March 25, 2019

PLR Articles For Business And For Profit! How You Can Cash In With Both!


What Are The Benefits Of Using PLR Articles?

Many new bloggers and marketers face certain hurdles when it comes to content marketing. It takes a certain amount of focus and dedication to continue churning out new content. It’s especially challenging in the early stages when one doesn’t have a team around to assist them. And when a blog or website is still new and hasn’t found stability in the search engines. To be able to compete with the big bloggers down the stretch requires patience. It also requires quality content written and published frequently. Some people are talented enough to write extraordinary amounts of content on a weekly basis. The highly dedicated few can pull it off more easily. Professional businesses have teams of writers to assist in content building. Others have the funds to hire virtual assistants. But if you’re doing it all by yourself, you can’t really go it alone. That’s where plr articles come in.

If you’re new to the blogging game or trying to make your mark then you need help. PLR or private label rights is a great time-saver to help offset a lot of work in the building of a blog or website. In the early stages of blogging, you need a good lot of content to get your blog off the starting blocks. It can take months to even years before you reach the level of your competitors depending on your niche. It takes less time to compete in a smaller niche. But a larger niche will require more work because of the competition. With plr articles, you have a relatively inexpensive option to gather massive amounts of content. But what you don’t want to do is use the plr content as is unless you’re already running an established blog.

How Can I Recreate PLR Articles Quickly?

Rewriting plr articles shouldn’t be difficult if you have a solid grasp of English. You’re essentially taking existing content and putting your own spin on it. And once doing so, you then have a completely unique article. Uniqueness means more potential for higher rankings. You should use plr content primarily as a source when you’re running a blog. The same applies to any and all plr products which are to be published on your website. If your blog posts are to be crawled and indexed well by Google then they need to be unique. The only time you don’t need to rewrite private label rights products is when you’re building a list or doing giveaways. If you are running a sales funnel then your free offers should be used to entice people into signing up.

Many if not most licenses allow private label products to be used in order to gather subscribers. For your blog, you can get unlimited sources of plr content to use when you’re dealing with writer’s block or needing ideas. Even if you are a splendid and talented writer, blogging takes a lot of work. It’s not just about how many blog posts you can churn out. You want to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Many marketers send out emails, tweets or Facebook posts to their subscribers announcing newly added blog posts. This helps keep your blog fresh in the minds of your users. The best way to keep your relationship with your followers strong is by keeping your blog interesting and useful. If it’s not useful then people will opt out.

So if you want to build an amazingly successful blog, you need to worry most about engagement combined with writing great content. Both work hand in hand. You shouldn’t look at rewriting plr articles as a challenge but rather as an opportunity for growth. So whenever you’re using an article as a source, make it unique in your own voice. Those bloggers who engage with their audience are the most successful. If people trust you and see you as an authority, success comes naturally by itself. It’s really that simple.

How Can I Make Money With My Blog?

You’ve built it and now you ask yourself if people will come? The thing about blogging is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Your goal shouldn’t be to win the marathon but to get in there and keep moving forward and make your way to the front of the pack ultimately. The way to do that is, as mentioned, creating great content and engaging with your audience. It really can’t be stressed enough times because of how many people tend to give up in the early going. Think of it this way; every blog post you publish is like a bread crumb for Google which is always starving for food. The Google crawlers find those bread crumbs, decide if it’s tasty or not, then try to sniff out even more crumbs. They sniff out more crumbs and take it home with them.

And they continue coming back for more as you leave more crumbs. As your blog grows and as you publish more posts at a quicker pace with the help of plr articles, Google will find your content faster. Naturally you will see your blog gain more traction, rank for more keywords, and generate more traffic. But what are you going to do with all that traffic? How are you going to make a ton of money? After all, income is the main purpose of putting in all those hours of work. Here we are going to discuss several very powerful methods to monetize your blog.

Seek Out Advertising Networks For Easy Money!

This is the simplest monetization strategy to implement when you’re starting to build up your audience and generate traffic. When you’re getting a decent amount of people visiting your site, Google’s Adsense program would be highly beneficial. You simply arrange your ad blocks as you prefer them, insert the code into your site and Google does the rest. The adverts which are displayed on your site run in accordance to the niche or the industry you’re in. For example, if one of your website pages is about dental floss, the ads on your page will display dental related products. It makes for a far better user experience and with a higher chance of getting ad clicks. Alternative advertising networks like Taboola also are very popular although require a higher threshold of traffic than Adsense before it allows acceptance into the program.

Once you gain acceptance with Taboola, it’s largely hands off much like Adsense. One of the drawbacks with Adsense is in the risk of being terminated from their program without warning. Often times Google terminates users for reasons unknown and not explained in detail. Taboola is the safer option in this case as termination from the platform is highly unlikely. Both ad networks are powerful and have their share of supporters. If you’re looking to make money hands-off then either of these platforms are a great option.

Affiliate Product Links Inside Your Content!

The slight drawback for website owners who utilize advertising platforms is that some users may find it a bit tedious scrolling through the ads in order to get to the good stuff on a site. Especially if they’re visiting through mobile. Although this depends more on the way a site is structured so you need to ensure your site is optimized well for the mobile experience. Affiliate Marketing is perhaps the most popular business model known to marketers for good reason. You can sign up with most any affiliate network like Amazon Associates for example. Once approved, you can insert any number of product links into your copy or content. When users click on the link, they can purchase the product or purchase something else. The reason this method works so well is because a cookie is stored on your user’s computer.

