March 6, 2019

PLR Content Can Be Significant In The Growth Of Your Blog! Here’s How!


How Is PLR Content Best Used For A Blog?

PLR content has become a force in the world of online marketing in the past several years. PLR aka private label rights is given a bad wrap because some people see it as the lazy person’s path towards content creation. The consensus is that private label rights content is best avoided because of how much it’s abused and spun by the masses. In many cases in the past, this was true. But with the growing popularity of high quality plr products which are coming to the forefront, many of the naysayers are changing their tune. Some of the most talented product-creators around are now developing top notch PLR. Top level writers, graphic designers and pro web designers are seeing a great big market for their work. Many creators are investing thousands of dollars into building their private label products.

Selling limited licenses for the use of their content and templates provides them more opportunities to make money and build their brand. Authors for example across a multitude of different genres are able to create a loyal following over time with their books and establish themselves in their market. And the same applies to content creators who sell plr rights to their work. Many creators offer a limited or strict license where they allow the buyer to use the product as is and without the freedom to change it up. This is perfectly ideal for buyers to use the content as part of their sales funnels to gain subscribers and customers. But we’re not talking about sales funnels and list-building here. We’re talking about building an awesome blog that gets you a great big audience over time.

Can I Use PLR Content Without Changing It?

The first thing you’re likely wondering about is how do you use plr content to build your blog without getting hit with a Google penalty for publishing duplicate content? The solution is simple. As with all private label products, the goal is to rewrite content in your own words. Not necessarily 100% of it but a large portion of it. As we had mentioned in earlier posts, Google doesn’t reward duplicate content nor does Google push it up high in the search results. Rather it will flounder and see no real growth. Uniqueness is entirely the way to get ahead and that’s what’s rewarded most. If you have a blog that’s many years old and fully established with a large amount of organic traffic, mixing up unique content with existing content from elsewhere won’t do it much harm.

But if you’re in the starting blocks and are trying to get traction and a real edge and make your mark in your niche, you need to have your own unique voice and brand name. Google is looking to rank authority sites in the top of the search results. Gone are the days when people could reach the top of the search results by manipulating the system. Adding a million random backlinks nowadays will kill a business in a hurry rather than grow it. So you need to focus on creating great content and solutions for your blog. Snippets are making the top of Google pages which shows the importance of answering questions and offering solutions. At the same time, you need to treat your blog as a business. That includes putting focus on your brand name and ensuring a great user experience for your visitors.

Should I Go For Quality Or Quantity?

With everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you want something cheap then there are hundreds of options available for merely a few dollars. But if you want quality plr then you need to find popular and reputable distributors and content creators. Our collection of free plr articles is a great start for your blog if you’re looking for quality and quantity combined. If you want top notch content then you would definitely want our collection of plr articles in our Gold section which offers the best quality options in the online market. And if you’re looking for the best plr products created by our in-house team, our platinum area is a great source with many more exclusive plr products being added over time. The most important thing to note is that no matter the source, it’s what you do with it that matters most.

Many a time, customers purchase numerous packs but do nothing with what they bought. Their computers contain a whole lot of stuff that they never got around to using. If you’re serious about blogging and building a real business then every step is crucial on the road to success. You need to consider the overall design of your blog and the platform you build it on. You should be aware of the best plugins to install. And you need to ensure your blog answers the questions your users will have. We will cover all of this in subsequent posts. Furthermore, your content needs to be unique and useful. This can’t be reiterated enough because of how many bloggers and site owners are copying and pasting content from elsewhere. If you’re in it for the long haul with the motivation to be number one, you’re already on the right path.

How Do I Rewrite PLR Content For My Blog?

You know by now not to simply slap existing content directly onto your blog unless you have no aspirations of growing your blog to epic proportions nor leaving your competitors in the dust. If you don’t care about your audience nor your brand or business then by all means, copy and paste as you like. But if you are here because you desire to be number one or at the least, be a big time player in your niche or industry, you want to take that plr content and make it your own entirely. There are spinning tools available to help you rewrite the content. But the problem is that it doesn’t work as well nowadays as it did in 2010. Google has smartened up to the various tactics writers are using to throw up content quickly.

That’s why with these several million Google algorithms making the rounds, you need to be on your game fully. That means doing things the right way and the smart way. If you want to survive online then it’s imperative that you recreate everything as your own. It’s important to note that many if not most of the biggest and most successful blogs have a “voice”. There’s a real person behind the blogs that people follow. Writing in a robotic manner with no personality doesn’t inspire readers to subscribe. There has to be a human being behind it. And to reach that level of authority and gain the trust and respect of your audience means that you need to show that you care. And by caring means writing in a way where your personality blossoms. The best way to do that is to write naturally. No spinning software needed.

There’s no reason to throw stuff up in a rush to get Google to index and rank your pages. It’s not going to work. And throwing a ton of content up quickly won’t help in the offset. Slow and steady wins the race. Take your time, rewrite the content in your own words, and keep an eye on punctuation and grammar. It’s important that you write for your readers and not just the search engines. Stuffing your sentences with the keywords that you most want to rank for makes for a poor reader experience. And Google can easily detect if you’re trying to game the system. That can result in your blog not getting much traction in the search results. You want to build a great blog, period. That should be your primary focus.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Rewriting PLR?

