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Q: What makes PLR Behemoth different from all other PLR Membership websites out there?

PLR Behemoth is currently the fastest growing PLR membership on the world wide web with anywhere up to 50 brand new products being added weekly. Despite PLR Behemoth being a newer PLR membership containing high quality PLR products and Resell Rights products, we also have the largest assortment of suppliers than any other PLR membership in existence. Basically you will see more products being added to our shelves than any other PLR membership out there, not to mention that products will be available sooner thanks to our amazing in-house team of diligent and hard-working professionals, all working in collaboration to help make PLR Behemoth your largest and most dependable source for high quality PLR products…and at a price lower than any of our competitors.

Q: What is the difference between a Gold Membership and a Platinum Membership?

As a Gold member, you receive full access to hundreds of PLR products for a price more affordable than any PLR membership on the web. This includes high quality eBooks, videos, graphics, audios, software, templates, themes, and article packs. As a Platinum member which is limited to only 150 users, you receive everything available in the Gold membership + full access to an amazing eCover Creator tool which allows you to create phenomenally attractive 3D covers within minutes without the need or knowledge of high-end, complex and expensive software like Photoshop. With a growing list of 152 various eCover templates to currently choose from and with an easy point and click focus, this eCover Creator tool is definitely what you need to help take your business to the next level. Also as a Platinum member, you receive our monthly exclusive eBook products in a variety of super-popular niches. Our exclusive eBook packages include a professionally-written eBook, a stunning eCover, and an attractive sales-letter/html template. You can expect to receive our exclusive professional eBook packages frequently in a high-trending niche.

Q: Why is the Platinum membership more expensive than the Gold membership?

Pointing back to the answer above, many marketers and website owners may find everything they could possibly need with our Gold membership. But for those who want a little extra including access to both our eCover Creator tool (which comes in very handy for those who are using our products to create their very own) plus our high-quality exclusive content with limited distribution, a Platinum membership is definitely an asset to your business. The higher cost of the Platinum membership also helps us to maintain our amazing in-house team so that we can develop more and more high quality exclusive products for our Platinum members.

Q: Why is the Platinum membership limited to only 150 spots?

We realize that customers love high-quality products, especially products that are limited in distribution. In order to maintain the value of our exclusive content and to assure our customers that they are receiving our very best work, we have chosen to limit the amount of members who are allowed access to our high-quality in-house products. Limiting spaces also allows us to keep servers for the eCover Creator tool to work efficiently and immaculately.

Q: The Platinum membership is pricey for my budget, do you offer any discounts for people who are just starting out with their business?

We definitely love to promote contests monthly so that avid users can benefit from our Platinum services. Make sure to check our Facebook page frequently to access special codes and coupons or participate in our seasonal money-saving specials.

Q: Do you accept product requests?

A: Absolutely we do. If the license of a product permits us, we will make every effort to get the product for you. Simply contact us through our Contact & Support on the top right of the page or send a message through our Facebook page.

Q: Can you tell me more about the team that is running PLR Behemoth?

We are currently a four-person team comprised of talented and motivated individuals who are working together to bring you the highest-quality service possible. Our professional graphic designer, a graduate of a four-year bachelor’s program at a well known college in Toronto, takes care of the many creative aspects of the website and assists in eBook cover designs. Our chief writer who is professionally qualified from a well known Canadian university helps put together the impressive Exclusive content which we provide to our Platinum members. We also have a hard-working and very qualified assistant on board who assists in uploading all of our new products day to day, not to mention overlooking the contact and support system to make sure all issues and queries are resolved in a timely manner.

Q: What niches can I expect to find at PLR Behemoth?

We provide PLR content in numerous popular niches including Marketing and Business, Dating and Relationships, Sports and Hobbies, Home and Garden, Health and Beauty, Gaming and Technology, Pets and Animals, Family and Self Improvement, etc. There are hundreds of products within these niches with brand new products added daily.

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