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What’s Included In Our PLR Products Membership?


In the world of online marketing, content is absolutely king! Whether you’re looking to supplant or increase your income by starting a new online business, we’re here to help! If you’re looking to grow your current business to new heights, we’ve got you covered. With tens of hundreds of top-notch plr products readily available on our virtual shelves, we’ve got what you need. With anywhere up to forty brand new plr products being added weekly, we can assure you that PLR Behemoth is right for you!

Not only are we the fastest growing membership in the world for private label rights content but we are also the most affordable supplier of plr products, period! Our prices are lower than any of our competitors, and on top, we offer a vastly higher value for your money. Our selection of free plr products alone blows away anything offered by any of our competitors in comparison. Not to mention the amazing value you receive as a platinum member which is our marquee membership. All plr products come with various licenses. That includes private label rights, resell rights, master resell rights, giveaway rights, and personal use for educational purposes.

As a member, you gain the right to edit or sell the products outright as your own. Why spend your valuable time in developing quality plr products when all of the work is already done for you? After all, time is money. Quite simply, you can leave it to us to provide you with exactly what your business needs!
So let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to receive by joining the world’s largest and most affordable membership for plr products…


Professionally Crafted eBooks Across 100+ Different Niches!


There’s a tremendous amount of work that goes into the construction of a presentable ebook package. Many readers and buyers do become intrigued by an attractive book-cover before deciding on whether it’s worth checking out. That is unless you’re a well-established author where your name and your work sells itself. Talented graphic designers tend to charge quite a lot of money to create eye-catching artwork. You will need an exceptional writer to be able to write up somewhere in the range of 50,000 words on the low end. And that’s on a topic that may also require a fair amount of research.

Once the ebook is taken care of, you’ll likely be set back a few hundred dollars. You may then want a sales-letter to help you to market your product to your targeted audience. You’ll need a solid copywriter to get the sales-copy sorted which will cost you another hundred dollars if not more. Not to mention the design and coding of the sales letter. So with that being said, how much money are you willing to part with? Are you comfortable putting in hundreds of dollars for a single high-quality ebook package? And how much time are you willing to spend in developing your product? Well thank goodness that plr products actually exist out there!


Saving You A Ton Of Work!


The amazing benefit of being a member of PLR Behemoth is that all of the work is done for you. Nothing is short of excellent in its presentation. That includes a sublime ebook cover, wonderfully written and researched content, and a very attractive sales-letter to help garner attention to your product. There are hundreds of plr products available in many of the most popular niches. Some of which include dating and relationships, health and fitness, marketing and business, and family and self-improvement. Also included are gaming and technology, home and garden, cooking and recipes, pets and animals, sports and hobbies, and more! And it’s all there, fully ready for you to use in a variety of ways for your business.


High Quality Instructional & Self-Help Videos On Numerous Topics!


If you’re looking for videos to educate yourself or to build your customer base, you will definitely find it here. We have a massive collection of top-notch video packages available. Browse through our video sections and you’ll be quite surprised in what you find!

We offer self-improvement and instructional videos along with numerous step-by-step learning systems in an array of topics. Some of these hot-topics include; steps to increasing traffic to your website, using affiliate marketing programs effectively, following the right diet program, becoming an expert marketer using social media, blogging your way to a great income, building a membership website business, gaining effective time-management skills, living your life stress-free and much more!

Based on statistics, consumers nowadays have shown to be far more interested in learning through videos. This is opposed to reading through step by step booklets and website copy as was the case long ago. As YouTube has proven, video-marketing has really taken off and taken off big! You will definitely find our massive and growing collection of videos extremely helpful for both your business and self-learning.


World-Class Software To Help You Build Your Business!


Some of the most successful and profitable companies in the world are software manufacturers. As a matter of fact, many web-based tools have gone on to become extremely lucrative for the product-developers. You may notice many keyword-tracking tools, SEO automation tools, and analytics tools. You’ll also find invoicing and payment tools and a million other tools out there on the web. Their prime purpose is always to help make life a little easier for their customers while making a great profit.

We offer a tremendous and rapidly growing selection of software for both resale and personal use. From plug-ins to squeeze-page creators to back-link builders to niche-finders to video-site development tools to marketing-campaign creators to pop-up scripts and much more. We have some exceptional software that can be beneficial to your business and to the businesses of your clients.

Even without the skills of a high-level software engineer or developer, you can get some enormous benefits. Especially in the software resale space since software is a multi-billion dollar industry the world over. The most fabulous perk when it comes to software is that you are free to rebrand it and resell it. Many entrepreneurs and business owners that don’t develop their own software have gone on to become extremely successful from reselling software to their clients or selling tools to help companies maximize efficiency while saving time. Nothing beats automation. And in the world of business, time is money.


Visually Stunning Graphics To Get You Noticed!


What gets a person’s attention first and foremost in everyday life when it comes to advertising? Although everyone has their own perception of attractiveness and whatever may appeal to them visually in the advertising world, it’s been proven, and to nobody’s surprise, that a relatively loud, energetic and exciting design that really pops out will always get attention, no matter the message.

When it comes to your online business, your website aesthetically has to be professional enough and engaging enough in its presentation to make the customer want to come back. Once the customer is hooked in, then comes the task of keeping their attention. If you’re running a business, you will want your customer to opt-in so that you can email them or sell to them or offer them perks of being on your e-mail list. With the assortment of sizzling graphics packages that we offer, you can do exactly that. That’s saving you the headaches of hiring a designer or searching for quality graphics.