And when they go to Amazon through your product link, you’ll receive a commission no matter what they purchase. Many users tend to shop around for additional products when online which makes affiliate marketing so lucrative. In a way, your site is like the doorway to a shopping mall. You get the credit for users coming in through your site. As mentioned, plr articles are best used as a source but once your blog is fully established then you can use plr content as is. Your target should be to build your brand and authority in your niche. Trust comes naturally if you stay on the straight and narrow with your blog. You should focus on your audience and not just sell everything under the sun. Sell or link to products that you think your users would be interested in.

Promote Your Products And Courses!

If you think advertising networks and affiliate products is where all the money is, you couldn’t be more wrong. As powerful as they are, there’s nothing more lucrative than selling your own stuff once you’re an authority in your niche. Some high level bloggers have mastered the art of selling their own goods to the point where it’s become their primary income source. Some have even eliminated Ad networks from their blogs because of how well they’re doing by selling their own products and courses. You might be thinking what types of products you could possibly sell to your customers? Thanks to the wide range of plr products that we carry across numerous popular niches, you’d certainly find what you’re looking for to sell to your visitors. As you know, it saves you a lot of time and effort from creating your own.

If you run a blog on camping, you can sell a camping ebook that helps prepare first-timers for their first camping experience. At the same time you can embed affiliate links into your blog posts which link out to camping products on Amazon. What some high level bloggers have also done is create courses showing users how to build a successful business like theirs. People want to learn how to be successful online. Even though it may not be related to the topic or theme of the blog, people do take a keen interest in how to build their own blogs. People want to have their own business, be it a blog or ecommerce store. A secondary source of income is always handy.

People Are Eager To Learn From A Pro!

People who visit blogs are especially keen on learning how to go about becoming bloggers themselves. A great course-building platform you can use to create courses is Teachable. It’s a simple and easy to use platform which takes little to no tech knowledge. Many bloggers use this to build their courses. They often sell their courses at premium prices ranging anywhere from $47 to $197. Since the courses are packed full of great learning material, visitors have no problem shelling out money. People are motivated when they realize the potential in learning something that can change their lives. If you’re still in the early to medium stages of your blog-building journey, ad networks and affiliate links are definitely the best route to go.

When you’ve reached the point of being an authority with hundreds to thousands of visitors visiting your site daily, your courses will have a higher conversion rate. Trust is important before people will plunk down money. When they see that you’re the real deal, they will jump on. That’s why it’s best to create courses a little later when you have a higher number of visitors and subscribers. Although this is not the rule but rather what has worked for other bloggers. So to sum it up, you can use paid or free plr articles as a source for your blog content. From there and with time, you build your brand while growing your audience. Once you have a good amount of traffic coming in, you can begin the monetization process. Sign up with Google Adsense and let the ads run across your site.

Following that, sign up with Amazon Associates and add product links to your blog posts. One thing to note is that there is a higher number of clicks and conversions when affiliate links are embedded inside the content. As your blog grows, you will be able to add other monetization strategies as you wish including products and courses as discussed. You can use private label products to sell to your customers. Or you can create your own courses from scratch. All are very rewarding business models which you definitely would want to utilize. When you have a fully established blog, keeping it running with plr articles is a great time-saver. But in the beginning stages, be sure you’re creating quality and unique content.

Once You’re Big…Go Bigger With Sponsored Posts!

Most every blog with a steady stream of traffic will be of interest to any number of advertisers. The bigger the blog, the more advertising revenue potential. If you’re reaching 100,000 readers monthly, that would be very appealing to any number of advertisers who want to reach your audience. Advertisers and companies pay big bucks to advertise through Google Adwords. They decide on which keywords they want to be found for on Google, purchase the ad and get their ads places on the top or bottom of search results. But these advertisers also are willing to pay to reach an even wider audience. If your blog fits their niche, you can contact these advertisers and offer them ad space directly on your blog. You can even offer them a chance to create sponsored posts on your blog which links back to their site.

If your blog is already reaching an extensive audience then most likely these advertisers and sponsors would come directly to you. You can set your own prices or negotiate with the company in question. It’s usually better to have your ad prices listed on your site so that potential sponsors and advertisers will know the drill right at the offset. You can offer ad space in the banner area of your homepage for a premium fee. Or you can offer space on the side or footer area. Regardless of what you offer, if your blog is massive then you’ll be writing your own cheques with the tremendous revenue potential of sponsored posts and ad space.

Create Your Own PLR Articles Business!

We talked about the power of blogging using plr articles as your source. But how about creating your own private label products? The reality is that a lot of people don’t realize how massive PLR is. It’s so humongous that many major companies and distributors are creating and marketing their own private label brands. Amazon and Wal-mart for example are making many billions from their own branded products. The digital market isn’t nearly as lucrative as retail but there’s a lot of money to be made through digital products. If you are a capable writer or blogger and want to add another great income stream, plr articles are definitely a great option. With several thousand searches per month for plr products, people are looking for premium level stuff. You can open your own ecommerce store selling plr content limited to a certain amount of packs.

It’s a win-win for the fact that people are on the lookout for the very best stuff instead of packs that have made the rounds for years. People want fresh and new and so you have an opportunity to deliver that and make some big money doing that. We will expand later on how to set up your own private label rights products business and create a fantastic stream of revenue. In the mean time, you can download our plr articles in our free section to get a good idea on what customers are looking for.

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