August 14, 2017

Private Label Rights Products are Amazing for your Business! Here’s Why!


PLR Products Are An Online Marketer’s Best Friend!

One of the most important factors during the development of an online marketing business is time! Anyone who has ever created a business or is running a business can vouch for that! But some of the very top online marketers have found ways to save time using private label rights products. Time is crucial because it is both a physical and mental investment for a business owner! Time is money as they say! During the business creation stage, you may not be making much money or any money at all. The time that you’re specifically spending on building your business is an investment. Although it may not pay anything at the moment, it will eventually make you money down the road. Thanks to essential resources like private label rights products, your personal funds along with your time is cut in half.

There are several reasons why it can be such a fantastic time-saver and stress-reliever. Private label rights or PLR which is the more commonly used acronym is a license containing various rights. It specifically allows you the right to take a product and either modify it as per your needs or even to take complete ownership of that product depending on the rights specifically set by the creator. Now before getting into specifics along with the pros and cons of such a license, let’s take a quick look at what search engines are all about.

Google Absolutely Loves Killer Content!

Google’s primary purpose is to provide users with the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. It does this by using the keywords which the visitor types into the search box and then pulling up the most viable websites and sources based on those keywords in order to provide the user with the desired information they’re wanting. So what does that tell us? It tells us that Google is all about content! Content is king and that’s why Google tends to rank the sites that offer the best content which it thinks will satisfy the content-seeker.

So if you’re a business-owner who is working in the internet marketing industry, then you would already know about building content for your clients and customers and realizing how crucial it is to create tons of content to entice users to subscribe to you or visit your website. It takes time to create solid content. Many people even see it as a headache with little reward! So how can private label rights products help you to thrive while saving you time, stress, and money? Let’s check out the perks of the premiere license of the PLR industry!

Private Label Rights Products Can Save A Lot Of Time!

Going back to what I’d mentioned earlier regarding the importance of time and how big a role it plays in business, you save A LOT of time with private label rights products because the work is already well researched, written and ready for you to use. Adding to that, you have a solid base of information for which to use to recreate into your own. The big positive here is that you save a substantial amount of time by having everything provided, although you would greatly benefit from changing up the content to make it unique for the search engines.

Now one of the interesting things many people including expert marketers have claimed is that duplicate content is a no no on Google. While this is true to a degree, a lot also depends on the size of your niche. As an example, ten e-commerce sites or subscription sites which sell identical products and all use duplicate product-descriptions will all rank on Google most certainly. But how they rank and the order they rank in depends on several factors. Things such as domain authority, site longevity and seniority, backlink profiles, and actively blogging can often be considerable ranking factors.

Originality And Uniqueness Helps Rankings!

How you use the content at your disposal depends on what type of business you are running. If you are simply using private label rights products as freebies or bonuses on top of your own creation, then you don’t need to spend time rewriting a whole lot if anything at all. But if the PLR content is going to be used for your website or blog then you would benefit from revising the content to make it unique and original. Unique content is rewarded by the search engines and this helps you to rank among the top. And as you may already be aware, originality means higher rankings which means more traffic. And the name of the game is traffic since that is the lifeblood of a business.

PLR Content Is An Incredibly Affordable Alternative!

PLR products are no doubt a cost-effective way to get your business thriving. Now obviously there are vast amounts of resell products out there from digital to physical but in this case we’re focusing on digital products or more appropriately information-products. You may notice that some products are thrown together with hardly much care. And much of it containing poor English, poor spelling and a whole lot of grammatical errors. And then there are the top notch products which may be more expensive but are professionally crafted and well-written. Unless you are using the PLR content as a basis or source for your own project, you may benefit more from the best quality PLR that is available as you would need less time fixing things up.

Premium Private Label Rights Products Can Be Worth It!

There are some incredibly talented product-developers creating and selling resell rights products on a frequent basis such as the team here at PLR Behemoth. If you can find premium or exclusive PLR with great graphics and sales-pages then you’re golden. After all, it’s not just about having the source in your hands but what you do with it that matters. Also note the price of a well crafted product whether it’s an ebook or a lengthy blog post. To build it from scratch goes back to what we were talking about in the beginning. That being time!

If you value your time then writing an ebook or an article or creating a whole package and doing some flashy design (we still judge books by their covers more often than not) along with a killer sales-page is going to set you back quite a bit. It probably doesn’t make much sense to go to this level of effort if you can use an existing source and change things up. The smartest and most convenient path to take is implementing private label rights content unless you have all the time and money in the world!

You Own ALL The Content…Lock Stock And Barrel!

One thing we didn’t touch on in enough detail is what happens when you’ve revised the product and made it your own! The fantastic thing about it all is that not only is the original product yours to keep but you have the right to change it up and put your name on it as the product creator! This is a case of a product developer selling off the intellectual rights to his work. Long story short; a local realtor wanted to engage more with potential clients who were interested in buying homes. Other than giving his business card, there wasn’t a whole lot of interaction between him and the client. There wasn’t any real way for the client to get to know the realtor as the realtor’s website was a basic single-page profile.

By chance, the realtor brought up to me the possibility of writing a book which he could put up on his website for clients to download. The only issue was figuring out how to create the book. What he thought would be a real pain in the backside to develop was as simple as the click of a mouse once he found one of my resell products in his exact niche. He had the right to change the cover and make himself the writer. Following that, he put the book up on his site for clients to download. Soon after, he put up a whole series of books and installed a blog with a variety of posts taken from resell products which he crafted into his own. It was a great way for him to build trust with his clients and help them become comfortable in the home-buying process!

