April 10, 2019

PLR Products Are The Way Forward! 5 Proven Ways To Make An Income!


How To Thrive In The Online World Using PLR Products!

It’s turmoil for newbie bloggers and aspiring marketers who are wondering what it’s going to take to start building towards their dreams of financial freedom. The online marketing world is full of wonders but reality is a little different. We tend to see what other successful bloggers and marketers are doing and how they’re killing it with their blogs and websites. Many are expertly using plr products to expand their business while saving time and money. It gives us hope that we can achieve exactly the same simply by launching a site and throwing up some plr content. The biggest issue is that many newbies starting out don’t even know who their audience is. They don’t know who they’re writing for or what they’re writing about. The most important part of any online venture is knowing who your readers are first and foremost.

For example, if you’re in the online marketing niche, are you writing for unemployed people? People who need guidance online? Single mothers looking for a side income? When you have an idea of your audience, it makes writing a little easier. You can create informative blog posts using plr products as a source and with respective topics targeting specific demographics. Each topic will incite various readers to take action. It works a lot better than trying to communicate to the entire world with generalized blog posts. You can research what people are looking for with a quick Google search. Jon Morrow, an established marketer, has said that one should write about things people actually want to read. If you’re writing content that nobody cares about then you’re wasting a lot of time. Communicating to a hungry targeted audience is the key to a successful blog.

Find Your Niche Within A Niche!

When you find your niche, you will have a far clearer view of your demographic. It’s best to have a few top competitors on your radar so you can see what you’re up against. From there you can map out a plan of execution. One big mistake that newbies commonly make starting out is going for a niche that’s too broad. There’s a ton of work involved in ranking your site in a broad niche like Weight Loss for example. It’s best to drill it down to a sub-niche like Walking For Weight Loss. Not only is it less competitive but it’s easier to find a more targeted audience. This is just an example of a sub-niche. Most every niche has a good amount of plr products for you to use. That makes creating content a lot easier. Once you’ve found your niche, it’s on to business.

It’s not absolutely crucial that you drill down to a sub-niche but it makes things a lot easier. The time invested is a lot less in building a profitable business, not to mention the money and commitment required. If you have all the funds and time in the world, you can attack any niche you like. But it’s highly recommended that you avoid going up against the biggest players because it can be a long road ahead. To get a good scope of some of your competitors in your niche, you can use Semrush. The free version alone provides you enough solid analytics and SEO data on any website. You can also download the Moz toolbar for your browser. That shows the page authority and domain authority of every website. It also provides keyword rankings of any website which is helpful when you’re looking at which keywords to pursue.

Method #1: Create Killer Info Products!

With your niche or sub-niche decided, it’s time to begin exploring various avenues for making money. You can use the thousands of plr products available which will help you cut some corners. One type of business that is monstrously lucrative is information products. Selling information is highly lucrative as people are always looking for answers and solutions to their problems. No matter the niche you’re in, there will be a demand for information. People are more engaged when they can listen to or view stuff right off their phones or laptops. That’s where private label rights products including videos and audio would be highly beneficial. No matter the niche you’re in, there’s no shortage of plr content available to engage your audience.

In earlier blog posts we mentioned ClickBank and JVZoo as great places to sell high quality information products. It’s a good idea to study what the marketplace is offering and create something just as good or better. The revenue potential on these two platforms is astronomical. As you go forward selling great products, people naturally will see you as a legitimate product-creator. You’ll gain a legion of affiliates to promote your products which means more money for you. It doesn’t happen overnight but it’s ideal to get the ball rolling with your first product and launch it on the JVZoo platform. Warrior Plus is another great marketplace where you can sell your stuff and set your commission rates. Affiliates are always looking to promote new offers. When you establish yourself as a great product-developer, your affiliates will be doing the selling for you.

Method #2: Run Your Own Educational Blog!

People are looking for step by step instructions on a ton of topics. There are highly popular blogs which deliver a lot of useful content, educating readers on everything from technology to business to marketing to fitness to relationships, etc. Online learning is bigger than it’s ever been and growing. More and more people simply want to learn from home. It gives you ample opportunity to build your own online learning portal using plr products. You can focus your training school on any number of topics and you’ll have a sufficient collection of ready-to-go private label products which you can put up for students wanting to learn. Brian Dean who is an expert marketer teaches everything under the sun about SEO. But even better is how he locks some of his content so that people will have to subscribe to unlock it. A great way to ramp up your subscribers.

