October 25, 2016

Is YouTube Essential for Building Your Brand? How Can It Benefit Your Business?


If you’re a marketer or business-owner, you’re probably already aware of just how big YouTube has gotten these past few years. It’s available in a gazillion different languages and in just about every country in the world. To be more precise, we’re talking 88 countries and 76 different languages. But a lot of people still don’t understand the concept of YouTube and just how powerful it is in the marketing space.

Here’s a little history for you; about 10 years back, videos were uploaded in a format of 240p which was relatively poor picture quality. The maximum length permitted for video uploads was 10 minutes. On top of that, nobody really had any idea in how to utilize YouTube in a way to make it really work for their business or how to make an actual decent revenue. Those who did were few and far between. Not even 2 years since YouTube’s launch, Google came along and spent $1.65 billion to purchase them in late 2006. Google saw it as an ideal platform and had a vision where they could monetize the video marketing world through their own Adsense program.

Many of the videos on YouTube were infringing on various copyrights, and videos would be taken down and channels would be terminated altogether. No matter what lengths Google went to in order to protect the content of various copyright holders, the videos would pop right back up under new accounts and copyright laws would continue to be broken. That’s part and parcel in the technology realm which even Google itself has not managed to deal with successfully. Regardless, what’s most important here is that YouTube has proven to be the largest platform for video content in the world.

The amount of new video content that will have been posted by the time you’ve finished reading this blog post is around 500 hours (if it roughly takes you a minute to read this entire post). That’s 500 hours of new content being uploaded per minute. If you think that’s quite something, here’s more; there are over 1.3 billion people watching YouTube videos and growing daily. Close to 5 billion videos are being watched every day. Only 20% of YouTube users are in the USA and more than half of the world’s users are watching videos from mobile…and for up to 40 minutes daily.

Regarding Google’s purchase of YouTube, there have been tremendous changes. Not only have videos now gone full-fledged HD, videos can now be posted for a length of up to 11 hours, and the monetization avenue has helped to create numerous millionaires. Many video-creators have gone on build up to a million subscribers to their channels. Some with several million loyal subscribers. Imagine that for a minute. You post a video on the Internet of yourself and a population reaching up to as large or larger than Los Angeles will watch you. It surely doesn’t take a specialist to figure out the incredible potential of a platform like YouTube from a marketing perspective. As of now, 9% of small businesses are using YouTube.

Furthermore, the most popular YouTubers are the pranksters, gamers, and vloggers. If you’re not familiar with vlogging, that means people who record and post up videos of their day to day lives. There are even millionaires who do such simple tasks as unboxing products. Social experiment videos are also beginning to trend across the world. There are quite a few rags to riches tales where people with no direction or ambition went on to become YouTube sensations. So with that bit of fairly interesting information out of the way, by now you’ll be wondering to yourself “How would YouTube benefit me?”

Granted that you probably won’t suddenly start pulling pranks on your friends and family and posting them up on YouTube and hoping to go viral. Or would you? Most importantly, you’d want to consider how YouTube might benefit your brand as a marketer or business-owner. Branding is one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of your business. How do you identify McDonald’s from their competitors if not from their golden arches? What do you think of when you see the swoosh on a t-shirt? What comes to mind when you see Apple’s logo?

This here is the power of branding. It’s how your audience connects you to your product or company or videos. In an upcoming blog post, we will delve further into building your brand through YouTube video marketing.

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