February 26, 2019

Private Label Products! An Introductory Guide On How To Use PLR!


What Are Private Label Products?

Private Label Rights also commonly referred to as PLR isn’t anything new. It has been in existence for many many years across all categories in the sales and marketing realm. In the retail world, you will see many private label products across the board. Inspect the shelf at your local hardware store the next time you’re looking for air fresheners or bathtub cleaners. You’ll come across numerous brands. None really doing anything different to the other. But each with its own brand name and many which you have never heard of. If you go to the food aisle and look at pop beverages like Pepsi, there will be many similar products. That includes no-name brand products.

These competing products might be available at a cheaper or similar price to the big brands. And the great thing about that is that there is a tremendous market for cheaper alternatives. Not to mention an acceptance for unknown brands or lesser known brands. People aren’t fickle when it comes to brands as long as the product delivers and the price is reasonable. This is private label rights in action. In the retail world, you can market a product under your own brand name. Everything from cereals, snacks, beverages, beer, ice cream, you name it. Going into the online aspect of PLR, essentially it refers to any type of product that has already been created.

The creator or license holder grants you permission to use that product under your own brand name. That applies to private label products like ebooks, videos, graphics, templates, etc. The product-creator sells the license so that users who purchase the license have the right to use the product. The product should be used as per the rules outlined in the license. It’s a fairly simple but great concept. It gives the product-creator an opportunity to make more money by selling the license. And it gives the buyer the opportunity to recreate or sell the product under their own brand to their customers. A win-win for both.

What Are The Benefits Of Using PLR In Online Marketing?

Depending on what you hope to accomplish in your online business or whether you are an entrepreneur who is looking to make a mark in retail, PLR is a phenomenal time-saver and very cost-effective. Private label products come in many different forms. And they can be a huge help for your online business in many ways. If your strong suit isn’t in product creation, you have a ready-made product all set to go. Depending on the rights of the license, you have the option to change up the product to your liking. You can even outright put your name on it and market it. There are varying licenses that give you a different set of allowances. The best being private label rights which allows you the option to do almost anything you want to do.

There are also personal use products which don’t allow you the right to rebrand the product and resell it. These products that fall under the personal use license are primarily for you to use for yourself. It’s fairly self explanatory. The reason for personal use products being offered is mainly for educational purposes. There is a tremendous demand nowadays where people want to learn online rather than investing in continuing education. There is a great use for online courses which are far more affordable. And they give people the freedom to learn on their own schedule. There are many people who want to learn how to market their business on Facebook for example. There are also many people wanting to learn how to use Twitter. Many want to know how to do graphic design. Many want to learn how to do video marketing and SEO, etc.

As long as people are wanting to learn, there will always be a demand for online courses. Then comes resell rights which gives you the option to sell the course to your customers. You can use it to build your list or use it as part of your sales funnel. You don’t have the option to give your customers the right to sell the product onward. They can only use it for their personal use. If you want to give your customers the right to sell the course, that would go under the master resell rights license. With this license, your customers can use the product to build their own lists. They can also sell the course to their own customers. Be aware that some licenses come with certain restrictions. Some give more leeway than others so it’s best to read over the license before using private label products.

What Should I Avoid Doing With PLR Products?

If you are a well known internet marketer or are established in your niche and have a large following and customer-base, you can sell PLR products directly to them as is. But if you’re new to online marketing and haven’t yet made your name in your industry, it’s better to use private label products as a source and recreate it as your own by changing it up. Having an entirely new product under your brand is a great way to establish yourself in your niche. It’s the optimal way to build your brand and attract an army of affiliates over time. Affiliates are there to promote your products and make sales for you and for themselves. Affiliates are always on the lookout for brand new awesome products on marketing platforms and affiliate networks.

Platforms like Clickbank and JVZoo are among the very largest and most popular on the web. When you build your reputation as a trusted seller, you have people flocking to you to sell your stuff. Another thing to avoid doing is publishing private label rights content on your website or blog as is. But there is a common misconception regarding publishing duplicate content. Many marketers will tell you that Google will likely punish you by dropping your website rankings in the search results if you are using content that already exists elsewhere. This is not necessarily true. In many cases, duplicate content doesn’t get punished. It simply means that Google won’t push your content up.

Can PLR Help Me Get My Website Ranked Higher?

You would end up floundering in the search results and seeing very little traction if relying only on duplicate content. But if you combine unique content with PLR content, you can see enormous upside in your keyword rankings. If your content is lengthy, solves a problem and engages readers, you will naturally get rewarded. Lengthy in this case means 2,000 words or more. Big articles and lengthy blog posts have proven to be the rule nowadays. So if you want to win big then write, write and write some more. Google will love you for it. So going back to the issue with using private label products as is right out of the box for your website, articles or blog post, you can do so if you have a fair amount of unique content mixed in there.

But if you want to be especially safe and give yourself the absolute best chance of being at the top for your niche, it’s best to use PLR as a source and rewrite it entirely. That also means using proper context, grammar, punctuation, images, powerful headlines, sub-headlines, etc. And make it easy to read for your readers. Be aware that optimizing your images is a great tactic because of the fact that image search has grown considerably. And it makes up a big part of search. People actually find what they’re looking for through Google Images. And so you definitely don’t want to neglect images in your content.

What Is The Best Way To Utilize Private Label Products?

