Viking Banner Advertising PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Banner advertising has been one of the most powerful and effective methods of online advertising since the web was born. As a matter of fact, banner advertising is only second to search advertising in the online marketing realm. Banner ads can appear on any part of a website and on any part of a page, be it header, footer, sidebar or between paragraphs.

What makes banner ads so effective is that they are eye-catching for the most part and largely targeted to the user's interests. Many companies nowadays have taken their banner ads to even more creative levels such as having cars zooming across while you're reading an article. It's how companies are trying to create more user engagement. Statistically, the results show that it's working very well which is why companies and marketers are investing a lot of money into banner ads. Over 30% of ad spending is made up of banner advertisements. In this guide, you're going to realize the effectiveness of banner advertising and how to go about it. It's more complex than just putting a banner ad up and pouring a bunch of money into it. You want a solid return on your investment with a good amount of conversions and this guide will take you through the whole process.

This pack also includes a ton of amazing sales tools for you to take to your own user base and market your business. Alongside the main ebook, you get a lead magnet, Facebook ads, audios and videos, Powerpoint slides, emails, graphics and a rebranding tutorial video. When you're ready, hit the download button.

Submitted: September/21/2018

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Viking Product Creation PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

It's been said and often repeated by just about every successful marketer out there that the biggest money comes from having your own product. Reason being that when the product is entirely yours, you're not sharing profits or splitting revenue with anyone else. All the money goes directly to you. You decide your price point and your name goes on the product.

What makes having your own product especially powerful is building your brand and trust among your audience while gaining a list of real buyers instead of primarily freebie seekers. Many big bloggers and marketers have created their own ebooks and courses, selling them at a premium price. Despite the relatively high prices of their products, their audience goes bananas over these products for one very specific reason; they trust the author/marketer/blogger. That's the result and reward that comes with building your name in your market. And as your audience enjoys your content and finds it helpful, they will continue purchasing more products from you.

Google specifically has stated that the purpose of all content should be to help people solve problems and find solutions. If you're such a marketer who can create products that your audience will find helpful, your audience will stay loyal to you. And at the same time, your brand and stock rises. Everyone wins in the end and you're singing to the bank. Viking Product Creation goes deep into exactly how to go about with your own product creation. You'll also learn about bringing JV partners and affiliates on board to reach an even wider audience and make even more profits with your product.

As always, you get a massive pack of awesome tools to go with it including lead magnets, audio and video training, Facebook ads, graphics, Powerpoint slides, emails, and a tutorial to help you rebrand it all under your name. When you're ready, go for it.

Submitted: September/20/2018

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Viking LinkedIn Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

LinkedIn isn't merely a site where people look through job postings or put their resume up in hopes of getting noticed by potential employers around the country. It's a lot more than that. Linkedin is a powerful networking site where users can get in touch with peers and professionals across the board and promote themselves and their businesses.

It's also a powerful avenue for organic business to business marketing. LinkedIn has a monstrous presence with almost half a billion users all over the world. With the amount of people in the loop across social media, LinkedIn is the optimal place to find people who aren't there to post selfies or talk about their pets. It's a place where many millionaires and business owners and executives are frequenting and building their business and expanding their network. You won't really know what the true benefits of LinkedIn are until you understand fully how the platform works and this is the guide that will teach you everything. The Viking line also provides a full sales pack for you to educate your users including a lead magnet, videos and audios, Facebook ads, graphics, emails, Powerpoint slides, and a tutorial video so you can rebrand everything as you wish.

LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most underutilized platforms in the online marketing world but you're going to see very quickly how immense and beneficial it truly is for growing your business worldwide. Grab this pack now.

Submitted: September/19/2018

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Viking JV Recruiting PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Many successful product launches that make in the 6 figure range often are due to joint ventures and affiliates. Unless you're a big time marketer who has been doing marketing for years and have built a monstrous list of thousands of loyal subscribers and buyers, there are usually a lot of other great marketers involved in making a product launch successful to such a high level.

One of the most important factors in successful product launches are Joint Venture partners or often referred to as JV partners. JV Partners are those who assist in the marketing and promotion of a product or who promote one's product to their own base of customers and gain a percentage of sales as a result. Often times there can be several JV Partners who split all the profits at the end of a launch or there can be 50-50 JV Partners who divide everything right down the middle in profits. JV Partnerships can be incredibly rewarding and powerful because it increases the scope of promotion for a product launch and the hype reaches many more customers in the market. This guide goes though the entire process of how JVs work from A to B.

Viking products are incredibly educational and this one is no different. You get the main ebook and a lead magnet along with audios, videos, Powerpoint slides, graphics, Facebook ads, emails and a rebranding tutorial. This is one monster pack that your audience will love you for. Definitely you don't want to miss this one. Grab it now.