Put Your Own Stamp On Private Label Rights Products!

Again, the best thing about resale products is having the right to use and change the content and making yourself the author and owner! Some marketing experts will point out a few negatives regarding PLR. The biggest disadvantage being too many licenses being sold to too many people and thus devaluing the product and losing its exclusivity. While true that numerous licenses in the hands of numerous people can diminish a product, the main purpose of it is to use it as a base or source to develop your own. So taking content which is used by others can become exclusive once again after you put your own stamp on it and make it your own.

Another negative might be the verbiage becoming generic and dull. But this is usually depending on the product creator. There are great writers and there are not so great writers much like there are great novelists and relatively mediocre novelists. Many exceptional writers create PLR ebooks as part of their profession and are protective of their brand and quality. They tend to put out incredibly-well crafted work for their buyers. These product-developers tend to have a massive client-base to whom they sell the intellectual rights to. And they certainly won’t ever take shortcuts when releasing their best content. So how can you really benefit from using private label rights products efficiently to build and grow your business? There are ample ways and as you build your business, your brand grows with it as does your customer-base. Here are some ways to really push hard and achieve greatness using PLR content…

Blog Away Like Nobody’s Business!

The blog is an amazing thing and very powerful for any business. As a matter of fact, most people still don’t realize the power and effectiveness of blogging. People see it as a waste of time or they may be lacking the wherewithal to invest in writing tons of stuff for their business or website. Granted that it’s not easy to type out and publish several hundred words a few times a week. But on the bright side and with some persistence, there’s unlimited growth potential.

A blog is a powerhouse tool that can reach the deepest and furthest parts of the web. It can pull in traffic from places you didn’t know existed. When you analyze some of the largest sites out there including sites like the Huffington Post, you’ll notice they’re driving tens of thousands of visitors daily and ranking for millions of keywords. Many major business sites like The Ladders also tend to blog almost daily. Those big blog posts are shared and liked across social media thus pulling in monstrous traffic. On top it’s giving the domain more link juice and domain authority. And at the end of the day it’s all about traffic and authority.

Think BIG Not Small…Become The Authority!

If you’re the go-to person in your niche then you’re ruling the roost! Plain and simple. The best way to make the fullest use of private label rights content for your blog is to use it as a source and revise it. Reword it in your own voice and style it up and publish it! There’s no concrete answer regarding how often you need to blog. But statistics backed up by experts as of today favour long-form content most definitely!

Long form content would be anything in the range of 1,000 words or more. Although a few marketers would say that anything over 1,200 words would suffice. A few others would certify that blog posts over 2,500 words can boost your traffic and blow past your competitors! Let’s just keep it simple and say that you would strongly benefit from writing long, lengthy educational blog posts which are useful to the reader. That means keeping an eye on spelling and grammar and aiming for around 1,000 words. If you can go over that range or even double that range, the world is closer to being yours!

The Power Of The List Is No Joke!

Expert marketers aren’t kidding when they say the money is in the list! If you do a little web-surfing and check out various online retailers, business sites and most any other worthwhile site, you’ll notice that just about all of them ask for your name and email in exchange for news, weekly information or even freebies. In the world of marketing, you probably already know the importance of building a relationship with your customers. Your goal should be to build trust among the people who are looking to you for information.

Trust over time makes you an authority provided you sustain a good positive brand. Your primary purpose is to provide FOR your audience instead of just peddling junk to them. Private label rights products are especially popular in this circle because of the ease of providing downloadable freebies and bonuses. Everyone loves FREE! If you can create and nurture that trust and relationship with your customers then you are a step closer to being their most trusted source. This can lead to bigger things down the road!

Sell With Good Intentions And Protect Your Brand!

This is the most obvious of all but there’s a method. Selling directly to your customers and subscribers is part and parcel in the online marketing world. But there’s also the effectiveness of a sales funnel used by experienced marketers when converting a new audience. The sales funnel can begin with the user visiting your site and then subscribing for a freebie. This could include any number of PLR products.

So for example, somebody wanting to learn about dealing with stress might come to your site looking for information. They could be greeted with a pop-up or page offering them the chance to download a free product. This could be any number of free private label rights products which are stress-related. In order to download the free ebook, they will leave their name and email. That’s the first step towards bringing a customer into your sales funnel.

Love Your Customers And They’ll Love You Back!

Once inside your sales funnel, you can offer more free stuff to the customer. Ultimately you can offer them an opportunity to purchase a paid product. This could include a video series concerning stress relaxation techniques, how to do yoga, or mastering meditation. It can also include information on executing breathing exercises and muscle relaxation. Or even an audio series of nature sounds such as ocean waves which can bring peace of mind. The possibilities are endless with PLR and there’s no shortage of private label rights products at your disposal. To truly make it work for you, branding the material as your own is the best way to utilize it. Jazz it up, give it some flair, give it some personality if needed!

In an upcoming blog post we will look over more powerful techniques and tactics of selling. We’ll also look at how to change up the contents of a product to make it yours. Not to mention how to go about adding it into your sales funnel. If you’re looking for more high quality stuff for your business, be sure to check out our best PLR products. We are adding hundreds monthly across all categories and niches!

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