As mentioned earlier, you can use the PLR content for your blog or website provided that you mix it up with unique content. It’s recommended that you use the original content as a source and rewrite it entirely to boost your chances of getting higher keyword rankings and indexed for more search phrases in your niche. Now if you really want to get the absolute best use of PLR then you need to think huge. That means thinking of your customer-base, their wants and needs, and how you can bring them into your funnel and make them into your subscribers. As the big-wigs in the online marketing realm will tell you, the real money is in the list. Why so? Well a list is the one thing that every big marketer keeps dear to them.

Even if one day their website packed up, they’d still be able to sell to their list of customers. Email marketing is so enormous that every major business relies on it. It’s a surefire way to get in contact with customers and be able to engage with them and promote to them. And since these customers are likely buyers, the chances of making sales further are increased. In order to make a powerful list, you need high quality private label products in place which you can use as a whole or in parts to drip-feed to your audience. If you’re in the health niche, sending frequent emails with various healthy food recipe ideas would be ideal for your subscribers. This is a great way to soft sell to them leading up to a premium product that you might be looking to release down the line.

How Can I Grow My Brand And Authority?

You can offer freebies like PLR ebooks in exchange for your customer’s email. Once subscribed, you can stay in contact with your subscribers through email and offer a paid product down the stretch. Building your brand and authority is the best way to win the confidence and trust of your customers. Google has put more weight behind brands when it comes to search. For this reason, focusing on building your brand is key to the success of your business. Another proven and incredibly powerful and profitable way to make great use of private label products is by offering courses to your customers. With the extensive collection of PLR courses available on PLR Behemoth, you have more courses at your disposal than you know what to do with.

People want to learn and by offering them courses, you are in a position to do amazingly well. You can offer the courses directly off your site or through an autoresponder once you get your customer’s email. You can drip-feed small segments of the course and offer your customers the option to purchase the full premium version at the end. We have a variety of private label rights products you can use. It’s entirely up to you how you go about it but rest assured that online courses are extremely profitable. If you want to know how profitable, you can look up some of the bigger bloggers who have gone on to make tens of thousands of dollars monthly just from offering online courses. Bloggers like Michelle Schroeder, Pat Flynn and Abby Lawson are some of the bloggers who have mastered the art of selling premium courses to their users.

How Important Is Video Marketing Nowadays?

Alongside email marketing, selling courses is definitely a major money-maker as people are happy to pay top dollar to learn from trusted sources. The final way of really making great use of private label products is through video marketing. Surely you’re familiar with it? If not, it’s quite simple. Because of the fact that Google owns YouTube, Google opts to rank videos highly in the search results. If you understand Google’s mission, it’s to deliver solutions to searchers as quickly and as efficiently as possible. With the rapidly rising rate of videos being watched around the world and the growing amount of videos being created daily, it’s no surprise why video is so popular. Statistically, people opt to view videos over articles.

Videos are easier to digest for people. And most importantly is the fact that almost everyone is carrying a mobile phone these days which means digesting video content is super simple and quick. There are billions of hours of videos being watched on a daily basis by tens of millions of people. If you want to truly build a great big brand, then video content should be an essential part of your marketing efforts. That doesn’t mean that you should suddenly go out and start shooting videos. Depending on your niche, you can use private label rights to create your videos quite easily. You can transcribe content from private label products or you can create whiteboard videos.

The purpose of creating videos is to pull more traffic through search results. To do that, you need to get your videos ranked on Google which at the same time grows your brand and your web presence. Video content helps you to get a leg up on the many competitors who aren’t incorporating video into their marketing efforts. Not only is it important to cater to your audience but you also need to keep a keen eye on the search engines and ensure you are optimizing all your content to near perfection. The web is very technical today. And with the hundred plus algorithms involved in the ranking of content in the search results, blogging and video both make up the biggest part in business growth online.

Can Social Media Help Me Ramp Up My Marketing Efforts?

By combining blogging, email marketing and video marketing, you are utilizing the three most popular and powerful methods in growing your brand and business. But you need to get your content reaching as far as possible during the growth stage and beyond. You need to implement the full power of social media. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. There’s enormous growth potential for your business with the use of social media. That means when your content gets liked and shared, more and more people will see your content. More views means more sales. When you’re running out of ideas on creating content for social media, private label products is what you need.

There’s no penalty and no fear of duplicate content on social media. The purpose is to get as many eyes on your brand as possible. By using PLR, you have endless amounts of material to get people interested in your posts. Even better is that when you create a short post on Facebook or any other social media platform, you can link it back to your website or blog so that the reader will get access to the full article. Most of social media is highly underutilized which is surprising considering its vast potential. As a matter of fact, many bloggers have built their whole online businesses through Pinterest alone simply by having attractive images pinned to their walls. This drives an interested audience right back to the user’s website.

What Does It Take To Reach Number One In My Niche?

Depending on your niche and the level of competition you face, the key to all success is persistence. The internet sees billions of dollars in online transactions on a daily basis. That means there is a big piece of the multi billion dollar pie for everyone. There are key players in most every niche who take up the top spots in the search results. But with the growth of the internet, they have to work just as hard to keep their spot. With the amount of great content that is being created daily and with so many avenues available, people are seeing great success in getting their blogs and websites ranked right up there at the very top.

Little do many people realize, many marketers are using private label products for their content. That shows you the incredible advantages of PLR. In the next phase of this course, we will analyze what the big marketers and website-owners are doing in getting their sites ranked high. And what steps you need to take in order to compete with them and ultimately surpass them.

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