As a member, you gain immediate access to templates of all sorts along with action scripts, sales pages, Photoshop plug-ins and tools, banners, 3D cartoon characters, high-res photos, squeeze-pages, and much more. Save yourself the trouble of learning graphic and web design through tutorials. And save on the costs of hiring a freelancer when you can use the tremendous graphics content that we carry. We are continuously building up our graphics collection so do make sure to check back often for great new additions.


Plug & Play Website-Templates To Get You Up and Running!


The amount of labour it takes to develop a website can be a burden if you don’t have the expertise in building one. Many web-design and development companies create customized sites to match the vision of their clients. The only issue with this is the cost factor. You can be expected to pay anywhere up to $20,000 for a fully developed professional-looking e-commerce business. That can include a content management system, drop down menus, a responsive mobile-friendly version, JQuery rotators, basic SEO, sliders, proper HTML/CSS and more. Or you can expect to pay up to $10,000 for a more basic site. That’s if your purpose is to have a web presence in general or if you have aspirations of running a website in a specific niche.

With the amount of professionally-created and ready-to-go website themes and templates available in our collection, things become considerably easier time-wise and financially for prospective or current business owners. Those who are looking for a great website for their business or who want to make their thoughts and views known to the world via blogging will find a great benefit from the large selection of niche templates available. There are also a great number of squeeze-pages, landing-pages, sales-letters and a whole lot more.


Get Your Site Up Quickly!


Many of the most profitable websites are product-review sites. A large part of the online market uses the internet to find product-reviews for a product that they are contemplating purchasing. It’s one thing to take the word of a company selling a product. But it’s the customer reviews that ultimately decide whether a product is as good as advertised. Hence the reason why product-review sites are all the rave.

Some of the categories of website-templates and blog themes that you can expect to find at PLR Behemoth are immense. They include pet supply, patio and garden, kitchen and home appliances, baby products, pregnancy, recipes, yoga, languages, home-business, digital software, dealing with stress, caring for the elderly, writing, wine, puppy-training, photography, parenting, meditation, home-security, acid-reflux, aromatherapy, and much more. We have new templates and themes being added constantly.


Expertly-Written Articles To Ignite Your Business Ten-Fold!


In today’s online world, original and unique content dominates everything else. You need to have a solid amount of fresh content coming for your blog or website. Especially to keep yourself in the running for those traffic-driven keywords. The SEO game is not an easy one but with unique content, you help yourself to become a key player in the niche that you’re competing in. With copyright-free articles, you gain the right to use the articles as you wish for your blog, auto-responder system, social media posts, website content, and more. We provide high-quality articles from professional sources in our Gold section. And exclusive articles created in-house by our expert writer, available only in our Platinum area.

You can expect to gain access to new articles monthly in a variety of niches. Niches like online marketing, health & fitness, technology, sports, healthcare, lifestyle, self-improvement, relationships, home, cooking, and much more! We also accept requests through our contact and support area and also through our Facebook page.


Exceptional Exclusive Products Developed By Our Super-Talented Team!


What makes PLR Behemoth unique and different from all of the other Membership sites out there apart from being the most affordable? Quite simply, it’s our Exclusive content that makes being a Platinum member worthwhile! On top of our rapidly expanding vault containing hundreds of the highest quality plr products available, we offer monthly exclusive ebook packages. These are crafted by top-notch designers and writers and complete with the works. That includes a super-attractive cover design, plug and play sales-letter, and a professionally written ebook.

If you are serious about your business, the Platinum membership is the one for you. Our team of product-creators are qualified and capable of developing content for any niche imaginable. Most importantly, we are extremely paranoid when it comes to quality. The quality of our plr products speak for themselves and it’s our duty to ensure that you get the most out of your membership. Our exclusive content also includes professionally-written articles across the hottest and most in-demand topics. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the amazing quality of our exclusive content. Dare we say it, the best offering of monthly exclusive content that you will find in any membership for plr products, period.

We have our very own in-house graphic designer. We also have our very own expert writer/copywriter. And our marvellous multi-talented assistant who puts everything together neatly, all ready for you. Rest assured that you will receive nothing less than the very best exclusive content that is available in the resell rights industry.


World’s Best 3D eCover Creator Tool For Designing Fabulous Covers!


To push the value of the Platinum membership a notch higher for the more serious marketers, entrepreneurs and online business owners, we offer the most popular 3D ecover creation software on the web for all your ecover-creation needs. The fabulous team over at MyECoverMaker have allowed us the opportunity to offer this incredibly sufficient and simple tool for our members. The ecover creator tool is super-easy to use for anybody and everybody.

You don’t need any design skills whatsoever. The system is completely point and click based and offers over 150 cover templates (and growing) for you to choose from. With a single-click text effect tool, a 3D rendering tool to show a 3D effect of your cover, and a powerful editor allowing you to create incredible text effects and sublime graphics, this is the ultimate tool on the market today.


Fire Your Graphic Designer!


If you’re a near perfectionist or want to offset the cost of hiring a graphic designer, the 3D ecover creator is the perfect tool for you. We loved the product so much that it was only fitting that the 3D ecover creator be made available for our Platinum members. Once you’re finished creating your product, you can instantly download both your 2D and 3D covers right off the website. The covers are available at up to 3000 pixels in size. Your business is ready to go! All the content is here for you, readily available for all your needs. We have a rapidly growing assortment of plr products to help you. Either to help expand your business or to get it going. Our contact and support team is also available for the duration of the day to help you with any questions you might have.

We guarantee that you will not find another source for plr products as affordable as ours. Now is the time for you to take action and reach the goals you aspire to reach. And PLR Behemoth is here to help you all the way through!

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