videos with Private Label Rights

How would you like being paid for your hobby or profession? How about having a plethora of members and subscribers who paid you to view your content or videos or music? Patreon if you haven't heard of it does exactly this. It's a membership platform which gives creators all the tools they need to run their subscription business.

You can gain a loyal and avid list of subscribers who are interested in what you do. Patreon is a hit with YouTubers, artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, comics, actors, cooks and many more. It's a great way to get paid doing what you enjoy and having a lot of people support you throughout. This 8 part video series shows you exactly how Patreon works and how you can make it work for you. Do you love making music? Do you love to act? Do you like to play video games? Do you enjoy model making? Basically anything you can think of or have a passion for, there are hundreds if not thousands of other people who take the same interest. And many are willing to pay to see what you have to offer through the Patreon subscription platform.

This video course is definitely a must-download if you want to see what the hype is about. You'll learn everything you need to get set up with your own subscription system through Patreon and thrive like thousands of others who are killing it as we speak. Grab it now.

Submitted: December/01/2018

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