Readers tend to click on titles that are appealing and grab their attention. You also want to create a good clean structure with H1 tags and H2 tags along with powerful headlines and sub-headlines in the right places. And you want to have a good amount of images and graphics within your content along with a good meta description and proper keyword density. This might sound intimidating to you at first. And you might be thinking that it’s a lot to be looking out for just to write a blog post. But be aware that Google is far more advanced today than it ever was before. Everything that helps your blog posts rank as high as possible is what matters most. In order to make it easy for you, you will definitely want to install the Yoast plugin to up your chances.

If you aren’t aware of it, Yoast takes the guesswork out of SEO and the optimization of your articles and blog posts. It’s one of the best if not the best SEO plugin tools in existence. If you’re using the self-hosted version of WordPress then Yoast is a simple and quick installation. You’ll find it in the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard. Or you can download it right off the official Yoast site itself. The free version of Yoast is perfectly fine as it does everything you need and more. Yoast pinpoints all aspects of your blog post and tells you what to do and what not to do. You can become familiar with Yoast through the walk-through section of the official site. It’s super easy and you’ll become familiar with it very quickly and how to best use it while writing your content.

What Are The Steps To Writing The Perfect Blog Post?

The first thing you need is a great and captivating title. As mentioned earlier, this is what will drive clicks to your blog post. So you want to make it really count. As the Yoast plugin will show you, your focus keyword should be placed within the title. Yoast ensures that it’s best to put your focus keyword at the beginning of your title. Google is smart enough to detect your focus keyword no matter where it’s placed. A tidbit for you to know when writing titles is that people are motivated by numbers in the titles. So for example, if a blog post title is written as “How To Build A Business Using PLR Content”, that’s all well and good and it will entice readers to click. But a more captivating and powerful title could be something like “7 Ways To Build A Business Using PLR Content.”

The reason the latter title works better is because it’s more specific, straight forward and appealing. Most importantly it inspires readers to click. The most popular blog posts that make up the first page of search results have the catchiest titles. After the title comes the intro, the body and the ending. With Yoast, you’ll understand the importance of using active voice over passive voice. Active voice is easier for readers to comprehend and understand. You want to ensure they can fully grasp what you’re writing. If readers have trouble understanding, they will leave. You want to use proper paragraphs and sub-headings. You can always look at top competitor blogs for ideas. If you avoid using paragraphs, sub-headings and images within your content, it can be a chore for your reader to stay interested. Yoast will help you to create an amazing and near perfect blog post.

How Do I Convert Readers Into Buyers?

The purpose of your blog posts isn’t just to educate but to also convert your readers into subscribers, followers and ultimately buyers. You have an unlimited canvas in place to write out your copy and make it as long as you wish to make it. You don’t want to use plr content as is because you can’t inject your voice into it nor phrase it in a way to convert visitors. Remember that your blog is your brand and your voice is the trusted authority your readers will become familiar with. To ensure that your blog posts get the highest chance of converting readers into subscribers, you want to place internal links within your content. Internal links help spread link juice throughout your site plus it directs readers to other pages and products you’re selling.

If you’re writing a post on hair care for example, you can place affiliate links within your content to direct readers to hair care products. You can also insert links to motivate readers to subscribe to your newsletter. You have your intro, body and conclusion to post any number of internal or external links. It’s also important to close off a blog post strongly to motivate your reader into taking a course of action. When done right, it works extremely well and has a greater chance of converting readers into buyers. If you aspire to run your blog like a business instead of a pastime, you will need to know the various ways of monetizing your blog. You can run ad blocks, sell ad-space, sell courses, do affiliate marketing, build a list, create a killer sales funnel to convert visitors into buyers and much more.

Where Can I Find The Best Templates For Blogging?

There is no shortage of free options available in terms of templates or themes for your blog. We offer many themes and templates with private label rights and resell rights. The best and most common blogging platform to use is self-hosted WordPress. A blog is inexpensive to build relative to all other business models. Your only expenses are the domain name and hosting. Both are relatively cheap. The most valuable thing you’re investing is your time. There are perfectionists out there who want to get every single part of their blog template looking absolutely spot on. Sometimes they can be dedicating too much time on the template design rather than actually blogging. Top bloggers would strongly recommend that you get started in writing your blog posts asap. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can get indexed. And the sooner your site gets indexed, the sooner it can grow.

If you want to get your hands on one of the most popular and most powerful premium WordPress series of themes used by some of the most accomplished bloggers, Genesis Framework is definitely a fantastic option. Not just because of their functionality, ease of use, design options and numerous other features but also because it’s secure and properly SEO optimized. Good SEO means the higher your chances are of getting organic traffic from good keyword placement. The more you blog, the more short-tail and long-tail keywords you can rank for with time. But you also don’t want to rush it and just throw stuff up as quickly as you can. As we emphasized before, private label rights products are best used as a source when it comes to blogging. You can read through the Genesis Framework review to familiarize yourself with this theme if you’re still unsure.

Blog Away Using Our PLR Content!

Whether you’re using plr content or writing everything by yourself from your own mind because you are a fountain of knowledge, blogging is a journey not a sprint. The key is to have a voice and product which people will come to trust and love. Nike is a well known brand of footwear and sports apparel. And Apple is one of the most popular computer and tech companies in the world. Your outlook with your blog is to be the optimal source in your niche or industry, no matter what it is. You should envision your blog as being the Nike or Apple or Amazon of your industry. Thing big and make it happen. Our plr products can help you in a massive way. Start blogging and make your mark.

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