Submitted: September/19/2018

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Viking Retargeting PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

One of the most powerful methods for targeting consumers is through retargeting. Many people and inexperienced marketers have never heard of this term before nor understand its significance. Retargeting is when advertisements are shown to users based on their actions and interests. When users visit sites, they are looking for information or products in a specific niche or industry.

As an example, someone looking to buy a dishwasher will scroll around the web looking at different stores. As they continue their web experience, they will come across dishwasher ads. This is the power of retargeting and it's proven to work exceptionally well. Many big brands have spent a lot of money on retargeting and gotten incredible returns by laser focusing their ads on individual user behaviour. This guide takes you through the entire process of retargeting. When you see how it all works, you'll be very surprised and will definitely want to incorporate this method into your business practices going forward. It's all about selling products and services to customers who are looking exactly for those products and services. Why sell cold ads to people when you can direct them to exactly what they want? It only makes sense.

This pack comes with the works as usual with all Viking products. You get an amazing educational ebook, lead magnet, video/audio training, graphics, Facebook ads, Powerpoint slides, emails and a tutorial on how to put it together under your own brand. Don't let this one slip by. Grab it today.

Submitted: September/18/2018

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Viking Mobile Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Just about everyone today has a mobile. It's the way of the world and it's completely changed the way we do business. People are now impatient and fickle and they want quick answers and quick results. It's largely the reason why Google has changed the way they deliver results nowadays as compared to some years back.

They aim to satisfy users by delivering instant results to their questions and providing immediate solutions to their problems. That's also primarily why Google ranks websites differently than before. Years ago the websites with the most amount of referral links would reach the top of the search rankings. Today Google insists that only those sites with real and high quality content and information that helps users with their problems will be ranked highly. Google ensures that all websites are mobile friendly so that people accessing sites through mobile will get what they're looking for quickly. Online shopping has also changed considerably ever since mobile exceeded the desktop in terms of most commonly used mediums to access the internet. People are doing anything and everything through mobile which is why the marketing game now conforms to the mobile platform. In this guide, you're going to get all the information you need to fully understand the way marketing is done on mobile and how to make it work for your business.

There are multiple mobile marketing methods and avenues and this guide leaves no stone unturned. As with all Viking products, you get a ton of content including lead magnets, videos and audios, graphics, Facebook Ads, Powerpoint Slides, emails and more. When you're ready, hit the download.

Submitted: September/18/2018

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Viking List Building PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Every serious marketer and business owner realizes the importance of a list. If you've been in business for some time then you already know its worth. If you're a new marketer in the early stages of developing your business or you're teaching others the importance of list building then this is the pack for you.

Viking goes full fledged into the world of list building, outlining various methods and strategies to ensure that you build your list the right way. That means getting everything set up without a hitch and getting your sales funnel rocking so you can gain a high amount of conversions. As with everything, the marketing world evolved with time. Although many old school practices still work very well, some marketers have discovered even more powerful methods to gain superior results and this guide explains it all fully. One of the biggest and best methods for building highly responsive lists is through video content. People love videos more than text. They are far more engaged through video content than text content and stats have shown that people are more willing to take out their credit cards to make a purchase after watching a video. But we're going to save it all for the ebook when you download this pack because there's a lot to digest. As always, Viking produces some of the very best packages available across the PLR industry so you're getting a massive amount of content.

On top of the ebook which is editable in Word, you'll receive a list building report, training guide, audio and video, graphics, Facebook ad, Powerpoint slides, emails and a tutorial video to show you how to rebrand it all. Viking List Building is the real deal so when you're ready, grab this awesome pack.

Submitted: September/17/2018

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Viking Video Marketing PLR Pack with Private Label Rights

Video is taking over the marketing world in a big way. Ever since YouTube came along, more and more people with internet access are consuming hours and hours of video content on a weekly basis. Even more interesting, people are more motivated to make a purchase after watching video.

A third of online activity involve watching videos and a higher number of internet marketers are incorporating videos into their websites and blogs. It's safe to say that we are full throttle into the video marketing age and it's not slowing down. More than half of video content is being consumed through mobile. User engagement is heightened by video as are conversions. What makes video so popular is that it's quick and easy for consumers to digest instead of having to read through a bunch of long winded content. In the Viking Video Marketing Pack, you are going to get a ton of amazing information in the video marketing ebook which shows you just how powerful video marketing truly is today and how marketers are using it to take their business to the next level. As is expected with the Viking line of products, you get the works so you can kill it with your own sales funnel.

With the ebook, you get a freebie report, videos and audios, Facebook ads, Powerpoint slides, emails for your autoresponder and a rebranding video tutorial so you can brand it under your own name and take it to market. This is the pack for you if you want to both learn and teach the world about the awesomeness of video marketing. Get it now.

Submitted: September/17/2018

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