Each blog post that you write should be informative and highly detailed. You can use everything that we offer at your disposal to ensure your readers and subscribers are getting the very best education possible. You can resell private label rights ebooks and plr videos through links embedded within your content or sell them directly to your customers at a discounted rate. Courses are so immensely popular that people are willing to pay premium prices to gain access. Online courses can be created through tools like Teachable. Or if you prefer, you can resell plr courses at whatever price you choose. You can also use a digital learning platform like Udemy. Many people are building their own video courses through Udemy which is used by tens of millions of students. You can set your own prices and teach just about any topic which you have expertise in.

Method #3: Host Your Own Webinars and Classrooms!

Virtual classrooms are hugely popular today as are online seminars, better known as webinars. Many big marketers run real-time or previously-recorded webinars for their audience to great success. It’s a great way for marketers to engage with their audience, hold Q&A sessions, and win the trust of their audience ultimately. Webinars can be conducted any number of ways using PowerPoint slides, videos, audios, etc. What makes it so effective is that anybody can opt-in to receive or view a live webinar from anywhere in the world. People nowadays like to do things more on their own time and schedule. They like to learn or read when they’re ready to. And that’s why recorded presentations and live webinars are gaining popularity.

Webinars also provide a fantastic selling opportunity for the hosts. Not only are they in a position to educate masses of interested people but they can also sell their brand, expertise and products. One example of a successful webinar is an SEO professional who spends an hour hosting a webinar and showing the various dos and don’ts of the industry. He provides a solid lesson on how to be an SEO Pro. During the session, he plugs his SEO services. And once the session is over with, he offers students a discount if they take an immediate action and purchase his product or service. This can result in a single day haul worth tens of thousands of dollars for many big marketers. To run a successful webinar doesn’t mean you need to create everything from scratch. You can even offer discounted plr products to your attendees after wrapping up.

Method #4: Promote A Sales Extravaganza On Your Site!

The one thing that many marketers don’t realize is that people still hold out for special deals and discounts. In many cases when it comes to popular brands vs small brands/unknown brands, people will look at price with all else being equal. In a grocery store, one shelf filled with Lays chips and another filled with store-brand chips saw the store-brand chips sold out completely because they were discounted. Lays on the other hand was still a fully stocked shelf at a higher price. This goes to show that customers enjoy deals more than anything and aren’t as picky about brands when it comes to certain types of products. The same applies to digital products. So with the mass amount of plr products available to you, you can offer a ginormous sale right from your blog or website. Hype it up with a coupon and you’re set.

If you’re in the self-improvement niche for example, you can bundle up various plr products related to this niche and resell them for a great price. One other method that works especially well is offering stuff at the end of your blog posts. For example, if you’re writing about the law of attraction, you can offer related videos or audios. Or create a pop-up opt-in for readers to sign up to your list or direct them to a page which offers a mass amount of self-improvement material which they can purchase altogether. The bundle sale has been used to perfection by many product-creators. It works better when you have your own brand of products. But if you’re a trusted blogger, then using plr articles or plr ebooks works just fine too. Keep in mind not to oversell. You want your audience to appreciate your knowledge and expertise first and foremost.

Method #5: Use Free Offers To Sell Premium PLR Products!

The one thing that never goes out of style is offering something for free. People love free. That’s why offering free trials are an effective way in gaining paid customers. Free trials are great if you’re selling a tool or software which customers can try out. If you’re running a blog, you can use plr products as an upsell to your content. As an example, if you’re blogging about how to gain more self confidence, you can offer a video or audio on that topic for your readers to purchase. To sweeten the deal, you can bundle up products and offer them for a discount. People especially love audio when it comes to self-help topics as they soak in the information easier while relaxed. Video is more often preferred in niches like digital marketing as people like step by step instructions on how to do things that are more technical.

To give yourself the best chance of succeeding online, you can adopt any or all of the 5 methods which have been presented above. The most important step is to find the niche you’re most passionate about. When you’re passionate, you’ll be far more motivated rather than pursuing a niche only due to its popularity and revenue potential. A successful business is built on hard work. Hard work takes effort. And effort comes from passion. If you’re not fully engaged in your niche then chances are you’ll quit and try something else. These 5 methods are proven money-makers as many marketers are successfully running their businesses using any number of these business models. You can sell digital products, run a membership, run an online school, create courses, or build a blog and sell plr products.

Treat Your Business As A Real Business!

Communication is of key importance when building a customer-base. Most importantly, treat your business as a real business rather than as just a hobby. It will serve you well in the long run. You’ll remain focused and motivated and will be willing to work harder to thrive and succeed. In upcoming blog posts, we will be covering some of the biggest niches on the web. And we’ll be using real-life examples and providing case studies to show how marketers are making money using the methods we’ve covered.

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